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Alkylresorcinols in adipose tissue as long-term biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye Intake

Wu, Huaxing (2017). Alkylresorcinols in adipose tissue as long-term biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye Intake. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Uppsala : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2017:73
ISBN 978-91-7760-036-7
eISBN 978-91-7760-037-4
[Doctoral thesis]

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Alkylresorcinols (AR) are phenolic lipids present in the outer parts of rye and wheat grain kernels. Total AR concentration and the ratio of two AR homologs, C17:0/C21:0, in plasma have been evaluated and used as biomarkers of whole grain rye and wheat intake. The AR C17:0/C21:0 ratio is 1.0 in rye and 0.1 in common wheat and reflects the relative intake of whole grain rye. However, due to the short half-life (4-5 h) of AR in plasma, more long-term biomarkers are needed.
This thesis investigated whether AR in adipose tissue could be used as long-term biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye intake, and whether these biomarkers, in parallel with whole grain intakes determined by dietary assessment, were associated with blood lipid profiles and breast cancer incidence in two Nordic populations.
A sensitive, high-throughput GC-MS method for quantification of AR concentrations in adipose tissue biopsies was developed, evaluated, and applied. The AR concentrations in adipose tissue were evaluated as long-term biomarkers by correlating them to whole grain intake, measured precisely by repeated food records during a 12-week intervention, and to long-term whole grain wheat and rye intake estimated with food frequency questionnaires (FFQs) in observational studies. Intake was found to be modestly to well correlated with total AR concentrations in adipose tissue, with sex being an important determinant. The performance of AR in adipose tissue as biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye appeared comparable to that of AR in plasma, and therefore they were further tested in relation to blood lipid profiles and incidence of breast cancer in two observational studies.
Overall, total whole grain wheat and rye, reflected by biomarkers or dietary assessment, were not associated with blood lipids or breast cancer incidence in the populations studied. However, AR C17:0/C21:0 ratio in adipose tissue was inversely associated with low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) in blood and positively associated with the risk of developing ER+ breast cancer among women. These findings suggest that whole grain wheat and rye may have different effects on the endpoints studied but need to be confirmed in other population. The results illustrate the importance of using dietary biomarkers in parallel with conventional dietary assessment.

Authors/Creators:Wu, Huaxing
Title:Alkylresorcinols in adipose tissue as long-term biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye Intake
Series Name/Journal:Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae
Year of publishing :August 2017
Depositing date:14 August 2017
Number of Pages:84
IWierzbicka, R.*, Wu, H.*, Franek, M., Kamal-Eldin, A. & Landberg, R. (2015). Determination of alkylresorcinols and their metabolites in biological samples by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography B, 1000, 120-129.
IIWu, H.*, Kolehmainen, M., Mykkanen, H., Poutanen, K., Uusitupa, M., Schwab, U., Wolk, A. & Landberg, R. (2015). Alkylresorcinols in adipose tissue biopsies as biomarkers of whole-grain intake: an exploratory study of responsiveness to advised intake over 12 weeks. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 69, 1244-1248.
IIIWu, H.*, Omar, NA., Håkansson, N., Wolk, A., Michaëlsson, K. & Landberg, R. Evaluation of alkylresorcinols in adipose tissue biopsies as long-term biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye intake in free-living Swedish men and women. (Submitted)
IVWu, H.*, Omar, NA., Håkansson, N., Wolk, A., Michaëlsson, K. & Landberg, R. Long-term whole-grain rye but not wheat intake reflected by alkylresorcinols in adipose tissue, is associated with lower LDL-cholesterol in Swedish women. (Manuscript)
VWu, H.*, Kyrø, C., Tjønneland, A., Boll, K., Olsen, A. & Landberg, R. Association between adipose tissue alkylresorcinol concentrations and breast cancer risk: a case-subcohort study. (Manuscript)
Place of Publication:Uppsala
Publisher:Department of Molecular Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
ISBN for printed version:978-91-7760-036-7
ISBN for electronic version:978-91-7760-037-4
Publication Type:Doctoral thesis
Full Text Status:Public
Agris subject categories.:Q Food science > Q01 Food science and technology
S Human nutrition > S30 Diet and diet-related diseases
Subjects:(A) Swedish standard research categories 2011 > 1 Natural sciences > 104 Chemical Sciences > Analytical Chemistry
(A) Swedish standard research categories 2011 > 3 Medical and Health Sciences > 303 Health Sciences > Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology
Agrovoc terms:alkylresorcinols, adipose tissue, genetic markers, mammary glands, neoplasms, cholestrerol, wheat, rye
Keywords:Adipose tissue, alkylresorcinols, biomarkers, breast cancer, cholesterol, plasma, rye, wheat, whole grain
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ID Code:14491
Faculty:NJ - Fakulteten för naturresurser och jordbruksvetenskap
Department:(NL, NJ) > Department of Molecular Sciences
Deposited By: Mr Huaxing Wu
Deposited On:17 Aug 2017 10:02
Metadata Last Modified:09 Sep 2020 14:17

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