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High-stumps and wood living beetles in the Swedish production forest landscape

Abrahamsson, Markus (2007). High-stumps and wood living beetles in the Swedish production forest landscape. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Alnarp : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2007:126
ISBN 978-91-85913-25-1
[Doctoral thesis]

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The amount of dead wood in Swedish production forests is low compared to natural forests. This has resulted in a high proportion of red-listed and threatened wood living beetle species. Different actions are taken to increase the amount of dead wood and one such action is to artificially create high-stumps (snags), i.e. living trees cut between 3 and 5 meters height. This thesis focuses on whether high-stumps on clearcuts in southern Sweden increase beetle diversity. One study focus on whether a high-stump offers a different substrate compared to ordinary low-stumps. Another study investigates if beetle species are affected if the high-stumps are pre-rotten or not. Finally, the beetle species number and composition between high-stumps of spruce and birch in biodiversity hotspots and production forest (matrix), respectively. High-stumps have a somewhat different beetle species composition compared to low-stumps (normal cutting stumps), and several species were primarily associated with high-stumps. This justifies the making of high-stumps even though the amount of dead wood they add to a clearcut is low. The pre-rotten spruce high-stumps (infected by Heterobasidion spp.) had a negative effect on some beetle species and none of the analyzed species showed positive associations with Heterobasidion spp. This suggests that increasing the proportion of rotten spruce high-stumps could have a small but negative effect on beetle diversity. The number of beetle species did not differ between high-stumps on hotspot and matrix clearcuts, suggesting that concentrating high-stumps to hotspot areas will not benefit more beetle species. However, the amount of broadleaved forest in the surroundings of clearcuts was important for explaining species composition on high-stumps. The amount of coniferous forest only explained a small part of the beetle species composition, possibly because coniferous forests are dominating the entire forested landscape in southern Sweden. The high-stumps in these studies were four years old at most. This means that, as the wood decay progress, the properties of high-stumps change and potentially they become even more important.

Authors/Creators:Abrahamsson, Markus
Title:High-stumps and wood living beetles in the Swedish production forest landscape
Series Name/Journal:Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae
Year of publishing :2007
Number of Pages:34
ALLI. Abrahamsson, M. & M. Lindbladh (2006) A comparison of saproxylic beetle occurrence between man-made high- and low-stumps of spruce. Forest Ecology and Management 226: 230-237 II. Abrahamsson, M., Lindbladh, M. & J. Rönnberg. Influence of butt rot on beetle diversity in artificially created high-stumps of spruce. Forest Ecology and Management, Under revision III. Lindbladh, M., Abrahamsson, M., Jonsell, M. & M. Seedre (2007) Saproxylic beetles in artificially created high-stumps of spruce and birch within and outside hotspot areas. Biodiversity and Conservation 16: 3213-3226 IV. Abrahamsson, M., Lindbladh, M., Jonsell, M. & M. Niklasson. Saproxylic beetle assemblages in artificially created high-stumps of spruce (Picea abies) and birch (Betula pubescens/pendula) on clearcuts – does the surrounding landscape matter? Manuscript
Place of Publication:Alnarp
ISBN for printed version:978-91-85913-25-1
Publication Type:Doctoral thesis
Full Text Status:Public
Agrovoc terms:coleoptera, deadwood, stumps, biodiversity, picea abies, betula, heterobasidion annosum, rots, sweden
Keywords:high-stumps, saproxylic beetles, Coleoptera, hotspot, matrix, Picea abies, Betula, species composition
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ID Code:1623
Department:(S) > Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Deposited By: Markus Abrahamsson
Deposited On:16 Nov 2007 00:00
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