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Enrichment and description of novel bacteria performing syntrophic propionate oxidation at high ammonia level

Singh, Abhijeet and Schnürer, Anna and Westerholm, Maria (2021). Enrichment and description of novel bacteria performing syntrophic propionate oxidation at high ammonia level. Environmental Microbiology. 23 , 1620-1637
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Inefficient syntrophic propionate degradation causes severe operating disturbances and reduces biogas productivity in many high-ammonia anaerobic digesters, but propionate-degrading microorganisms in these systems remain unknown. Here, we identified candidate ammonia-tolerant syntrophic propionate-oxidising bacteria using propionate enrichment at high ammonia levels (0.7-0.8 g NH3 L-1) in continuously-fed reactors. We reconstructed 30 high-quality metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) from the propionate-fed reactors, which revealed two novel species from the families Peptococcaceae and Desulfobulbaceae as syntrophic propionate-oxidising candidates. Both MAGs possess genomic potential for the propionate oxidation and electron transfer required for syntrophic energy conservation and, similar to ammonia-tolerant acetate degrading syntrophs, both MAGs contain genes predicted to link to ammonia and pH tolerance. Based on relative abundance, a Peptococcaceae sp. appeared to be the main propionate degrader and has been given the provisional name "Candidatus Syntrophopropionicum ammoniitolerans". This bacterium was also found in high-ammonia biogas digesters, using quantitative PCR. Acetate was degraded by syntrophic acetate-oxidising bacteria and the hydrogenotrophic methanogenic community consisted of Methanoculleus bourgensis and a yet to be characterised Methanoculleus sp. This work provides knowledge of cooperating syntrophic species in high-ammonia systems and reveals that ammonia-tolerant syntrophic propionate-degrading populations share common features, but diverge genomically and taxonomically from known species.

Authors/Creators:Singh, Abhijeet and Schnürer, Anna and Westerholm, Maria
Title:Enrichment and description of novel bacteria performing syntrophic propionate oxidation at high ammonia level
Series Name/Journal:Environmental Microbiology
Year of publishing :2021
Page range:1620-1637
Number of Pages:18
Publication Type:Research article
Article category:Scientific peer reviewed
Version:Published version
Copyright:Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0
Full Text Status:Public
Subjects:(A) Swedish standard research categories 2011 > 1 Natural sciences > 106 Biological Sciences (Medical to be 3 and Agricultural to be 4) > Microbiology (Microbiology in the medical area to be 30109)
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Web of Science (WoS)000608122700001
ID Code:22879
Faculty:NJ - Fakulteten för naturresurser och jordbruksvetenskap
Department:(NL, NJ) > Department of Molecular Sciences
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