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Eldning med spannmål

gödslingsåtgärder och havrens bränsleegenskaper

Mattsson, Lennart (2007). Eldning med spannmål. Uppsala: (NL, NJ) > Dept. of Soil Sciences (until 081001) > Div. of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Rapport / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avd. för växtnäringslära ; 214

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Official URL: http://www-mv.slu.se/vaxtnaring/forsok/3093/rappor...


Using oats for heating might cause corrosion on furnaces and metal constructions because of the grain Cl and S content. This content is higher than in e.g. wood fuels as is the ash content. The properties of the ash is not ideal as well. The aim of this investigation was to compile Cl and S data in oats in archived samples from plant nutrient experiments on the one hand and to compare different rates of Cl and S respectively on the yield and properties of oats in field experiments on the other. Four experiments with different rates of Cl and four with S were conducted. Average content in archived oats grain samples was 0,83‰ for Cl, 0,15% for S and the ash content was 3,17% with N=47. On clay soils the Cl content was 0,88 compared to 0,77‰ on light soils. A clear influence on grain Cl content from Cl supply was observed. Grain S content was not affected by external factors. On clay soils the ash content was about 1 percentage unit higher than on light soils. The field experiments confirmed the laboratory observations that the S content was stable and that S supply had only minor or no effects. The differences between sites were larger than the differences from S rates. On average the grain S content was 0,15 to 0,17%. Varied Cl supply from zero to 100 kg ha-1 on the other hand increased the Cl content from 0,74 to 1,00‰. The yields were not affected of Cl supply. With 10 kg ha-1 S the yields increased with 200 kg ha-1. By choosing fertilizers without Cl and growing oats on light soils the Cl content in oats can be reduced without measurable negative yield effects.

Authors/Creators:Mattsson, Lennart
Title:Eldning med spannmål
Subtitle:gödslingsåtgärder och havrens bränsleegenskaper
Series Name/Journal:Rapport / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avd. för växtnäringslära
Year of publishing :2007
Number of Pages:17
Place of Publication:Uppsala
Publisher:Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Publication Type:Report
Full Text Status:Public
Subjects:Obsolete subject words > FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING > Soil science
Keywords:bioenergi, svavel, klor
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ID Code:3108
Department:(NL, NJ) > Dept. of Soil Sciences (until 081001) > Div. of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
Deposited By: Lennart Mattsson
Deposited On:12 Dec 2007 00:00
Metadata Last Modified:02 Dec 2014 10:19

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