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Genetic aspects of calving, growth, and carcass traits in beef cattle

Eriksson, Susanne (2003). Genetic aspects of calving, growth, and carcass traits in beef cattle. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Uppsala : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Agraria, 1401-6249 ; 420
ISBN 91-576-6450-1
[Doctoral thesis]

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The aim of this thesis was to learn more about the genetic background of calving, growth and carcass traits of beef cattle breeds in Sweden, and to assess the possibility of including calving traits and commercial carcass traits in the genetic evaluation. In addition, the genetic relationship between field-recorded growth rate and daily weight gain at station performance testing was investigated. The breeds studied were Charolais, Hereford and Simmental. Records of birth weight, pre-weaning gain, post-weaning gain, carcass fleshiness grade, carcass fatness grade, carcass weight, calving difficulty score and stillbirth were analysed using linear animal models. The estimated direct heritabilities were moderate to high for birth and carcass weight, moderate for pre- and post-weaning gain, carcass fleshiness and fatness grades, low for calving difficulty score and very low for stillbirth. Maternal heritabilities tended to be lower than the direct ones. Genetic relationships between direct and maternal genetic effects were generally antagonistic. Moderate to high genetic correlations were estimated between post-weaning gain in the field and at the station, showing considerable breed differences, and the added value of station testing was questioned. Genetic relationships were generally weaker between growth traits and both carcass fleshiness and fatness grade than between growth and carcass weight. Male and female birth weights were found to be the same trait genetically, and strong genetic relationships were estimated between birth weight and calving traits. Less than unity genetic correlations between calving difficulty at first and later parities indicated that partly different sets of genes control these traits. Some antagonistic relationships were found between carcass and calving traits. It was concluded that it would be feasible to include commercial carcass records and calving difficulty score in the genetic evaluation, and that both direct and maternal effects should be considered for pre-weaning traits. Information on correlated traits should be used for selection against stillbirth as direct selection would be inefficient due to small progeny group size and very low heritability. Joint genetic evaluation of pre-weaning gain and carcass weight was recommended to reduce selection bias.

Authors/Creators:Eriksson, Susanne
Title:Genetic aspects of calving, growth, and carcass traits in beef cattle
Series Name/Journal:Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Agraria
Year of publishing :September 2003
Number of Pages:32
ALLI. Eriksson, S., Näsholm, A., Johansson, K. & Philipsson, J. 2002. Genetic analysis of post-weaning gain of Swedish beef cattle recorded under field conditions and at station performance testing. Livestock Production Science 76, 91-101. II. Eriksson, S., Näsholm, A., Johansson, K. & Philipsson, J. 2003. Genetic analyses of field-recorded growth and carcass traits for Swedish beef cattle. Livestock Production Science 84, 53-62. III. Eriksson, S., Näsholm, A., Johansson, K. & Philipsson, J. 2002. Sex-specific genetic parameters for field recorded birth weight of beef calves. Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production. CD-ROM communication no 02-25. IV. Eriksson, S., Näsholm, A., Johansson, K. & Philipsson, J. 2003. Genetic parameters for calving difficulty, stillbirth and birth weight for Hereford and Charolais at first and later parities. Journal of Animal Science. Submitted for publication. V. Eriksson, S., Näsholm, A., Johansson, K. & Philipsson, J. 2003. Genetic relationships between calving difficulty and carcass traits for Charolais and Hereford cattle in Sweden. Journal of Animal Science. Submitted for publication.
Place of Publication:Uppsala
ISBN for printed version:91-576-6450-1
Publication Type:Doctoral thesis
Full Text Status:Public
Agris subject categories.:L Animal production > L10 Animal genetics and breeding
Subjects:Not in use, please see Agris categories
Agrovoc terms:beef cattle, parturition, carcass composition, dystocia, herds, genetic inheritance, growth rate, weight gain, breeds (animals)
Keywords:beef characteristics, calving ease, carcass grade, dystocia, herd-year correlations, permanent environmental effects, residual correlations, sex-specific genetic parameters, weight gain
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Department:(NL, NJ) > Institutionen för husdjursgenetik (fr.o.m. 960101)
Deposited By: Susanne Eriksson
Deposited On:19 Sep 2003 00:00
Metadata Last Modified:02 Dec 2014 10:04

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