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Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Seed of Arabidopsis thaliana

Lindgren, Ove (2003). Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Seed of Arabidopsis thaliana. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Uppsala : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Agraria, 1401-6249 ; 431
ISBN 91-576-6472-2
[Doctoral thesis]

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Seed of Arabidopsis thaliana accumulate carotenoids during development. These are mainly β-carotene, violaxanthin and lutein. By overexpression of an endogenous phytoene synthase (psy) under control of the seed-specific napin (nap) promoter the carotenoid content was elevated, resulting in increased levels in mainly β-carotene, violaxanthin, lutein and α-carotene. Transgenic seeds were also found to contain increased levels of ABA and displayed a delay in germination. The levels of ABA had a good correlation to the varying increases in lutein and violaxanthin content in seeds from plants hemizygous for the nap:psy construct. Seeds from plants overexpressing a β-carotene ketolase (bkt) from the green algae Haematococcus pluvialis, also under control of the napin promoter contained small amounts of ketocarotenoids, mainly 4-keto-lutein. When plants carrying the nap:bkt construct were crossed to plants carrying nap:psy this resulted in seeds where the total ketocarotenoid content had increased up to 13-fold. In seeds of the aba1-3 mutant of Arabidopsis which is mutated in the zeaxanthin epoxididase (zep) zeaxanthin levels were increased up to 40-fold and in seed of plants overexpressing an endogenous β-carotene hydroxylase (bch) it was found that the violaxanthin content had increased up to 20-fold. In seed from plants transgenic for nap:bch, neoxanthin and ABA levels were also increased. Just as for plants transgenic for nap:psy these seeds displayed a delay in germination. When γ-tocopherol content was analysed it was found that in seeds of nap:psy and nap:bch transformants it was only half of that found in wild type. In the Arabidopsis mutant abscisic acid-insensitive 3-1 (abi3-1) that is mutated in a seed-specific transcription factor, the seeds were found to have increased levels of β-carotene, violaxanthin, lutein and γ-tocopherol.

Authors/Creators:Lindgren, Ove
Title:Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Seed of Arabidopsis thaliana
Series Name/Journal:Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Agraria
Year of publishing :December 2003
Number of Pages:33
ALLI. Lindgren LO, Stalberg KG, Hoglund AS. (2003). Seed-specific overexpression of an endogenous Arabidopsis phytoene synthase gene results in delayed germination and increased levels of carotenoids, chlorophyll, and abscisic acid. Plant Physiol. 132(2):779-785. II. Stålberg KG, Lindgren LO, Ek B, Hoglund AS. (2003). Synthesis of keocarotenoids in the seed of Arabidopsis thaliana (Plant J. In Print). III. Lindgren LO, Stalberg KG, Hoglund AS. Analysis of altered carotenoid synthesis in seed of Arabidopsis thaliana and its relation to accumulation of tocopherol and ABA (Manuscript). IV. Lindgren LO, Stalberg KG, Hoglund AS. Pigment analysis of the seed of the abi3-1 and aba3-1 mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana. (Manuscript).
Place of Publication:Uppsala
ISBN for printed version:91-576-6472-2
Publication Type:Doctoral thesis
Full Text Status:Public
Agris subject categories.:X Agricola extesions > X30 Life sciences
Subjects:Not in use, please see Agris categories
Agrovoc terms:arabidopsis thaliana, carotenoids, aba, biosynthesis, seeds, germination
Keywords:Arabidopsis thaliana, carotenoids, phytoene synthase, napin, ABA, β-carotene ketolase, β-carotene hydroxylase, γ-tocopherol.
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ID Code:426
Department:(NL, NJ) > Dept. of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics (until 131231)
Deposited By: Ove Lindgren
Deposited On:11 Dec 2003 00:00
Metadata Last Modified:02 Dec 2014 10:04

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