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Validation of the Nordic disease recording systems for dairy cattle

with special reference to clinical mastitis

Wolff, Cecilia (2012). Validation of the Nordic disease recording systems for dairy cattle. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Uppsala : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2012:6
ISBN ISBN 978-91-576-7690-0
[Doctoral thesis]

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The overall aim of the thesis was to validate the Nordic disease recording systems for dairy cattle, with a focus on mastitis.

In the first study, Nordic dairy farmers (n=580) recorded clinical disease during four months. Their registrations were compared to records in the national cattle databases.
The completeness, i.e. proportion of clinical mastitis (CM) cases recorded as veterinary-attended by farmers and found in the national databases was 0.94 (DK), 0.56 (FI),
0.82 (NO) and 0.78 (SE). In FI the incidence rate (IR) in the central database (for the sampled herds) was significantly lower than the IR of veterinary-attended CM (as recorded by farmers).

The second study investigated the farmer behaviour that initiates reporting, i.e. to contact a veterinarian. A questionnaire, based on the social psychology Theory of
Planned Behaviour, was distributed to dairy farmers. Focus was on cases of mild CM. Analysis of the responses (n=834) showed differences between the countries in farmers’
behavioural intention, with attitude being the most important determinant.

In the third study, veterinary receipts from 112 Swedish dairy farms were compared against disease data from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (SBA) and the cattle database
at the Swedish Dairy Association (SDA). The overall completeness for diagnostic events was 0.84 (SBA) and 0.75 (SDA), but varied between disease complexes, regions
and veterinary employment type.

The spatial distribution of veterinary-registered CM in Sweden was described in the fourth study, and areas with significantly higher or lower probability of registered CM
were identified. When compared against the distribution of herds with poor udder health (indicated by high somatic cell counts) areas with suggested under-reporting of
CM could be identified.

In conclusion, the disease recording systems in DK, FI, NO and SE do not capture all events of CM. This is both due to differences in farmer threshold for contacting a veterinarian for a case of CM and to loss during the recording process.

Authors/Creators:Wolff, Cecilia
Title:Validation of the Nordic disease recording systems for dairy cattle
Subtitle:with special reference to clinical mastitis
Series Name/Journal:Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae
Year of publishing :2012
Number of Pages:71
I.Wolff C, Espetvedt M, Lind A-K, Rintakoski S, Egenvall A, Lindberg A & Emanuelson U. Completeness of the disease recording systems for dairy cows in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with special reference to clinical mastitis. Submitted manuscript.
II.Espetvedt M*, Lind A-K*, Wolff C*, Rintakoski S, Virtala A-M & Lindberg A. Nordic dairy farmers’ intent to contact a veterinarian when detecting a case of mild clinical mastitis – consequences for disease recording. Submitted manuscript.
III.Jansson Mörk M, Wolff C, Lindberg A, Vågsholm I & Egenvall A (2010). Validation of a national disease recording system for dairy cattle against veterinary practice records. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 93(2-3), 183-192.
IV.Wolff C, Stevenson M, Emanuelson U, Egenvall A & Lindberg A (2011). Spatial patterns of recorded mastitis incidence and somatic cell counts in Swedish dairy cows: implications for surveillance. Geospatial Health 6(1), 117-123.
Place of Publication:Uppsala
Publisher:Dept. of Clinical Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
ISBN for printed version:ISBN 978-91-576-7690-0
Publication Type:Doctoral thesis
Full Text Status:Public
Agris subject categories.:L Animal production > L01 Animal husbandry
L Animal production > L70 Veterinary science and hygiene - General aspects
L Animal production > L73 Animal diseases
Subjects:Obsolete subject words > VETERINARY MEDICINE > Veterinary epidemiology
Obsolete subject words > VETERINARY MEDICINE > Other veterinary medicine
(A) Swedish standard research categories 2011 > 4 Agricultural Sciences > 403 Veterinary Science > Clinical Science
Agrovoc terms:dairy cattle, disease control, mastitis, milk production, data analysis
Keywords:disease recording, dairy cattle, validation, clinical mastitis, completeness, secondary data, spatial odds, Theory of Planned Behaviour
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ID Code:8546
Department:(VH) > Dept. of Clinical Sciences
External funders:FORMAS
Deposited By: Cecilia Wolff
Deposited On:12 Jan 2012 07:34
Metadata Last Modified:19 May 2020 14:10

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