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Linden, Elin and te Beest, Mariska and Abreu, Ilka and Moritz, Thomas and Sundqvist, Maja and Boike, Julia and Bryant, John P. and Brathen, Kari Anne and Buchwal, Agata and Bueno, C. Guillermo and Currier, Alain and Egelkraut, Dagmar D. and Forbes, Bruce C. and Hallinger, Martin and Heijmans, Monique and Hermanutz, Luise and Hik, David S. and Hofgaard, Annika and Holmgren, Milena and Huebner, Diane C. and Hoye, Toke T. and Jonsdottir, Ingibjorg S. and Kaarlejarvi, Elina and Kissler, Emilie and Kumpula, Timo and Limpens, Juul and Myers-Smith, Isla H. and Normand, Signe and Post, Eric and Rocha, Adrian and Schmidt, Niels Martin and Skarin, Anna and Soininen, Eeva M. and Sokolov, Aleksandr and Sokolova, Natalia and Speed, James D. M. and Street, Lorna and Tananaev, Nikita and Tremblay, Jean-Pierre and Urbanowicz, Christine and Watts, David A. and Zimmermann, Heike and Olofsson, Johan (2022). Circum-Arctic distribution of chemical anti-herbivore compounds suggests biome-wide trade-off in defence strategies in Arctic shrubs. Ecography. 2022 :11 , e06166
[Research article]

Gandla, Madhavi Latha and Mahler, Niklas and Escamez, Sacha and Skotare, Tomas and Obudulu, Ogonna and Möller, Linus and Abreu, Ilka and Bygdell, Joakim and Hertzberg, Magnus and Hvidsten, Torgeir R. and Moritz, Thomas and Wingsle, Gunnar and Trygg, Johan and Tuominen, Hannele and Jonsson, Leif J. (2021). Overexpression of vesicle-associated membrane protein PttVAP27-17 as a tool to improve biomass production and the overall saccharification yields in Populus trees. Biotechnology for Biofuels. 14 , 43
[Research article]

Melo, Geraldo Aclécio and Abreu, Ilka and de Oliveira, Maíra Baista and Frasson Budzinski, Ilara and Silva, Lucinélia Vieira and Pimenta, Marcio Antônio Silva and Moritz, Thomas (2021). A metabolomic study of Gomphrena agrestis in Brazilian Cerrado suggests drought-adaptive strategies on metabolism. Scientific Reports. 11 , 12933
[Research article]

Abreu, Ilka and Aksmann, Anna and Bajhaiya, Amit K. and Benlloch, Reyes and Giordano, Mario and Pokora, Wojciech and Selstam, Eva and Moritz, Thomas (2020). Changes in lipid and carotenoid metabolism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii during induction of CO2-concentrating mechanism: Cellular response to low CO2 stress. Algal Research. 52 , 102099
[Research article]

Abreu, Ilka and Johansson, Annika and Sokołowska, Katarzyna and Niittylä, Totte and Sundberg, Björn and Hvidsten, Torgeir R. and Street, Nathaniel R. and Moritz, Thomas (2020). A metabolite roadmap of the wood-forming tissue in Populus tremula. New Phytologist. 228 , 1559-1572
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