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Research article

Laas, Marili and Adamson, Kalev and Barnes, Irene and Janousek, Josef and Mullett, Martin S. and Adamcikova, Katarina and Akiba, Mitsuteru and Beenken, Ludwig and Braganca, Helena and Bulgakov, Timur S. and Capretti, Paolo and Cech, Thomas and Cleary, Michelle and Enderle, Rasmus and Ghelardini, Luisa and Jankovsky, Libor and Markovskaja, Svetlana and Matsiakh, Iryna and Meyer, Joana B. and Oskay, Funda and Piskur, Barbara and Raitelaityte, Kristina and Sadikovic, Dusan and Drenkhan, Rein (2022). Diversity, migration routes, and worldwide population genetic structure of Lecanosticta acicola, the causal agent of brown spot needle blight. Molecular Plant Pathology
[Research article]

Tedersoo, Leho and Mikryukov, Vladimir and Zizka, Alexander and Bahram, Mohammad and Hagh-Doust, Niloufar and Anslan, Sten and Prylutskyi, Oleh and Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel and Maestre, Fernando T. and Parn, Jaan and Opik, Maarja and Moora, Mari and Zobel, Martin and Espenberg, Mikk and Mander, Ulo and Khalid, Abdul Nasir and Corrales, Adriana and Agan, Ahto and Vasco-Palacios, Aida-M and Saitta, Alessandro and Rinaldi, Andrea C. and Verbeken, Annemieke and Sulistyo, Bobby P. and Tamgnoue, Boris and Furneaux, Brendan and Ritter, Camila Duarte and Nyamukondiwa, Casper and Sharp, Cathy and Marin, Cesar and Gohar, Daniyal and Klavina, Darta and Sharmah, Dipon and Dai, Dong Qin and Nouhra, Eduardo and Biersma, Elisabeth Machteld and Rahn, Elisabeth and Cameron, Erin K. and De Crop, Eske and Otsing, Eveli and Davydov, Evgeny A. and Albornoz, Felipe E. and Brearley, Francis Q. and Buegger, Franz and Zahn, Geoffrey and Bonito, Gregory and Hiiesalu, Inga and Barrio, Isabel C. and Heilmann-Clausen, Jacob and Ankuda, Jelena and Kupagme, John Y. and Macia-Vicente, Jose G. and Fovo, Joseph Djeugap and Geml, Jozsef and Alatalo, Juha M. and Alvarez-Manjarrez, Julieta and Poldmaa, Kadri and Runnel, Kadri and Adamson, Kalev and Brathen, Kari Anne and Pritsch, Karin and Tchan, Kassim and Hyde, Kevin D. and Newsham, Kevin K. and Panksep, Kristel and Lateef, Adebola A. and Tiirmann, Liis and Hansson, Linda and Lamit, Louis J. and Saba, Malka and Tuomi, Maria and Gryzenhout, Marieka and Bauters, Marijn and Piepenbring, Meike and Wijayawardene, Nalin and Yorou, Nourou S. and Kurina, Olavi and Mortimer, Peter E. and Meidl, Peter and Kohout, Petr and Nilsson, Rolf Henrik and Puusepp, Rasmus and Drenkhan, Rein and Garibay-Orijel, Roberto and Godoy, Roberto and Alkahtani, Saad and Rahimlou, Saleh and Dudov, Sergey and Polme, Sergei and Ghosh, Soumya and Mundra, Sunil and Ahmed, Talaat and Netherway, Tarquin and Henkel, Terry W. and Roslin, Tomas and Nteziryayo, Vincent and Fedosov, Vladimir E. and Onipchenko, Vladimir G. and Yasanthika, W. A. Erandi and Lim, Young Woon and Soudzilovskaia, Nadejda A. and Antonelli, Alexandre and Koljalg, Urmas and Abarenkov, Kessy (2022). Global patterns in endemicity and vulnerability of soil fungi. Global Change Biology. 28 :22 , 6696-6710
[Research article]

Zlatkovic, Milica and Wang, Yongjun and Sivickis, Karolis and Vettraino, Anna Maria and Uimari, Anne and Franic, Iva and Witzell, Johanna and Talgo, Venche and Villari, Caterina and Ruffner, Beat and Franic, Iva and Tomoshevich, Maria and Ulyshen, Michael and Prospero, Simone and Adamson, Kalev and Allan, Eric and Attorre, Fabio and Baert, Wim and Barta, Marek and Boron, Piotr and Brestovanska, Tereza and Brurberg, May Bente and Burgess, Treena and Burokiene, Daiva and Cleary, Michelle and Coyle, David R. and Cerny, Karel and de Groot, Maarten and Diez, Julio Javier and Dogmus Lehtijarvi, H. Tugba and Drenkhan, Rein and Edwards, Jacqueline and Elsafy, Mohammed and Fan, Jianting and Feddern, Nina and Gossner, Martin M. and Grad, Bartlomiej and Hartmann, Martin and Havrdova, Ludmila and Horakova, Miriam Kadasi and Hrabetova, Marketa and Justesen, Mathias Just and Kacprzyk, Magdalena and Kirichenko, Natalia and Kovac, Marta and Kramarets, Volodymyr and Lazarevic, Jelena and Leskiv, Marianna and Li, Hongmei and Madsen, Corrie Lynne and Malumphy, Chris and Matosevic, Dinka and Matsiakh, Iryna and May, Tom W. and Meffert, Johan and Migliorini, Duccio and Nikolov, Christo and O'Hanlon, Richard and Oskay, Funda and Paap, Trudy and Piskur, Barbara and Ravn, Hans Peter and Richard, John (2022). Worldwide diversity of endophytic fungi and insects associated with dormant tree twigs. Scientific Data. 9 :1 , 62
[Research article]

Mullett, Martin S. and Drenkhan, Rein and Adamson, Kalev and Boron, Piotr and Lenart-Boron, Anna and Barnes, Irene and Tomsovsky, Michal and Janosikova, Zuzana and Adamcikova, Katarina and Ondruskova, Emilia and Queloz, Valentin and Piskur, Barbara and Musolin, Dmitry L. and Davydenko, Kateryna and Georgieva, Margarita and Schmitz, Sophie and Kacergius, Audrius and Ghelardini, Luisa and Orlovic, Jelena Kranjec and Muller, Michael and Oskay, Funda and Hauptman, Tine and Halasz, Agnes and Markovskaja, Svetlana and Solheim, Halvor and Vuorinen, Martti and Heinzelmann, Renate and Hamelin, Richard C. and Konecny, Adam (2021). Worldwide Genetic Structure Elucidates the Eurasian Origin and Invasion Pathways of Dothistroma septosporum, Causal Agent of Dothistroma Needle Blight. Journal of Fungi. 7 , 111
[Research article]

Tedersoo, Leho and Anslan, Sten and Bahram, Mohammad and Drenkhan, Rein and Pritsch, Karin and Buegger, Franz and Padari, Allar and Hagh-Doust, Niloufar and Mikryukov, Vladimir and Gohar, Daniyal and Amiri, Rasekh and Hiiesalu, Indrek and Lutter, Reimo and Rosenvald, Raul and Rahn, Elisabeth and Adamson, Kalev and Drenkhan, Tiia and Tullus, Hardi and Jurimaa, Katrin and Sibul, Ivar and Otsing, Eveli and Polme, Sergei and Metslaid, Marek and Loit, Kaire and Agan, Ahto and Puusepp, Rasmus and Varik, Inge and Koljalg, Urmas and Abarenkov, Kessy (2020). Regional-scale in-depth analysis of soil fungal diversity reveals strong pH and plant species effects in Northern Europe. Frontiers in Microbiology. 11 , 1953
[Research article]

Brodde, Laura and Adamson, Kalev and Julio Camarero, J. and Castano, Carles and Drenkhan, Rein and Lehtijärvi, Asko and Luchi, Nicola and Migliorini, Duccio and Sanchez-Miranda, Angela and Stenlid, Jan and Özdag, Sule and Oliva, Jonàs (2019). Diplodia Tip Blight on Its Way to the North: Drivers of Disease Emergence in Northern Europe. Frontiers in Plant Science. 9 , 1-12
[Research article]

Article Review/Survey

Drenkhan, Rein and Ganley, Beccy and Martin-Garcia, Jorge and Vahalik, Petr and Adamson, Kalev and Adamcikova, Katarina and Ahumada, Rodrigo and Blank, Lior and Braganca, Helena and Capretti, Paolo and Cleary, Michelle and Cornejo, Carolina and Davydenko, Kateryna and Diez, Julio J. and Lehtijarvi, Hatice Tugba Dogmus and Dvorak, Milon and Enderle, Rasmus and Fourie, Gerda and Georgieva, Margarita and Ghelardini, Luisa and Hantula, Jarkko and Ioos, Renaud and Iturritxa, Eugenia and Kanetis, Loukas and Karpun, Natalia N. and Koltay, Andras and Landeras, Elena and Markovskaja, Svetlana and Mesanza, Nebai and Milenkovic, Ivan and Musolin, Dmitry L. and Nikolaou, Konstantinos and Nowakowska, Justyna A. and Ogris, Nikica and Oskay, Funda and Oszako, Tomasz and Paraschiv, Marius and Pasquali, Matias and Pecori, Francesco and Rafoss, Trond and Raitelaityte, Kristina and Raposo, Rosa and Robin, Cecile and Rodas, Carlos A. and Santini, Alberto and Sanz-Ros, Antonio and Selikhovkin, Andrey and Solla, Alejandro and Soukainen, Mirkka and Soulioti, Nikoleta and Steenkamp, Emma T. and Tsopelas, Panaghiotis and Vemic, Aleksandar and Vettraino, Anna Maria and Wingfield, Michael J. and Woodward, Stephen and Zamora-Ballesteros, Cristina and Mullett, Martin S. (2020). Global Geographic Distribution and Host Range ofFusarium circinatum, the Causal Agent of Pine Pitch Canker. Forests. 11 , 724 , 1-40
[Article Review/Survey]

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