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Hodge, Simon and Schweiger, Oliver and Klein, Alexandra-Maria and Potts, Simon G. and Costa, Cecilia and Albrecht, Matthias and Rodrigues De Miranda, Joachim and Mand, Marika and De la Rua, Pilar and Rundlof, Maj and Attridge, Eleanor and Dean, Robin and Bulet, Philippe and Michez, Denis and Paxton, Robert J. and Babin, Aurelie and Cougoule, Nicolas and Laurent, Marion and Martel, Anne-Claire and Paris, Laurianne and Riviere, Marie-Pierre and Dubois, Eric and Chauzat, Marie-Pierre and Arafah, Karim and Askri, Dalel and Voisin, Sebastien N. and Kiljanek, Tomasz and Bottero, Irene and Dominik, Christophe and Tamburini, Giovanni and Pereira-Peixoto, Maria Helena and Wintermantel, Dimitry and Breeze, Tom D. and Cini, Elena and Senapathi, Deepa and Di Prisco, Gennaro and Medrzycki, Piotr and Hagenbucher, Steffen and Knauer, Anina and Schwarz, Janine M. and Raimets, Risto and Martinez-Lopez, Vicente and Ivarsson, Kjell and Hartfield, Chris and Hunter, Pamela and Brown, Mark J. E. and Stout, Jane C. (2022). Design and Planning of a Transdisciplinary Investigation into Farmland Pollinators: Rationale, Co-Design, and Lessons Learned. Sustainability. 14 :17 , 10549
[Research article]

Herbertsson, Lina and Ekroos, Johan and Albrecht, Matthias and Bartomeus, Ignasi and Batary, Peter and Bommarco, Riccardo and Caplat, Paul and Diekotter, Tim and Eikestam, Jenny M. and Entling, Martin H. and Farbu, Sunniva and Farwig, Nina and Gonzalez-Varo, Juan P. and Hass, Annika L. and Holzschuh, Andrea and Hopfenmueller, Sebastian and Jakobsson, Anna and Jauker, Birgit and Kovacs-Hostyanszki, Aniko and Kleve, Wera and Kunin, William E. and Lindström, Sandra and Mullen, Sarah and Öckinger, Erik and Petanidou, Theodora and Potts, Simon G. and Power, Eileen F. and Rundlof, Maj and Seibel, Kathrin and Sober, Virve and Soderman, Annika and Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf and Stout, Jane C. and Teder, Tiit and Tscharntke, Teja and Smith, Henrik G. (2021). Bees increase seed set of wild plants while the proportion of arable land has a variable effect on pollination in European agricultural landscapes. Plant Ecology and Evolution. 154 , 341-350
[Research article]

Senapathi, Deepa and Fruend, Jochen and Albrecht, Matthias and Garratt, Michael P. D. and Kleijn, David and Pickles, Brian J. and Potts, Simon G. and An, Jiandong and Andersson, Georg K. S. and Baensch, Svenja and Basu, Parthiba and Benjamin, Faye and Bezerra, Antonio Diego M. and Bhattacharya, Ritam and Biesmeijer, Jacobus C. and Blaauw, Brett and Blitzer, Eleanor J. and Brittain, Claire A. and Carvalheiro, Luisa G. and Cariveau, Daniel P. and Chakraborty, Pushan and Chatterjee, Arnob and Cusser, Sarah and Danforth, Bryan N. and Degani, Erika and Freitas, Breno M. and Garibaldi, Lucas A. and Geslin, Benoit and de Groot, G. Arjen and Harrison, Tina and Howlett, Brad and Isaacs, Rufus and Jha, Shalene and Klatt, Bjorn Kristian and Krewenka, Kristin and Leigh, Samuel and Lindström, Sandra and Mandelik, Yael and McKerchar, Megan and Park, Mia and Pisanty, Gideon and Rader, Romina. and Reemer, Menno and Rundlof, Maj and Smith, Barbara and Silva, Patricia Nunes and Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf and Tscharntke, Teja and Webber, Sean and Westbury, Duncan B. and Westphal, Catrin and Wickens, Jennifer B. and Winfree, Rachael and Zhang, Hong and Klein, Alexandra-Maria (2021). Wild insect diversity increases inter-annual stability in global crop pollinator communities. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 288 , 20210212
[Research article]

Albrecht, Matthias and Kleijn, David and Williams, Neal M. and Tschumi, Matthias and Blaauw, Brett R. and Bommarco, Riccardo and Campbell, Alistair J. and Dainese, Matteo and Drummond, Francis A. and Entling, Martin H. and Ganser, Dominik and de Groot, G. Arjen and Goulson, Dave and Grab, Heather and Hamilton, Hannah and Herzog, Felix and Isaacs, Rufus and Jacot, Katja and Jeanneret, Philippe and Jonsson, Mattias and Knop, Eva and Kremen, Claire and Landis, Douglas A. and Loeb, Gregory M. and Marini, Lorenzo and McKerchar, Megan and Morandin, Lora and Pfister, Sonja C. and Potts, Simon G. and Rundlof, Maj and Sardinas, Hillary and Sciligo, Amber and Thies, Carsten and Tscharntke, Teja and Venturini, Eric and Veromann, Eve and Vollhardt, Ines M. G. and Wackers, Felix and Ward, Kimiora and Wilby, Andrew and Woltz, Megan and Wratten, Steve and Sutter, Louis (2020). The effectiveness of flower strips and hedgerows on pest control, pollination services and crop yield: a quantitative synthesis. Ecology Letters. 23 , 1488-1498
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