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Research article

Arendt, Maja and Ambrosen, Aime and Fall, Tove and Kierczak, Marcin and Tengvall, Katarina and Meadows, Jennifer R. S. and Karlsson, Asa and Lagerstedt, Anne-Sofie and Bergstrom, Tomas and Andersson, Göran and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin and Hagman, Ragnvi (2021). The ABCC4 gene is associated with pyometra in golden retriever dogs. Scientific Reports. 11 , 16647
[Research article]

Chankeaw, Wiruntita and Lignier, Sandra and Richard, Christophe and Ntallaris, Theodoros and Raliou, Mariam and Guo, Yongzhi and Plassard, Damien and Bevilacqua, Claudia and Sandra, Olivier and Andersson, Göran and Humblot, Patrice and Charpigny, Gilles (2021). Analysis of the transcriptome of bovine endometrial cells isolated by laser micro-dissection (2): impacts of post-partum negative energy balance on stromal, glandular and luminal epithelial cells. BMC Genomics. 22 , 450
[Research article]

Mäkeläinen, Suvi and Hellsand, Minas and Van Der Heiden, Anna Darlene and Andersson, Elina and Ström Holst, Bodil and Häggström, Jens and Bersås Ljungvall, Ingrid and Mellersh, Cathryn and Hallböök, Finn and Andersson, Göran and Ekesten, Björn and Bergström, Tomas (2020). Deletion in the Bardet-Biedl syndrome gene TTC8 results in a syndromic retinal degeneration in dogs. Genes. 11 , 1090 , 1-27
[Research article]

Jhamat, Naveed and Niazi, Adnan and Guo, Yongzhi and Chanrot, Metasu and Ivanova, Elena and Kelsey, Gavin and Bongcam-Rudloff, Erik and Andersson, Göran and Humblot, Patrice (2020). LPS-treatment of bovine endometrial epithelial cells causes differential DNA methylation of genes associated with inflammation and endometrial function. BMC Genomics. 21
[Research article]

Bianchi, Matteo and Rafati, Nima and Karlsson, Asa and Muren, Eva and Rubin, Carl-Johan and Sundberg, Katarina and Andersson, Göran and Kampe, Olle and Hedhammar, Åke and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin and Rosengren Pielberg, Gerli (2020). Whole-genome genotyping and resequencing reveal the association of a deletion in the complex interferon alpha gene cluster with hypothyroidism in dogs. BMC Genomics. 21 , 307 , 1-16
[Research article]

Bremer, Hanna and Landegren, Nils and Sjöberg, Roland and Hallgren, Åsa and Renneker, Stefanie and Lattwein, Erik and Leonard, Dag and Eloranta, Maija-Leena and Rönnblom, Lars and Nordmark, Gunnel and Nilsson, Peter and Andersson, Göran and Lilliehöök, Inger and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin and Kämpe, Olle and Hansson-Hamlin, Helene (2018). ILF2 and ILF3 are autoantigens in canine systemic autoimmune disease. Scientific Reports. 8 , 1-9
[Research article]

Wilbe, Maria and Kozyrev, Sergey V. and Farias, F.H.G. and Bremer, Hanna and Hedlund, Anna and Pielberg, Gerli and Seppälä, Eija H. and Gustafson, Ulla and Lohi, Hannes and Carlborg, Örjan and Andersson, Göran and Hamlin, Helene and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin (2015). Multiple Changes of Gene Expression and Function Reveal Genomic and Phenotypic Complexity in SLE-like Disease. PLoS genetics. 11 , 1-27
[Research article]

Öhlund, Malin and Franzen, Petra and Andersson, Göran and Ström Holst, Bodil and Lau, Joey (2014). Laser microdissection of pancreatic islets allows for quantitative real-time pcr detection of islet-specific gene expression in healthy and diabetic cats. Journal of gastroenterology, pancreatology & liver disorders. 1 :4 , 1-9
[Research article]

Article Review/Survey

Rodriguez-Martinez, Heriberto and Hultgren, Jan and Båge, Renée and Bergqvist, Ann-Sofi and Svenssson, Catharina and Bergsten, Christer and Lidfors, Lena and Gunnarsson, Stefan and Algers, Bo and Emanuelson, Ulf and Berglund, Britt and Andersson, Göran and Håård, Margareta and Lindhé, Bengt and Stålhammar, Hans and Gustafsson, Hans (2008). Reproductive performance in high-producing dairy cows. (other). R01 :R0108. , 1-23
[Article Review/Survey]

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