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Journal article

Tonheim, Susanne and Slotte, Aril and Andersson, Leif and Folkvord, Arild and Berg, Florian (2020). Comparison of Otolith Microstructure of Herring Larvae and Sibling Adults Reared Under Identical Early Life Conditions. Frontiers in marine science. 7 , 529 , 1-13
[Journal article]

Han, Fan and Jamsandekar, Minal and Pettersson, Mats E. and Su, Leyi and Fuentes-Pardo, Angela P. and Davis, Brian W. and Bekkevold, Dorte and Berg, Florian and Casini, Michele and Dahle, Geir and Farrell, Edward D. and Folkvord, Arild and Andersson, Leif (2020). Ecological adaptation in Atlantic herring is associated with large shifts in allele frequencies at hundreds of loci. eLife. 9 , e61076
[Journal article]

Rafati, Nima and Chen, Junfeng and Herpin, Amaury and Pettersson, Mats E. and Han, Fan and Feng, Chungang and Wallerman, Ola and Rubin, Carl-Johan and Peron, Sandrine and Cocco, Arianna and Larsson, Marten and Troetschel, Christian and Poetsch, Ansgar and Korsching, Kai and Bönigk, Wolfgang and Körschen, Heinz G. and Berg, Florian and Folkvord, Arild and Kaupp, U. Benjamin and Schartl, Manfred and Andersson, Leif (2020). Reconstruction of the birth of a male sex chromosome present in Atlantic herring. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117 , 24359-24368
[Journal article]

Gustafsson, Robert and Eckhard, Ulrich and Ye, Weihua and Enbody, Erik D. and Pettersson, Mats and Jemth, Per and Andersson, Leif and Selmer, Maria (2020). Structure and Characterization of Phosphoglucomutase 5 from Atlantic and Baltic Herring-An Inactive Enzyme with Intact Substrate Binding. Biomolecules. 10 , 1631
[Journal article]

Younis, Shady and Naboulsi, Rakan and Wang, Xuan and Cao, Xiaofang and Larsson, Marten and Sargsyan, Ernest and Bergsten, Peter and Welsh, Nils and Andersson, Leif (2020). The importance of the ZBED6-IGF2 axis for metabolic regulation in mouse myoblast cells. FASEB Journal. 34 , 10250-10266
[Journal article]

Feng, Chungang and Pettersson, Mats and Lamichhaney, Sangeet and Rubin, Carl-Johan and Rafati, Nima and Casini, Michele and Folkvord, Arild and Andersson, Leif (2017). Moderate nucleotide diversity in the Atlantic herring is associated with a low mutation rate. ELife. 6 , 1-14
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Article Review/Survey

Andersson, Leif (2020). Mutations in Domestic Animals Disrupting or Creating Pigmentation Patterns. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 8 , 116 , 1-8
[Article Review/Survey]


Andersson, Leif and Gervais, Patrick (1987). Marktypskartering i nv Skåne med satellit fjärranalys. Technical Report. Uppsala: (NL, NJ) > Dept. of Soil Sciences (until 081001) > Div. of Hydrotechnics, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Report / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Soil Sciences, Division of Agricultural Hydrotechnics ; 152

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