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Research article

Zhao, Xue and Hofvander, Per and Andersson, Mariette and Andersson, Roger (2023). Internal structure and thermal properties of potato starches varying widely in amylose content. Food Hydrocolloids. 135 , 108148
[Research article]

Selga, Catja and Chrominski, Pawel and Carlson-Nilsson, Ulrika and Andersson, Mariette and Chawade, Aakash and Ortiz, Rodomiro (2022). Diversity and population structure of Nordic potato cultivars and breeding clones. BMC Plant Biology. 22 , 350
[Research article]

Bartek, Louise and Sundin, Niina and Strid, Ingrid and Andersson, Mariette and Hansson, Per-Anders and Eriksson, Mattias (2022). Environmental benefits of circular food systems: The case of upcycled protein recovered using genome edited potato. Journal of Cleaner Production. 380 :Part 1 , 134887
[Research article]

Liu, Ying and Andersson, Mariette and Granell, Antonio and Cardi, Teodoro and Hofvander, Per and Nicolia, Alessandro (2022). Establishment of a DNA-free genome editing and protoplast regeneration method in cultivated tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). Plant Cell Reports
[Research article]

Zhao, Xue and Andersson, Mariette (2021). A simplified method of determining the internal structure of amylopectin from barley starch without amylopectin isolation. Carbohydrate Polymers. 255 , 117503
[Research article]

Pourazari, Fereshteh and Andersson, Mariette and Weih, Martin (2018). Altered Tuber Yield in Genetically Modified High-Amylose and Oil Potato Lines Is Associated With Changed Whole-Plant Nitrogen Economy. Frontiers in Plant Science. 9 , 1-13
[Research article]

Menzel, Carolin and Andersson, Mariette and Andersson, Roger and Vázquez Gutiérrez, José Luis and Daniel, Geoffrey and Langton, Maud and Gällstedt, Mikael and Koch, Kristine (2015). Improved material properties of solution-cast starch films: effect of varying amylopectin structure and amylose content of starch from genetically modified potatoes. Carbohydrate polymers. 130 , 388-397
[Research article]

Muneer, Faraz and Andersson, Mariette and Koch, Kristine and Menzel, Carolin and Hedenqvist, Mikael S. and Gällstedt, Mikael and Plivelic, Tomás S and Kuktaite, Ramune (2015). Nanostructural Morphology of Plasticized Wheat Gluten and Modified Potato Starch Composites: Relationship to Mechanical and Barrier Properties. Biomacromolecules. 16 :3 , 695-705
[Research article]

Turesson, Helle and Andersson, Mariette and Marttila, Salla and Thulin, Ingela and Hofvander, Per (2014). Starch biosynthetic genes and enzymes are expressed and active in the absence of starch accumulation in sugar beet tap-root. BMC plant biology. 14 :104 , 1-12
[Research article]


Johansson, Eva and Samuelsson, Mathias and Andersson, Mariette (2019). Potatisproteiner med högre denatureringstemperatur. Alnarp: (LTJ, LTV) > Institutionen för jordbrukets biosystem och teknologi, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. LTV-fakultetens faktablad ; 2019:1


Hofvander, Per and Andreasson, Erik and Andersson, Mariette (2022). Potato trait development going fast-forward with genome editing. Trends in Genetics. 38 :3 , 218-221

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