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Research article

Angeler, David and Angeler, David G. and Angeler, David and Angeler, David G. and Hur, Ran (2023). Panarchy suggests why management mitigates rather than restores ecosystems from anthropogenic impact. Journal of Environmental Management. 327 , 116875
[Research article]

Grigoropoulou, Afroditi and Ab Hamid, Suhaila and Acosta, Raul and Akindele, Emmanuel Olusegun and Al-Shami, Salman A. and Altermatt, Florian and Amatulli, Giuseppe and Angeler, David and Angeler, David G. and Aroviita, Jukka and Bastos, Rafael Costa and Bonada, Nuria and Brand, Cecilia and Bremerich, Vanessa and Bush, Alex and Cai, Qinghua and Callisto, Marcos and Chen, Kai and Cruz, Paulo Vilela and Dangles, Olivier and Death, Russell and Deng, Xiling and Dudgeon, David G. and Eriksen, Tor Erik and Feio, Maria Joao and Fernandez-Alaez, Camino and Floury, Mathieu and Garcia-Criado, Francisco and Garcia-Giron, Jorge and Groenroos, Mira and Haase, Peter and Hamada, Neusa and He, Fengzhi and Holzenthal, Ralph and Huttunen, Kaisa-Leena and Jacobsen, Dean and Jaehnig, Sonja C. and Jetz, Walter and Johnson, Richard and Juen, Leandro and Kalkman, Vincent and Kati, Vassiliki and Koroiva, Ricardo and Kuemmerlen, Mathias and Langhans, Simone Daniela and Van Looy, Kris and Maasri, Alain and Marchant, Richard K. and Garcia Marquez, Jaime Ricardo and Martins, Renato T. and Melo, Adriano S. and Moe, S. Jannicke and Molineri, Carlos and Muotka, Timo and Mustonen, Kaisa-Riikka and Cavalcante do Nascimento, Jeane Marcelle and Valente-Neto, Francisco and Nieto, Carolina and Pauls, Steffen U. and Paulson, Dennis R. and Rios-Touma, Blanca and Rodrigues, Marciel Elio and de Oliveira Roque, Fabio and Salazar Salina, Juan Carlos and Schmera, Denes and Schmidt-Kloiber, Astrid and Shah, Deep Narayan and Simaika, John P. and Siqueira, Tadeu and Tachamo-Shah, Ram Devi and Theischinger, Guenther and Thompson, Ross and Tonkin, Jonathan D. and Torres-Cambas, Yusdiel and Townsend, Colin and Turak, Eren and Twardochleb, Laura and Yanygina, Liubov and Zamora-Munoz, Carmen and Domisch, Sami (2023). The global EPTO database: Worldwide occurrences of aquatic insects. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 32 :5 , 642-655
[Research article]

Angeler, David and Angeler, David G. and Eyre, Harris A. and Berk, Michael (2022). Listening to the silent struggles of bipolar disorder through sonification of iMoodJournal data. Bipolar Disorders. 24 :6 , 689-692
[Research article]

Truchy, Amélie and Sponseller, Ryan A. and Ecke, Frauke and Angeler, David G. and Angeler, David and Kahlert, Maria and Bundschuh, Mirco and Johnson, Richard and Mckie, Brendan (2022). Responses of multiple structural and functional indicators along three contrasting disturbance gradients. Ecological Indicators. 135 , 108514
[Research article]

Eason, Tarsha and Garmestani, Ahjond and Angeler, David G. and Angeler, David and Angeler, David G. (2022). Spatiotemporal variability in Swedish lake ecosystems. PLoS ONE. 17 :3 , e0265571
[Research article]

Article Review/Survey

Sundstrom, Shana M. and Angeler, David G. and Angeler, David and Angeler, David G. and Ernakovich, Jessica G. and Garcia, Jorge H. and Hamm, Joseph A. and Allen, Craig R. (2023). The emergence of convergence. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene. 11 :1 , 00128
[Article Review/Survey]

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