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Lansink, G. M. J. and Kleven, O. and Ekblom, R. and Spong, Göran and Kopatz, A. and Mattisson, J. and Persson, Jens and Kojola, I. and Holmala, K. and Ollila, T. and Ellegren, H. and Kindberg, J. and Kindberg, Jonas and Flagstad, O. and Aspi, Jouni and Kvist, L. (2022). Potential for increased connectivity between differentiated wolverine populations. Biological Conservation. 272 , 109601
[Research article]

Roslin, Tomas and Somervuo, Panu and Pentinsaari, Mikko and Hebert, Paul D. N. and Agda, Jireh and Ahlroth, Petri and Anttonen, Perttu and Aspi, Jouni and Blagoev, Gergin and Blanco, Santiago and Chan, Dean and Clayhills, Tom and deWaard, Jeremy and deWaard, Stephanie and Elliot, Tyler and Elo, Riikka and Haapala, Sami and Helve, Eero and Ilmonen, Jari and Hirvonen, Petri and Ho, Chris and Itämies, Juhani and Ivanov, Vladislav and Jakovlev, Jevgeni and Juslen, Aino and Jussila, Reijo and Kahanpaa, Jere and Kaila, Lauri and Kaitila, Jari-Pekka and Kakko, Ari and Kakko, Iiro and Karhu, Ali and Karjalainen, Sami and Kjaerandsen, Jostein and Koskinen, Janne and Laasonen, Erkki M. and Laasonen, Leena and Laine, Erkka and Lampila, Petri and Levesque-Beaudin, Valerie and Lu, Liuqiong and Lahteenaro, Meri and Majuri, Pekka and Malmberg, Sampsa and Manjunath, Ramya and Martikainen, Petri and Mattila, Jaakko and McKeown, Jaclyn and Metsälä, Petri and Miklasevskaja, Margarita and Miller, Meredith and Miskie, Renee and Naik, Suresh and Nikolova, Nadia and Nupponen, Kari and Ovaskainen, Otso and Österblad, Ika and Paasivirta, Lauri and Pajunen, Timo and Parkko, Petri and Paukkunen, Juho and Penttinen, Ritva and Perez, Kate and Pohjoismaki, Jaakko and Prosser, Sean and Raekunnas, Martti and Rahulan, Miduna and Rannisto, Meeri and Ratnasingham, Sujeevan and Raukko, Pekka and Rinne, Aki and Rintala, Teemu and Miranda Romo, Susana and Salmela, Jukka and Salokannel, Juha and Savolainen, Riitta and Schulman, Leif and Sihvonen, Pasi and Soliman, Dina and Sones, Jayme and Steinke, Claudia and Stahls, Gunilla and Tabell, Jukka and Tiusanen, Mikko and Varkonyi, Gergely and Vesterinen, Eero and Viitanen, Esko and Vikberg, Veli and Viitasaari, Matti and Vilen, Jussi and Warne, Connor and Wei, Catherine and Winqvist, Kaj and Zakharov, Evgeny and Mutanen, Marko (2022). A molecular-based identification resource for the arthropods of Finland. Molecular Ecology Resources. 22 , 803-822
[Research article]

Åkesson, Mikael and Flagstad, Oystein and Aspi, Jouni and Kojola, Ilpo and Liberg, Olof and Wabakken, Petter and Sand, Håkan (2021). Genetic signature of immigrants and their effect on genetic diversity in the recently established Scandinavian wolf population. Conservation Genetics. 23 :2 , 359-373
[Research article]

Kopatz, Alexander and Kleven, Oddmund and Kojola, Ilpo and Aspi, Jouni and Norman, Anita and Spong, Göran and Gyllenstrand, Niclas and Dalen, Love and Floystad, Ida and Hagen, Snorre B. and Kindberg, Jonas and Flagstad, Oystein (2021). Restoration of transborder connectivity for Fennoscandian brown bears (Ursus arctos). Biological Conservation. 253 , 108936
[Research article]

Sormunen, Jani J. and Andersson, Tommi and Aspi, Jouni and Back, Jaana and Cederberg, Tony and Haavisto, Noora and Halonen, Hanna and Hanninen, Jari and Inkinen, Jasmin and Kulha, Niko and Laaksonen, Maija and Loehr, John and Makela, Satu and Makinen, Katja and Norkko, Joanna and Paavola, Riku and Pajala, Pauliina and Petaja, Tuukka and Puisto, Anna and Sippola, Ella and Snickars, Martin and Sundell, Janne and Tanski, Niko and Uotila, Antti and Vesilahti, Ella-Maria and Vesterinen, Eero and Vuorenmaa, Silja and Ylonen, Hannu and Klemola, Tero (2020). Monitoring of ticks and tick-borne pathogens through a nationwide research station network in Finland. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases. 11 , 101449 , 1-10
[Research article]

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