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Research article

Zenetos, Argyro and Tsiamis, Konstantinos and Galanidi, Marika and Carvalho, Natacha and Bartilotti, Catia and Canning-Clode, Joao and Castriota, Luca and Chainho, Paula and Comas-Gonzalez, Robert and Costa, Ana C. and Dragicevic, Branko and Dulcic, Jakov and Faasse, Marco and Florin, Ann-Britt and Gittenberger, Arjan and Jakobsen, Hans H. and Jelmert, Anders and Kerckhof, Francis and Lehtiniemi, Maiju and Livi, Silvia and Lundgreen, Kim and Macic, Vesna and Massé, Cécile and Mavrič, Borut and Naddafi, Rahmat and Orlando-Bonaca, Martina and Petovic, Slavica and Png-Gonzalez, Lydia and Carbonell Quetglas, Aina and Ribeiro, Romeu S. and Cidade, Tiago and Smolders, Sander and Staehr, Peter A. U. and Viard, Frederique and Outinen, Okko (2022). Status and Trends in the Rate of Introduction of Marine Non-Indigenous Species in European Seas. Diversity. 14 :12 , 1077
[Research article]

Article Review/Survey

Tsiamis, Konstantinos and Palialexis, Andreas and Stefanova, Kremena and Gladan, Zivana Nicevic and Skejic, Sanda and Despalatovic, Marija and Cvitkovic, Ivan and Dragicevic, Branko and Dulcic, Jakov and Vidjak, Olja and Bojanic, Natalia and Zuljevic, Ante and Aplikioti, Marilena and Argyrou, Marina and Josephides, Marios and Michailidis, Nikolas and Jakobsen, Hans H. and Staehr, Peter A. and Ojaveer, Henn and Lehtiniemi, Maiju and Masse, Cecile and Zenetos, Argyro and Castriota, Luca and Livi, Silvia and Mazziotti, Cristina and Schembri, Patrick J. and Evans, Julian and Bartolo, Angela G. and Kabuta, Saa Henry and Smolders, Sander and Knegtering, Edo and Gittenberger, Arjan and Gruszka, Piotr and Krasniewski, Wojciech and Bartilotti, Catia and Tuaty-Guerra, Miriam and Canning-Clode, Joao and Costa, Ana C. and Parente, Manuela and Botelho, Andrea Z. and Micael, Joana and Miodonski, Joana and Carreira, Gilberto P. and Lopes, Vera and Chainho, Paula and Barbera, Carmen and Naddafi, Rahmat and Florin, Ann-Britt and Barry, Peter and Stebbing, Paul D. and Cardoso, Ana Cristina (2019). Non-indigenous species refined national baseline inventories: A synthesis in the context of the European Union's Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 145 , 429-435
[Article Review/Survey]


Tsiamis, Konstantinos and Palialexis, Andreas and Connor, David and Antoniadis, Stavros and Bartilotti, Catia and Bartolo, Angela G. and Berggreen, Ulrik Christian and Boschetti, Simona and Buschbaum, Christian and Canning-Clode, Joao and Carbonell, Aina and Castriota, Luca and Corbeau, Clemence and Costa, Ana C. and Cvitkovic, Ivan and Despalatovic, Marija and Dragicevic, Branko and Dulcic, Jakov and Fortič, Ana and Francé, Janja and Gittenberger, Arjan and Gizzi, Francesca and Gollasch, Stephan and Gruszka, Piotr and Hegarty, Mary and Hema, Tatjana and Jensen, Kathe and Josephides, Marios and Kabuta, Saa Henry and Kerckhof, Francis and Kovtun-Kante, Anastasiia and Krakau, Manuela and Krasniewski, Wojciech and Lackschewitz, Dagmar and Lehtiniemi, Maiju and Lieberum, Christian and Linnamägi, Merike and Lipej, Lovrenc and Livi, Silvia and Lundgreen, Kim and Magliozzi, Chiara and Massé, Cécile and Mavrič, Borut and Michailidis, Nikolas and Moncheva, Snejana and Mozetič, Patricija and Ninčević, Gladan Živana and Naddafi, Rahmat and Ojaveer, Henn and Olenin, Sergej and Orlando-Bonaca, Martina and Ouerghi, Atef and Parente, Manuela and Pavlova, Petya and Peterlin, Monika and Pitacco, Valentina and Png-Gonzalez, Lydia and Rousou, Maria and Sala-Pérez, Manuel and Serrano, Alberto and Skorupski, Jakub and Smolders, Sander and Srebaliene, Greta and Staehr, Peter A. and Stefanova, Kremena and Strāke, Solvita and Tabarcea, Christina and Todorova, Valentina and Trkov, Domen and Tuaty-Guerra, Miriam and Vidjak, Olja and Zenetos, Argyro and Zuljevic, Ante and De Jesus Cardoso, Anna-Christina (2021). Marine Strategy Framework Directive- Descriptor 2, Non-Indigenous Species : delivering solid recommendations for setting threshold values for non-indigenous species pressure on European seas. (NL, NJ) > Department of Aquatic Resources, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. EUR (Luxembourg) ; 30640

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