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Delgado, Maria del Mar and Roslin, Tomas and Tikhonov, Gleb and Meyke, Evgeniy and Lo, Coong and Gurarie, Eliezer and Abadonova, Marina and Abduraimov, Ozodbek and Adrianova, Olga and Akimova, Tatiana and Akkiev, Muzhigit and Ananin, Aleksandr and Andreeva, Elena and Andriychuk, Natalia and Antipin, Maxim and Arzamascev, Konstantin and Babina, Svetlana and Babushkin, Miroslav and Bakin, Oleg and Barabancova, Anna and Basilskaja, Inna and Belova, Nina and Belyaeva, Natalia and Bespalova, Tatjana and Bisikalova, Evgeniya and Bobretsov, Anatoly and Bobrov, Vladimir and Bobrovskyi, Vadim and Bochkareva, Elena and Bogdanov, Gennady and Bolshakov, Vladimir and Bondarchuk, Svetlana and Bukharova, Evgeniya and Butunina, Alena and Buyvolov, Yuri and Buyvolova, Anna and Bykov, Yuri and Chakhireva, Elena and Chashchina, Olga and Cherenkova, Nadezhda and Chistjakov, Sergej and Chuhontseva, Svetlana and Davydov, Evgeniy A. and Demchenko, Viktor and Diadicheva, Elena and Dobrolyubov, Aleksandr and Dostoyevskaya, Ludmila and Drovnina, Svetlana and Drozdova, Zoya and Dubanaev, Akynaly and Dubrovsky, Yuriy and Elsukov, Sergey and Epova, Lidia and Ermakova, Olga S. and Esengeldenova, Aleksandra and Evstigneev, Oleg and Fedchenko, Irina and Fedotova, Violetta and Filatova, Tatiana and Gashev, Sergey and Gavrilov, Anatoliy and Gaydysh, Irina and Golovcov, Dmitrij and Goncharova, Nadezhda and Gorbunova, Elena and Gordeeva, Tatyana and Grishchenko, Vitaly and Gromyko, Ludmila and Hohryakov, Vladimir and Hritankov, Alexander and Ignatenko, Elena and Igosheva, Svetlana and Ivanova, Uliya and Kalinkin, Yury and Kaygorodova, Evgeniya and Kazansky, Fedor and Kiseleva, Darya and Knorre, Anastasia and Kolpashikov, Leonid and Korobov, Evgenii and Korolyova, Helen and Korotkikh, Natalia and Kosenkov, Gennadiy and Kossenko, Sergey and Kotlugalyamova, Elvira and Kozlovsky, Evgeny and Kozsheechkin, Vladimir and Kozurak, Alla and Kozyr, Irina and Krasnopevtseva, Aleksandra and Kruglikov, Sergey and Kuberskaya, Olga and Kudryavtsev, Aleksey and Kulebyakina, Elena and Kulsha, Yuliia and Kupriyanova, Margarita and Kurbanbagamaev, Murad and Kutenkov, Anatoliy and Kutenkova, Nadezhda and Kuznetsov, Andrey and Larin, Evgeniy and Lebedev, Pavel and Litvinov, Kirill and Luzhkova, Natalia and Mahmudov, Azizbek and Makovkina, Lidiya and Mamontov, Viktor and Mayorova, Svetlana and Megalinskaja, Irina and Meydus, Artur and Minin, Aleksandr and Mitrofanov, Oleg and Motruk, Mykhailo and Myslenkov, Aleksandr and Nasonova, Nina and Nemtseva, Natalia and Nesterova, Irina and Nezdoliy, Tamara and Niroda, Tatyana and Novikova, Tatiana and Panicheva, Darya and Pavlov, Alexey and Pavlova, Klara and Van, Polina and Podolski, Sergei and Polikarpova, Natalja and Polyanskaya, Tatiana and Pospelov, Igor and Pospelova, Elena and Prokhorov, Ilya and Prokosheva, Irina and Puchnina, Lyudmila and Putrashyk, Ivan and Raiskaya, Julia and Rozhkov, Yuri and Rozhkova, Olga and Rudenko, Marina and Rybnikova, Irina and Rykova, Svetlana and Sahnevich, Miroslava and Samoylov, Alexander and Sanko, Valeri and Sapelnikova, Inna and Sazonov, Sergei and Selyunina, Zoya and Shalaeva, Ksenia and Shashkov, Maksim and Shcherbakov, Anatoliy and Shevchyk, Vasyl and Shubin, Sergej and Shujskaja, Elena and Sibgatullin, Rustam and Sikkila, Natalia and Sitnikova, Elena and Sivkov, Andrei and Skok, Nataliya and Skorokhodova, Svetlana and Smirnova, Elena and Sokolova, Galina and Sopin, Vladimir and Spasovski, Yurii and Stepanov, Sergei and Stratiy, Vitaliy and Strekalovskaya, Violetta and Sukhov, Alexander and Suleymanova, Guzalya and Sultangareeva, Lilija and Teleganova, Viktorija and Teplov, Viktor and Teplova, Valentina and Tertitsa, Tatiana and Timoshkin, Vladislav and Tirski, Dmitry and Tolmachev, Andrej and Tomilin, Aleksey and Tselishcheva, Ludmila and Turgunov, Mirabdulla and Tyukh, Yurij and Van, Vladimir and Ershkova, Elena and Vasin, Aleksander and Vasina, Aleksandra and Vekliuk, Anatoliy and Vetchinnikova, Lidia and Vinogradov, Vladislav and Volodchenkov, Nikolay and Voloshina, Inna and Xoliqov, Tura and Yablonovska-Grishchenko, Eugenia and Yakovlev, Vladimir and Yakovleva, Marina and Yantser, Oksana and Yarema, Yurij and Zahvatov, Andrey and Zakharov, Valery and Zelenetskiy, Nicolay and Zheltukhin, Anatolii and Zubina, Tatyana and Kurhinen, Juri and Ovaskainen, Otso (2020). Differences in spatial versus temporal reaction norms for spring and autumn phenological events. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117 , 31249-31258
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