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Research article

Broberg, Martin and Dubey, Mukesh and Iqbal, Mudassir and Gudmundsson, Mikael and Ihrmark, Katarina and Schroers, Hans-Josef and Jensen, Dan Funck and Brandström Durling, Mikael and Karlsson, Magnus (2021). Comparative genomics highlights the importance of drug efflux transporters during evolution of mycoparasitism in Clonostachys subgenus Bionectria (Fungi, Ascomycota, Hypocreales). Evolutionary applications. 14 , 476-497
[Research article]

Dubey, Mukesh and Jensen, Dan Funck and Karlsson, Magnus (2021). Functional characterization of the AGL1 aegerolysin in the mycoparasitic fungusTrichoderma atroviridereveals a role in conidiation and antagonism. Molecular Genetics and Genomics. 296 , 131-140
[Research article]

Ben Amira, Maroua and Faize, Mohamed and Karlsson, Magnus and Dubey, Mukesh and Frac, Magdalena and Panek, Jacek and Fumanal, Boris and Gousset-Dupont, Aurelie and Julien, Jean-Louis and Chaar, Hatem and Auguin, Daniel and Mom, Robin and Label, Philippe and Venisse, Jean-Stephane (2021). Fungal X-Intrinsic Protein Aquaporin from Trichoderma atroviride: Structural and Functional Considerations. Biomolecules. 11 , 338
[Research article]

Piombo, Edoardo and Vetukuri, Ramesh and Broberg, Anders and Kalyandurg, Pruthvi Balachandra and Kushwaha, Sandeep Kumar and Jensen, Dan Funck and Karlsson, Magnus and Dubey, Mukesh (2021). Role of Dicer-Dependent RNA Interference in Regulating Mycoparasitic Interactions. . 9 , e01099-21
[Research article]

Kalyandurg, Pruthvi Balachandra and Sundararajan, Poorva and Dubey, Mukesh and Ghadamgahi, Farideh and Zahid, Muhammad Awais and Whisson, Stephen C. and Vetukuri, Ramesh (2021). Spray-Induced Gene Silencing as a Potential Tool to Control Potato Late Blight Disease. Phytopathology. 111 :12 , 2168-2175
[Research article]

Rafiei, Vahideh and Ruffino, Alessandra and Persson Hodén, Kristian and Törnkvist, Anna and Mozuraitis, Raimondas and Dubey, Mukesh and Tzelepis, Georgios (2021). A Verticillium longisporum pleiotropic drug transporter determines tolerance to the plant host beta-pinene monoterpene. Molecular Plant Pathology. 23 , 291-303
[Research article]

Chaudhary, Rajiv and Lundén, Karl and Dalman, Kerstin and Dubey, Mukesh and Nemesio Gorriz, Miguel and Karlsson, Bo and Stenlid, Jan and Elfstrand, Malin (2020). Combining transcriptomics and genetic linkage based information to identify candidate genes associated with Heterobasidion-resistance in Norway spruce. Scientific Reports. 10 , 12711
[Research article]

Dubey, Mukesh and Vélëz, Heriberto and Broberg, Martin and Jensen, Dan Funck and Karlsson, Magnus (2020). LysM Proteins Regulate Fungal Development and Contribute to Hyphal Protection and Biocontrol Traits in Clonostachys rosea. Frontiers in Microbiology. 11 , 679 , 1-19
[Research article]

Iqbal, Mudassir and Broberg, Martin and Haarith, Deepak and Broberg, Anders and Bushley, Kathryn E. and Brandström Durling, Mikael and Viketoft, Maria and Jensen, Dan Funck and Dubey, Mukesh and Karlsson, Magnus (2020). Natural variation of root lesion nematode antagonism in the biocontrol fungus Clonostachys rosea and identification of biocontrol factors through genome‐wide association mapping. Evolutionary applications. 13 , 2264-2283
[Research article]

Sandgren, Mats and Dubey, Mukesh and Jensen, Dan Funck and Karlsson, Magnus and Wimal, Ubhayasekera (2012). Disruption of the Eng18B ENGase gene in the fungal biocontrol agent trichoderm atroviride affetcs growth conidation and antagonistic ability. PloS one. 7 :5 , 1-11
[Research article]

Article Review/Survey

Ramesh, Vetukuri and Dubey, Mukesh and Kalyandurg, Pruthvi Balachandra and Carlsson, Anders S. and Whisson, Stephen C. and Ortiz Rios, Rodomiro Octavio (2021). Spray-induced gene silencing: an innovative strategy for plant trait improvement and disease control. Crop breeding and applied biotechnology. 21 , e387921S11
[Article Review/Survey]

Stenberg, Johan A. and Sundh, Ingvar and Becher, Paul and Björkman, Christer and Dubey, Mukesh and Egan, Paul and Friberg, Hanna and Gil, José Fernando and Jensen, Dan Funck and Jonsson, Mattias and Karlsson, Magnus and Khalil, Sammar and Ninkovic, Velemir and Rehermann, Guillermo and Vetukuri, Ramesh and Viketoft, Maria (2021). When is it biological control? A framework of definitions, mechanisms, and classifications. Journal of Pest Science. 94 , 665-676
[Article Review/Survey]

Conference Paper

Dhawan, O P and Dubey, Mukesh and Singh, S.K. (2014). Relationship of downy mildew resistance with marker and yield related traits helpful for achieving reliable selection criteria in Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum L.). I/In: International Symposium on Papaver, 7-11 February, 2011, Lucknow, India.
[Conference Paper]


Dubey, Mukesh (2021). Biological Control of Plant Diseases in Changing Environment. Agronomy. 11 , 2000

Conference abstract

Iqbal, Mudassir and Broberg, Martin and Dubey, Mukesh and Viketoft, Maria and Jensen, Dan Funck and Karlsson, Magnus (2020). Genome-wide association identifies genomic regions in fungus Clonostachys rosea that influence antagonism and biocontrol of plant-parasitic nematodes.
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