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Taha, Hiba Mohammed and Aalizadeh, Reza and Alygizakis, Nikiforos and Antignac, Jean-Philippe and Arp, Hans Peter H. and Bade, Richard and Baker, Nancy and Belova, Lidia and Bijlsma, Lubertus and Bolton, Evan E. and Brack, Werner and Celma Tirado, Alberto and Chen, Wen-Ling and Cheng, Tiejun and Chirsir, Parviel and Cirka, L'ubos and D'Agostino, Lisa A. and Feunang, Yannick Djoumbou and Dulio, Valeria and Fischer, Stellan and Gago-Ferrero, Pablo and Galani, Aikaterini and Geueke, Birgit and Glowacka, Natalia and Gluge, Juliane and Groh, Ksenia and Grosse, Sylvia and Haglund, Peter and Hakkinen, Pertti J. and Hernandez, Felix and Janssen, Elisabeth M-L and Jonkers, Tim and Kiefer, Karin and Kirchner, Michal and Koschorreck, Jan and Krauss, Martin and Krier, Jessy and Lamoree, Marja H. and Letzel, Marion and Letzel, Thomas and Li, Qingliang and Little, James and Liu, Yanna and Lunderberg, David M. and Martin, Jonathan W. and McEachran, Andrew D. and McLean, John A. and Meier, Christiane and Meijer, Jeroen and Menger, Frank and Merino, Carla and Muncke, Jane and Muschket, Matthias and Neumann, Michael and Neveu, Vanessa and Ng, Kelsey and Oberacher, Herbert and O'Brien, Jake and Oswald, Peter and Oswaldova, Martina and Picache, Jaqueline A. and Postigo, Cristina and Ramirez, Noelia and Reemtsma, Thorsten and Renaud, Justin and Rostkowski, Pawel and Ruedel, Heinz and Salek, Reza M. and Samanipour, Saer and Scheringer, Martin and Schliebner, Ivo and Schulz, Wolfgang and Schulze, Tobias and Sengl, Manfred and Shoemaker, Benjamin A. and Sims, Kerry and Singer, Heinz and Singh, Randolph R. and Sumarah, Mark and Thiessen, Paul A. and Thomas, Kevin and Torres, Sonia and Trier, Xenia and van Wezel, Annemarie P. and Vermeulen, Roel C. H. and Vlaanderen, Jelle J. and von der Ohe, Peter C. and Wang, Zhanyun and Williams, Antony J. and Willighagen, Egon L. and Wishart, David S. and Zhang, Jian and Thomaidis, Nikolaos S. and Hollender, Juliane and Slobodnik, Jaroslav and Schymanski, Emma L. (2022). The NORMAN Suspect List Exchange (NORMAN-SLE): facilitating European and worldwide collaboration on suspect screening in high resolution mass spectrometry. Environmental Sciences Europe. 34 :1 , 104
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Dulio, Valeria and Koschorreck, Jan and van Bavel, Bert and van den Brink, Paul and Hollender, Juliane and Munthe, John and Schlabach, Martin and Aalizadeh, Reza and Agerstrand, Marlene and Ahrens, Lutz and Allan, Ian and Alygizakis, Nikiforos and Barcelo, Damia and Bohlin-Nizzetto, Pernilla and Boutroup, Susanne and Brack, Werner and Bressy, Adele and Christensen, Jan H. and Cirka, Lubos and Covaci, Adrian and Derksen, Anja and Deviller, Genevieve and Dingemans, Milou M. L. and Engwall, Magnus and Fatta-Kassinos, Despo and Gago-Ferrero, Pablo and Hernandez, Flix and Herzke, Dorte and Hilscherova, Klara and Hollert, Henner and Junghans, Marion and Kasprzyk-Hordern, Barbara and Keiter, Steffen and Kools, Stefan A. E. and Kruve, Anneli and Lambropoulou, Dimitra and Lamoree, Marja and Leonards, Pim and Lopez, Benjamin and de Alda, Miren Lopez and Lundy, Lian and Makovinska, Jarmila and Marigomez, Ionan and Martin, Jonathan W. and McHugh, Brendan and Miege, Ccile and O'Toole, Simon and Perkola, Noora and Polesello, Stefano and Posthuma, Leo and Rodriguez-Mozaz, Sara and Roessink, Ivo and Rostkowski, Pawel and Ruedel, Heinz and Samanipour, Saer and Schulze, Tobias and Schymanski, Emma L. and Sengl, Manfred and Tarabek, Peter and Ten Hulscher, Dorien and Thomaidis, Nikolaos and Togola, Anne and Valsecchi, Sara and van Leeuwen, Stefan and von der Ohe, Peter and Vorkamp, Katrin and Vrana, Branislav and Slobodnik, Jaroslav (2020). The NORMAN Association and the European Partnership for Chemicals Risk Assessment (PARC): let's cooperate! Environmental Sciences Europe. 32 , 100
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