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Research article

von Brömssen, Claudia and Fölster, Jens and Eklöf, Karin (2023). Temporal trend evaluation in monitoring programs with high spatial resolution and low temporal resolution using geographically weighted regression models. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 195 :5 , 547
[Research article]

Bitenieks, Kriss and Bardule, Arta and Eklöf, Karin and Espenberg, Mikk and Rungis, Dainis Edgars and Klavina, Zane and Klavins, Ivars and Hu, Haiyan and Libiete, Zane (2022). The Influence of the Degree of Forest Management on Methylmercury and the Composition of Microbial Communities in the Sediments of Boreal Drainage Ditches. Microorganisms. 10 :10 , 1981
[Research article]

Tong, Cheuk Hei Marcus and Nilsson, Mats and Sikstrom, Ulf and Ring, Eva and Drott, Andreas and Eklöf, Karin and Futter, Martyn and Peacock, Michael and Segersten, Joel and Peichl, Matthias (2022). Initial effects of post-harvest ditch cleaning on greenhouse gas fluxes in a hemiboreal peatland forest. Geoderma. 426 , 116055
[Research article]

Campeau, Audrey and Eklöf, Karin and Soerensen, Anne L. and Akerblom, Staffan and Yuan, Shengliu and Hintelmann, Holger and Bieroza, Magdalena and Köhler, Stephan and Zdanowicz, Christian (2022). Sources of riverine mercury across the Mackenzie River Basin; inferences from a combined Hg\\C isotopes and optical properties approach. Science of the Total Environment. 806 , 150808
[Research article]

Zhong, Shunqing and Bjorn, Erik and Bravo, Andrea G. and Hu, Haiyan and Zhong, Shunqing and Bertilsson, Stefan and Eklöf, Karin and Wang, Baolin and Åkerblom, Staffan and Nilsson, Mats and Bishop, Kevin and Hu, Haiyan and Skyllberg, Ulf (2021). Biogeochemical influences on net methylmercury formation proxies along a peatland chronosequence. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 308 , 188-203
[Research article]

Eklöf, Karin and Von Brömssen, Claudia and Amvrosiadi, Nino and Fölster, Jens and Wallin, Marcus and Bishop, Kevin (2021). Brownification on hold: What traditional analyses miss in extended surface water records. Water Research. 203 , 117544
[Research article]

Klavina, Zane and Bārdule, Arta and Eklöf, Karin and Bitenieks, Kriss and Klavins, Ivars and Lībiete, Zane (2021). Carbon, Nutrients and Methylmercury in Water from Small Catchments Affected by Various Forest Management Operations. Forests. 12 , 1278
[Research article]

Eklöf, Karin and Drohan, Patrick and Needoba, Joseph and Landefeld, Sally and Peterson, Tawnya D. and Hu, Haiyan and Iavorivska, Lidiia and Boyer, Elizabeth W. (2021). Methylmercury in lake bed soils during re-flooding of an Appalachian reservoir in the northeastern USA. Environmental research communications. 3 , 085004
[Research article]

von Brömssen, Claudia and Betnér, Staffan and Fölster, Jens and Eklöf, Karin (2021). A toolbox for visualizing trends in large-scale environmental data. Environmental Modelling and Software. 136 , 104949
[Research article]

de Wit, Heleen A. and Lepisto, Ahti and Marttila, Hannu and Wenng, Hannah and Bechmann, Marianne and Blicher-Mathiesen, Gitte and Eklöf, Karin and Futter, Martyn and Kortelainen, Pirkko and Kronvang, Brian and Kyllmar, Katarina and Rakovic, Jelena (2020). Land-use dominates climate controls on nitrogen and phosphorus export from managed and natural Nordic headwater catchments. Hydrological Processes. 34 , 4831-4850
[Research article]

Wang, Baolin and Nilsson, Mats and Eklöf, Karin and Hu, Haiyan and Ehnvall, Betty and Bravo, Andrea G. and Zhong, Shunqing and Åkerblom, Staffan and Bjorn, Erik and Bertilsson, Stefan and Skyllberg, Ulf and Bishop, Kevin (2020). Opposing spatial trends in methylmercury and total mercury along a peatland chronosequence trophic gradient. Science of the Total Environment. 718 , 137306
[Research article]

Bishop, Kevin and Shanley, James B. and Riscassi, Ami and de Wit, Heleen A. and Eklöf, Karin and Meng, Bo and Mitchell, Carl and Osterwalder, Stefan and Schuster, Paul F. and Webster, Jackson and Zhu, Wei (2020). Recent advances in understanding and measurement of mercury in the environment: Terrestrial Hg cycling. Science of the Total Environment. 721 , 137647 , 1-22
[Research article]


Eklöf, Karin and Fölster, Jens and Bishop, Kevin (2009). Kvicksilvertrender i svenska vattendrag. Uppsala: (NL, NJ) > Dept. of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Rapport / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för vatten och miljö ; 2009:1

Doctoral thesis

Eklöf, Karin (2012). Effects of stump harvesting and site preparation on mercury mobilization and methylation. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Uppsala : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2012:76
ISBN 978-91-576-7723-5
[Doctoral thesis]


Bishop, Kevin and Eklöf, Karin (2022). Boundary-Crossing Field Research Marks the Way to Evidence-Based Management of Mercury in Forest Landscapes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 127 :8 , e2022JG007065

Report chapter

Bertilsson, Stefan and Björn, Erik and Eklöf, Karin and Löfvenius, Pernilla and Bishop, Kevin and Skyllberg, Ulf and Garcia, Andrea (2017). Stubbskördens bidrag till kvicksilver i sjöar och vattendrag. Uppsala: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
ISBN 978-91-576-9454-6
[Report chapter]

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