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Grace, Molly K. and Akcakaya, H. Resit and Bennett, Elizabeth L. and Brooks, Thomas M. and Heath, Anna and Hedges, Simon and Hilton-Taylor, Craig and Hoffmann, Michael and Hochkirch, Axel and Jenkins, Richard and Keith, David A. and Long, Barney and Mallon, David P. and Meijaard, Erik and Milner-Gulland, E. J. and Paul Rodriguez, Jon and Stephenson, P. J. and Stuart, Simon N. and Young, Richard P. and Acebes, Pablo and Alfaro-Shigueto, Joanna and Alvarez-Clare, Silvia and Arbetman, Marina and Azat, Claudio and Bacchetta, Gianluigi and Badola, Ruchi and Barcelos, Luis M. D. and Barreiros, Joao Pedro and Basak, Sayanti and Berger, Danielle J. and Bhattacharyya, Sabuj and Bino, Gilad and Borges, Paulo A. and Boughton, Raoul K. and Brockmann, H. Jane and Buckley, Hannah L. and Burfield, Ian J. and Burton, James and Camacho-Badani, Teresa and Santiago Cano-Alonso, Luis and Carmichael, Ruth H. and Carrero, Christina and P Carroll, John and Catsadorakis, Giorgos and Chapple, David G. and Chapron, Guillaume and Chowdhury, Gawsia Wahidunnessa and Claassens, Louw and Cogoni, Donatella and Constantine, Rochelle and Craig, Christie Anne and Cunningham, Andrew A. and Dahal, Nishma and Daltry, Jennifer C. and Das, Goura Chandra and Dasgupta, Niladri and Davey, Alexandra and Davies, Katharine and Develey, Pedro and Elangovan, Vanitha and Fairclough, David and Di Febbraro, Mirko and Fenu, Giuseppe and Fernandes, Fernando Moreira and Fernandez, Eduardo Pinheiro and Finucci, Brittany and Foldesi, Rita and Foley, Catherine M. and Ford, Matthew and Forstner, Michael R. J. and Garcia-Sandoval, Ricardo and Gardner, Penny C. and Garibay-Orijel, Roberto and Gatan-Balbas, Marites and Gauto, Irene and Ghazi, Mirza Ghazanfar Ullah and Godfrey, Stephanie S. and Gollock, Matthew and Gonzalez, Benito A. and Grant, Tandora D. and Gray, Thomas and Gregory, Andrew J. and van Grunsven, Roy H. A. and Gryzenhout, Marieka and Guernsey, Noelle C. and Gupta, Garima and Hagen, Christina and Hagen, Christian A. and Hall, Madison B. and Hallerman, Eric and Hare, Kelly and Hart, Tom and Hartdegen, Ruston and Harvey-Brown, Yvette and Hatfield, Richard and Hawke, Tahneal and Hermes, Claudia and Hitchmough, Rod and Hoffmann, Pablo Melo and Howarth, Charlie and Hudson, Michael A. and Hussain, Syed Ainul and Huveneers, Charlie and Jacques, Helene and Jorgensen, Dennis and Katdare, Suyash and Katsis, Lydia K. D. and Kaul, Rahul and Kaunda-Arara, Boaz and Keith-Diagne, Lucy and Kraus, Daniel T. and de Lima, Thales Moreira and Lindeman, Ken and Linsky, Jean and Louis, Edward and Loy, Anna and Lughadha, Eimear Nic and Mangel, Jeffrey C. and Marinari, Paul E. and Martin, Gabriel M. and Martinelli, Gustavo and McGowan, Philip J. K. and McInnes, Alistair and Mendes, Eduardo Teles Barbosa and Millard, Michael J. and Mirande, Claire and Money, Daniel and Monks, Joanne M. and Laura Morales, Carolina and Mumu, Nazia Naoreen and Negrao, Raquel and Niloy, Md Nazmul Hasan and Nguyen, Anh Ha and Norbury, Grant Leslie and Nordmeyer, Cale and O'Brien, Mark and Oda, Gabriela Akemi and Orsenigo, Simone and Pasachnik, Stesha and Perez-Jimenez, Juan Carlos and Pike, Charlotte and Pilkington, Fred and Plumb, Glenn and Portela, Rita de Cassia Quitete and Prohaska, Ana and Quintana, Manuel G. and Rakotondrasoa, Eddie Fanantenana and Rankou, Hassan and Rawat, Ajay Prakash and Reardon, James Thomas and Rheingantz, Marcelo Lopes and Richter, Stephen C. and Rivers, Malin C. and da Rosa, Patricia and Rose, Paul and Royer, Emily and Ryan, Catherine and de Mitcheson, Yvonne J. Sadovy and Salmon, Lily and Salvador, Carlos Henrique and Samways, Michael J. and Sanjuan, Tatiana and Dos Santos, Amanda Souza and Sasaki, Hiroshi and Schutz, Emmanuel and Scott, Heather Ann and Scott, Robert Michael and Serena, Fabrizio and Sharma, Surya P. and Shuey, John A. and Silva, Carlos Julio Polo and Simaika, John P. and Smith, David R. and Spaet, Julia L. Y. and Sultana, Shanjida and Talukdar, Bibhab Kumar and Tatayah, Vikash and Thomas, Philip and Tringali, Angela and Tuboi, Chongpi and Hoang, Trinh-Dinh and Usmani, Aftab Alam and Vasco-Palacios, Aida M. and Vie, Jean-Christophe and Virens, Jo and Walker, Alan and Wallace, Bryan and Waller, Lauren J. and Wang, Hongfeng and Wearn, Oliver R. and van Weerd, Merlijn and Weigmann, Simon and Willcox, Daniel and Woinarski, John and Yong, Jean W.H. and Young, Stuart (2021). Testing a global standard for quantifying species recovery and assessing conservation impact. Conservation Biology. 35 , 1833-1849
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