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Research article

Sanwlani, Nivedita and Evans, Chris D. and Evans, Christopher and Evans, Chris D. and Muller, Moritz and Cherukuru, Nagur and Martin, Patrick (2022). Rising dissolved organic carbon concentrations in coastal waters of northwestern Borneo related to tropical peatland conversion. Science Advances. 8 :15 , eabi5688
[Research article]

Peacock, Michael and Futter, Martyn and Jutterstrom, Sara and Kothawala, Dolly N. and Moldan, Filip and Stadmark, Johanna and Evans, Christopher (2022). Three Decades of Changing Nutrient Stoichiometry from Source to Sea on the Swedish West Coast. Ecosystems. 25 :8 , 1809-1824
[Research article]

Peacock, Michael and Audet, J. and Bastviken, D. and Futter, Martyn and Gauci, V. and Grinham, A. and Harrison, J. A. and Kent, M. S. and Kosten, S. and Lovelock, C. E. and Veraart, A. J. and Evans, Christopher (2021). Global importance of methane emissions from drainage ditches and canals. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 044010
[Research article]

Peacock, Michael and Audet, J. and Bastviken, D. and Cook, S. and Evans, Christopher and Grinham, A. and Holgerson, M. A. and Högbom, Lars and Pickard, A.E. and Zielinski, Piotr and Futter, Martyn (2021). Small artificial waterbodies are widespread and persistent emitters of methane and carbon dioxide. Global Change Biology. 27 , 5109-5123
[Research article]

Granath, Gustaf and Evans, Christopher and Strengbom, Joachim and Fölster, Jens and Grelle, Achim and Stromqvist, Johan and Köhler, Stephan (2021). The impact of wildfire on biogeochemical fluxes and water quality in boreal catchments. Biogeosciences. 18 , 3243-3261
[Research article]

Book Chapter

Lovelock, Catherine Ellen and Evans, Christopher and Barros, Nathan and Prairie, Yves and Alm, Jukka and Bastviken, David and Beaulieu, Jake J. and Garneau, Michelle and Harby, Atle and Harrison, John and Pare, David and Lerche Raadal, Hanne and Sherman, Bradford and Zhang, Chengyi and Ogle, Stephen Michael and Grinham, Alistair and Deemer, Bridget and Santos, Marco Aurelio and Kosten, Sarian and Peacock, Michael and Li, Zhe and Stepanenko, Victor (2019). Wetlands. I/In: 2019 Refinement to the 2006 IPCC guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories. Volume 4 Agriculture, forestry and other land use. Sid./p. 7.1-7.52. IPCC
ISBN 978-4-88788-232-4
[Book Chapter]

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