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Research article

Gustafsson, Lena and Granath, Gustaf and Nohrstedt, Hans-Örjan and Leverkus, Alexandro B. and Johansson, Victor (2021). Burn severity and soil chemistry are weak drivers of early vegetation succession following a boreal mega-fire in a production forest landscape. Journal of Vegetation Science. 32 , e12966
[Research article]

Gustafsson, Lena and Johansson, Victor and Leverkus, Alexandro B. and Strengbom, Joachim and Granath, Gustaf (2021). Disturbance interval modulates the starting point for vegetation succession. Ecology. 102 , e03439
[Research article]

Johansson, Victor and Gustafsson, Lena and Andersson, Petter and Hylander, Kristoffer (2020). Fewer butterflies and a different composition of bees, wasps and hoverflies on recently burned compared to unburned clear-cuts, regardless of burn severity. Forest Ecology and Management. 463 , 118033
[Research article]

Johansson, Victor and Koffman, Anna and Hedblom, Marcus and Deboni, Giulio and Andersson, Petter (2018). Estimates of accessible food resources for pollinators in urban landscapes should take landscape friction into account. Ecosphere. 9 , 1-11
[Research article]

Johansson, Victor and Lönnell, Niklas and Rannik, Üllar and Sundberg, Sebastian and Hylander, Kristoffer (2016). Air humidity thresholds trigger active moss spore release to extend dispersal in space and time. Functional ecology. 30 :7 , 1196-1204
[Research article]

Kärvemo, Simon and Johansson, Victor and Schroeder, Martin and Ranius, Thomas (2016). Local colonization-extinction dynamics of a tree-killing bark beetle during a large-scale outbreak. Ecosphere. 7 :3 , 1-14
[Research article]

Ranius, Thomas and Johansson, Victor and Schroeder, Martin and Caruso, Alexandro (2015). Relative importance of habitat characteristics at multiple spatial scales for wood-dependent beetles in boreal forest. Landscape ecology. 30 :10 , 1931-1942
[Research article]

Johansson, Victor and Ranius, Thomas and Snäll, Tord (2012). Epiphyte metapopulation dynamics are explained by species traits, connectivity, and patch dynamics. Ecology. 93 :2 , 235-241
[Research article]

Ranius, Thomas and Johansson, Victor and Fahrig, Lenore (2011). Predicting spatial occurrence of beetles and pseudoscorpions in hollow oaks in southeastern Sweden. Biodiversity and conservation. 20 :9 , 2027-2040
[Research article]


Ranius, Thomas and Hallinger, Martin and Schmalholz, Martin and Johansson, Victor (2016). Risken att lämnade träd dör efter slutavverkning. Uppsala: (NL, NJ) > Dept. of Ecology
(S) > Dept. of Ecology
, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Fakta. Skog ; 2016:6

Doctoral thesis

Johansson, Victor (2012). Distribution and persistence of epiphyte metapopulations in dynamic landscapes. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Uppsala : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2012:17
ISBN 978-91-576-7653-5
[Doctoral thesis]

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