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Drakare, Stina and Holmgren, Kerstin and Näslund, Joacim and Vrede, Tobias (2022). Detta är IKEU: Integrerad Kalkuppföljning-programmets innehåll och resultat åren 2008-2021. (NL, NJ) > Dept. of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment
(NL, NJ) > Department of Aquatic Resources, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Rapport / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för vatten och miljö ; 2022:4

Guo, Haoyu and Näslund, Joacim and Thomassen, Søren and Larsen, Martin H. (2022). Social isolation affects intra-specific interaction behaviour and reduces the size of the cerebellar brain region in juvenile Atlantic salmon Salmo salar. Journal of Fish Biology
[Research article]

Dahlgren, Elin and Näslund, Joacim and Forlin, Lars and Balk, Lennart and Asplund, Lillemor and Lindqvist, Dennis (2022). A screening study of relationships among concentrations of algal toxins, PFAS, thiamine deficiency and biomarkers in the European flounder from the southern Baltic Sea. Regional Studies in Marine Science. 53 , 102427
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Näslund, Joacim (2021). Behavioural repeatability in larval Limnephilus lunatus Curtis, 1834 (Trichoptera) in an open-field test. Aquatic Insects. 42 , 62-77
[Research article]

Bowes, Rachel E. and Näslund, Joacim and Greenberg, Larry and Bergman, Eva (2021). Cobble substrate in a surface bypass reduces bypass acceptance by common roach Rutilus rutilus. Ecological Engineering. 172 , 106402
[Research article]

Sowersby, Will and Eckerstrom-Liedholm, Simon and Kotrschal, Alexander and Näslund, Joacim and Rowinski, Piotr and Gonzalez-Voyer, Alejandro and Rogell, Björn (2021). Fast life-histories are associated with larger brain size in killifishes. Evolution. 75 , 2286-2298
[Research article]

Näslund, Joacim (2021). Reared to become wild-like: addressing behavioral and cognitive deficits in cultured aquatic animals destined for stocking into natural environments-a critical review. Bulletin of marine science. 97 , 489-538
[Article Review/Survey]

von Schmalensee, Loke and Hulda Gunnarsdottir, Katrin and Näslund, Joacim and Gotthard, Karl and Lehmann, Philipp (2021). Thermal performance under constant temperatures can accurately predict insect development times across naturally variable microclimates. Ecology Letters. 24 , 1633-1645
[Research article]

Näslund, Joacim (2021). Unreplicable state-dependent effects on start-box emergence latency in wild-origin sticklebacks. Ethology. 127 , 621-631
[Research article]

Rowinski, Piotr K. and Sowersby, Will and Näslund, Joacim and Eckerstrom-Liedholm, Simon and Gotthard, Karl and Rogell, Björn (2021). Variation in developmental rates is not linked to environmental unpredictability in annual killifishes. Ecology and Evolution. 11 , 8027-8037
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