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Vilizzi, Lorenzo and Copp, Gordon H. and Hill, Jeffrey E. and Adamovich, Boris and Aislabie, Luke and Akin, Daniel and Al-Faisal, Abbas J. and Almeida, David and Azmai, M. N. Amal and Bellati, Adriana and Bernier, Renee and Bies, Jason M. and Bilge, Gokcen and Branco, Paulo and Canning-Clode, Joao and Castellanos-Galindo, Gustavo A. and Chaichana, Ratcha and Chainho, Paula and Chan, Joleen and Cunico, Almir M. and Curd, Amelia and Dashinov, Dimitriy and Davison, Phil and de Camargo, Mariele P. and Dodd, Jennifer A. and Donahou, Allison L. Durland and Edsman, Lennart and Ekmekci, F. Guler and Elphinstone-Davis, Jessica and Eros, Tibor and Evangelista, Charlotte and Fenwick, Gemma and Ferincz, Arpad and Ferreira, Teresa and Feunteun, Eric and Filiz, Halit and Forneck, Sandra C. and Gajduchenko, Helen S. and Gestoso, Ignacio and Giannetto, Daniela and Gilles, Allan S. and Glamuzina, Branko and Glamuzina, Luka and Goldsmit, Jesica and Gollasch, Stephan and Goulletquer, Philippe and Grabowska, Joanna and Harmer, Rogan and Haubrock, Phillip J. and He, Dekui and Hean, Jeffrey W. and Herczeg, Gabor and Howland, Kimberly L. and Ilhan, Ali and Interesova, Elena and Jakubcinova, Katarina and Jelmert, Anders and Johnsen, Stein and Kakareko, Tomasz and Kanongdate, Kamalaporn and Killi, Nurcin and Kim, Jeong-Eun and Kirankaya, Serife Gulsun and Knazovicka, Dominika and Kopecky, Oldrich and Kostov, Vasil and Koutsikos, Nicholas and Kozic, Sebastian and Kuljanishvili, Tatia and Kumar, Lohith and Kurita, Yoshihisa and Kurtul, Irmak and Lazzaro, Lorenzo and Lee, Laura and Lehtiniemi, Maiju and Leonardi, Giovanni and Leuven, Rob S. E. W. and Li, Shan and Lipinskaya, Tatsiana and Liu, Fei and Lloyd, Lance and Lorenzoni, Massimo and Luna, Sergio Alberto and Lyons, Timothy J. and Magellan, Kit and Malmstrom, Martin and Marchini, Agnese and Marr, Sean M. and Masson, Gerard and Masson, Laurence and McKenzie, Cynthia H. and Memedemin, Daniyar and Mendoza, Roberto and Minchin, Dan and Miossec, Laurence and Moghaddas, Seyed Daryoush and Moshobane, Moleseng C. and Mumladze, Levan and Naddafi, Rahmat and Najafi-Majd, Elnaz and Nastase, Aurel and Navodaru, Ion and Neal, J. Wesley and Nienhuis, Sarah and Nimtim, Matura and Nolan, Emma T. and Occhipinti-Ambrogi, Anna and Ojaveer, Henn and Olenin, Sergej and Olsson, Karin and Onikura, Norio and O'Shaughnessy, Kathryn and Paganelli, Daniele and Parretti, Paola and Patoka, Jiri and Jr, Richard Thomas B. Pavia and Pellitteri-Rosa, Daniele and Pelletier-Rousseau, Michele and Peralta, Elfritzson M. and Perdikaris, Costas and Pietraszewski, Dariusz and Piria, Marina and Pitois, Sophie and Pompei, Laura and Poulet, Nicolas and Preda, Cristina and Puntila-Dodd, Riikka and Radocaj, Tena and Rahmani, Hossein and Raj, Smrithy and Reeves, David and Ristovska, Milica and Rizevsky, Viktor and Robertson, D. Ross and Robertson, Peter and Ruykys, Laura and Sab, AbdulwakilO and Santos, Jose M. and Sari, Hasan M. and Segurado, Pedro and Semenchenko, Vitaliy and Senanan, Wansuk and Simard, Nathalie and Simonovic, Predrag and Skora, MichalE and Svolikova, Kristina Slovak and Smeti, Evangelia and Smidova, Tereza and Spelic, Ivan and Srebaliene, Greta and Stasolla, Gianluca and Stebbing, Paul and Stevove, Barbora and Suresh, Vettath R. and Szajbert, Bettina and Ta, Kieu Anh T. and Tarkan, Ali Serhan and Tempesti, Jonathan and Therriault, Thomas W. and Tidbury, Hannah J. and Top-Karakus, Nildeniz and Tricarico, Elena and Troca, DeboraF A. and Tsiamis, Konstantinos and Tuckett, Quenton M. and Tutman, Pero and Uyan, Umut and Uzunova, Eliza and Vardakas, Leonidas and Velle, Gaute and Verreycken, Hugo and Vintsek, Lizaveta and Wei, Hui and Weiperth, Andras and Wey, Olaf L. F. and Winter, Emily R. and Wlodarczyk, Radoslaw and Wood, Louisa E. and Yang, Ruibin and Yapici, Sercan and Yeo, Shayne S. B. and Yogurtcuoglu, Baran and Yunnie, Anna L. E. and Zhu, Yunjie and Zieba, Grzegorz and Zitnanova, Kristina and Clarke, Stacey (2021). A global-scale screening of non-native aquatic organisms to identify potentially invasive species under current and future climate conditions. Science of the Total Environment. 788 , 147868
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