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André, Domenique and Marcon, Alice and Lee, Keh Chien and Goretti, Daniela and Zhang, Bo and Delhomme, Nicolas and Schmid, Markus and Nilsson, Ove (2022). FLOWERING LOCUS T paralogs control the annual growth cycle in Populus trees. Current Biology. 32 :13 , 2988-2996
[Research article]

André, Domenique and Zambrano, José Alfredo and Zhang, Bo and Lee, Keh Chien and Rühl, Mark and Marcon, Alice and Nilsson, Ove (2022). Populus SVL Acts in Leaves to Modulate the Timing of Growth Cessation and Bud Set. Frontiers in Plant Science. 13 , 823019
[Research article]

Fataftah, Nazeer and Bag, Pushan and André, Domenique and Lihavainen, Jenna and Zhang, Bo and Ingvarsson, Pär and Nilsson, Ove and Jansson, Stefan (2021). GIGANTEA influences leaf senescence in trees in two different ways. Plant Physiology. 187 , 2435-2450
[Research article]

Ding, Jihua and André, Domenique and Zhang, Bo and Li, Yue and Nilsson, Ove (2021). Phytochrome B and PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR8 modulate seasonal growth in trees. New Phytologist. 232 , 2339-2352
[Research article]

Robinson, Kathryn M. and Möller, Linus and Bhalerao, Rishikesh P. and Hertzberg, Magnus and Nilsson, Ove and Jansson, Stefan (2021). Variation in non-target traits in genetically modified hybrid aspens does not exceed natural variation. New Biotechnology. 64 , 27-36
[Research article]

Kucukoglu, Melis and Chaabouni, Salma and Zheng, Bo and Mahonen, Ari Pekka and Helariutta, Yka and Nilsson, Ove (2020). Peptide encoding Populus CLV3/ESR-RELATED 47 (PttCLE47) promotes cambial development and secondary xylem formation in hybrid aspen. New Phytologist. 226 , 75-85
[Research article]

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