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Karlsson, Iulia and Hagman, Ragnvi and Guo, Yongzhi and Humblot, Patrice and Wang, Liya and Wernersson, Sara (2015). Pathogenic Escherichia coli and lipopolysaccharide enhance the expression of IL-8, CXCL5, and CXCL10 in canine endometrial stromal cells. Theriogenology. 84:1, 34-42
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Morris, Abigail and Wang, Bo and Waern, Ida and Venkatasamy, Radhakrishnan and Page, Clive and Schmidt, Eric P. and Wernersson, Sara and Li, Jin-Ping and Spina, Domenica (2015). The role of heparanase in pulmonary cell recruitment in response to an allergic but not non-allergic stimulus. PloS one. 10:6, 1-15
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Karlsson, Iulia and Wernersson, Sara and Ambrosen, Aime and Kindahl, Hans and Södersten, Fredrik and Wang, Liya and Hagman, Ragnvi (2013). Increased concentrations of C-reactive protein but not high-mobility group box 1 in dogs with naturally occurring sepsis. Veterinary immunology and immunopathology. 156:1-2, 64-72
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Waern, Ida and Lundequist, Anders and Pejler, Gunnar and Wernersson, Sara (2013). Mast cell chymase modulates IL-33 levels and controls allergic sensitization in dust-mite induced airway inflammation. Mucosal Immunology. 6:5, 911-920
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Waern, Ida and Karlsson, Iulia and Schlenner, SM and Feyerabend, TB and Rodewald, HR and Åbrink, Magnus and Hellman, L and Pejler, Gunnar and Wernersson, Sara (2012). Mast cells limit extracellular levels of IL-13 via a serglycin proteoglycan-serine protease axis. Biological chemistry. 393:12, 1555-1567
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Grundström, Jeanette and Reimer, Jenny M. and Magnusson, Sofia E. and Nilsson, Gunnar and Wernersson, Sara and Hellman, Lars (2012). Human cord blood derived immature basophils show dual characteristics, expressing both basophil and eosinophil associated proteins. PloS one. 7:10, 1-10
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Waern, Ida and Pejler, Gunnar and Wernersson, Sara and Jia, Juan and Li, Jin-ping and Vlodavsky, Israel and Zcharia, Eyal (2010). Accumulation of Ym1 and formation of intracellular crystalline bodies in alveolar macrophages lacking heparanase. Molecular Immunology. 47:7-8, 1467-1475
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Wernersson, Sara and Pejler, Gunnar (2015). New findings can improve hay-fever therapy. Uppsala.

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