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Research article

Kahlert, Maria and Karjalainen, Satu Maaria and Keck, Francois and Kelly, Martyn and Ramon, Mathieu and Rimet, Frederic and Schneider, Susanne and Tapolczai, Kalman and Zimmermann, Jonas (2022). Co-occurrence, ecological profiles and geographical distribution based on unique molecular identifiers of the common freshwater diatoms Fragilaria and Ulnaria. Ecological Indicators. 141 , 109114
[Research article]

Baricevic, Ana and Chardon, Cécile and Kahlert, Maria and Karjalainen, Satu Maaria and Pfannkuchen, Daniela Maric and Pfannkuchen, Martin and Rimet, Frederic and Smodlaka Tankovic, Mirta and Trobajo, Rosa and Vasselon, Valentin and Zimmermann, Jonas and Bouchez, Agnes (2022). Recommendations for the preservation of environmental samples in diatom metabarcoding studies. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics. 6 , e85844 , 349-365
[Research article]

Rimet, Frédéric and Aylagas, Eva and Borja, Angel and Bouchez, Agnes and Canino, Alexis and Chauvin, Christian and Chonova, Teofana and Ciampor, Fedor and Costa, Filipe O. and Ferrari, Benoit J. D. and Gastineau, Romain and Goulon, Chloé and Gugger, Muriel and Holzmann, Maria and Jahn, Regine and Kahlert, Maria and Kusber, Wolf-Henning and Laplace-Treyture, Christophe and Leese, Florian and Leliaert, Frederik and Mann, David G. and Marchand, Frédéric and Méléder, Vona and Pawlowski, Jan and Rasconi, Serena and Rivera, Sinziana and Rougerie, Rodolphe and Schweizer, Magali and Trobajo, Rosa and Vasselon, Valentin and Vivien, Régis and Weigand, Alexander M. and Witkowski, Andrzej and Zimmermann, Jonas and Ekrem, Torbjorn (2021). Metadata standards and practical guidelines for specimen and DNA curation when building barcode reference libraries for aquatic life. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics. 5 , e58056 , 17-33
[Research article]

Bailet, Bonnie and Apotheloz-Perret-Gentil, Laure and Baricevic, Ana and Chonova, Teofana and Franc, Alain and Frigerio, Jean-Marc and Kelly, Martyn and Mora, Demetrio and Pfannkuchen, Martin and Proft, Sebastian and Ramon, Mathieu and Vasselon, Valentin and Zimmermann, Jonas and Kahlert, Maria (2020). Diatom DNA metabarcoding for ecological assessment: Comparison among bioinformatics pipelines used in six European countries reveals the need for standardization. Science of the Total Environment. 745 , 140948
[Research article]

Rimet, Frédéric and Vasselon, Valentin and Gusev, Evgenuy and Kahlert, Maria and Kelly, Martyn G. and Kulikovskiy, Maxim and Maltsev, Yevhen and Mann, David G. and Pfannkuchen, Martin and Trobajo, Rosa and Zimmermann, Jonas and Bouchez, Agnes (2019). Diat.barcode, an open-access curated barcode library for diatoms. Scientific Reports. 9 , 1-12
[Research article]

Leese, Florian and Drakare, Stina and Kahlert, Maria and Zimmermann, Jonas (2016). DNAqua-Net: developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe. Research Ideas and Outcomes. 2 , 1-24
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