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Altgen, Michael and Awais, Muhammad and Altgen, Daniela and Klueppel, Andre and Mäkelä, Mikko and Rautkari, Lauri (2020). Distribution and curing reactions of melamine formaldehyde resin in cells of impregnation-modified wood. Scientific Reports. 10 , 3366
[Journal article]

Anerud, Erik and Larsson, Gunnar and Eliasson, Lars (2020). Storage of Wood Chips: Effect of Chip Size on Storage Properties. Croatian Journal Of Forest Engineering. 41 , 277-286
[Journal article]


Berg, Simon and Athanassiadis, Dimitris (2020). Opportunity cost of several methods for determining forest biomass terminal locations in Northern Sweden. International Journal of Forest Engineering. 31 , 37-50
[Journal article]

Berg, Simon and Athanassiadis, Dimitris (2020). The cost of closed terminals in the supply chain for a potential biorefinery in northern Sweden. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research. 35 , 165-176
[Journal article]


Carvalho, Ricardo Luis and Yadav, Pooja and Garcia-Lopez, Natxo and Lindgren, Robert and Nyberg, Gert and Diaz-Chavez, Rocio and Upadhyayula, Venkata Krishna Kumar and Boman, Christoffer and Athanassiadis, Dimitris (2020). Environmental Sustainability of Bioenergy Strategies in Western Kenya to Address Household Air Pollution. Energies. 13 , 719 , 1-17
[Journal article]

Cunha, Mariene R. and Lima, Eder Claudio and Lima, Diana R. and da Silva, Raphaelle S. and Thue, Pascal S. and Seliem, Moaaz K. and Sher, Farooq and Simoes Dos Reis, Glaydson and Larsson, Sylvia (2020). Removal of captopril pharmaceutical from synthetic pharmaceutical-industry wastewaters: use of activated biochar derived from Butia catarinensis. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 8 , 104506
[Journal article]


Das, Atanu Kumar and Agar, David and Larsson, Sylvia and Holdo, Tobias and Fernando, Dinesh and Rudolfsson, Magnus (2021). Multi-blade milling from log to powder in one step – Experimental design and results. Powder Technology. 378 , 593-601
[Journal article]


Edlund, Björn and Lindroos, Ola and Nordfjell, Tomas (2020). The effect of rollover protection systems and trailers on quad bike stability. International Journal of Forest Engineering. 31 , 95-105
[Journal article]

Eggers, Jeannette and Melin, Ylva and Lundström, Johanna and Bergström, Dan and Öhman, Karin (2020). Management Strategies for Wood Fuel Harvesting-Trade-Offs with Biodiversity and Forest Ecosystem Services. Sustainability. 12 , 4089 , 1-20
[Journal article]


Grönlund, Örjan (2020). Forest operations in multifunctional forestry. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880
ISBN 978-91-7760-640-6
eISBN 978-91-7760-641-3
[Doctoral thesis]


Höök, Christian and Asmoarp, Victor and Edlund, Björn and Bergström, Dan (2020). A Method of Finding HCT Roundwood Corridors for Reduction of GHG Emissions and Fuel Costs in Sweden. Forests. 11 , 1-18
[Journal article]


Jermer, Jöran and Daniel, Geoffrey and Anderson, Torbjörn (2020). Försök med olika material i bryggor vid Öresund : lägesrapport nr 4. (S) > Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Meddelanden / Svenska träskyddsinstitutet ; 188


Kons, Kalvis and La Hera, Pedro and Bergström, Dan (2020). Comparison of Alternative Pulpwood Inventory Strategies and Machine Systems at a Log-Yard Using Simulations. Forests. 11 , 1-18
[Journal article]

Kronholm, Thomas (2020). Potential and approaches to stimulate, design and adopt new business models in the forestry service business in the NPA region. (S) > Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet.

Kronholm, Thomas and Bengtsson, David and Bergström, Dan (2020). Family forest owners’ perception of management and thinning operations in young dense forests: a survey from Sweden. Forests. 11 , 1151
[Journal article]


Larsson, Sylvia and Agar, David and Rudolfsson, Magnus and Da Silva Perez, Denilson and Campargue, Matthieu and Kalen, Gunnar and Thyrel, Mikael (2021). Using macromolecular composition to predict optimal process settings in ring-die biomass pellet production. Fuel. 283 , 119267 , 1-9
[Journal article]


Mhonde, Ngoni and Schreithofer, Nora and Corin, Kirsten and Mäkelä, Mikko (2020). Assessing the Combined Effect of Water Temperature and Complex Water Matrices on Xanthate Adsorption Using Multiple Linear Regression. Minerals. 10 , 733
[Journal article]

Mäkelä, Mikko and Rissanen, Marja and Sixta, Herbert (2020). Machine vision estimates the polyester content in recyclable waste textiles. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 161 , 105007
[Journal article]


Nazari, Meysam and Jebrane, Mohamed and Terziev, Nasko (2020). Bio-Based Phase Change Materials Incorporated in Lignocellulose Matrix for Energy Storage in Buildings - A Review. Energies. 13 , 3065 , 1-25
[Article Review/Survey]

Nordfjell, Tomas (2020). Skogsavverkning och markskador. UNSPECIFIED.

Nyström, Josefina and Östman, Ulla-Britt and Mossing, Torgny and Hed, Leif and Geladi, Paul (2020). Solvent and Rotating Bed Reactor Extraction with One- and Two-Phase Solvents Applied to Bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) for Isolating Valuable Antioxidants. Food Analytical Methods. 13 , 933–941
[Journal article]


Simoes Dos Reis, Glaydson and Larsson, Sylvia and Pequeno de Oliveira, Helinando and Thyrel, Mikael and Lima, Eder Claudio (2020). Sustainable Biomass Activated Carbons as Electrodes for Battery and Supercapacitors-A Mini-Review. Nanomaterials. 10 , 1398
[Article Review/Survey]

Svensson, Fredric and Daniel, Geoffrey and Tai, Cheuk-Wai and Seisenbaeva, Gulaim and Kessler, Vadim (2020). Titanium phosphonate oxo-alkoxide "clusters": solution stability and facile hydrolytic transformation into nano titania. RSC Advances. 10 , 6873-6883
[Journal article]


Terziev, Nasko and Daniel, Geoffrey and Torgovnikov, Grigori and Vinden, Peter (2020). Effect of microwave treatment on the wood structure of Norway spruce and Radiata pine. Bioresources. 15 , 5616-5626
[Journal article]

Thygesen, Anders and Ami, Johannes and Fernando, Dinesh and Bentil, Joseph and Daniel, Geoffrey and Mensah, Moses and Meyer, Anne S (2020). Microstructural and carbohydrate compositional changes induced by enzymatic saccharification of green seaweed from West Africa. Algal Research. 47 , 101894 , 1-9
[Journal article]


van Blokland, Joran and Olsson, Anders and Oscarsson, Jan and Daniel, Geoffrey and Adamopoulos, Stergios (2020). Crack formation, strain distribution and fracture surfaces around knots in thermally modified timber loaded in static bending. Wood Science and Technology. 54 , 1001-1028
[Journal article]

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