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Rannik, Ullar and Vesala, Timo and Peltola, Olli and Novick, Kimberly A. and Aurela, Mika and Jarvi, Leena and Montagnani, Leonardo and Molder, Meelis and Peichl, Matthias and Pilegaard, Kim and Mammarella, Ivan (2020). Impact of coordinate rotation on eddy covariance fluxes at complex sites. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 287 , 107940 , 1-23
[Research article]


Stecher Justiniano Pinto, Guilherme and Rousseu, F. and Niklasson, Mats and Drobyshev, Igor (2020). Effects of human-related and biotic landscape features on the occurrence and size of modern forest fires in Sweden. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 291 , 108084 , 1-10
[Research article]


Tian, Xianglin and Minunno, Francesco and Schiestl-Aalto, Pauliina and Chi, Jinshu and Zhao, Peng and Peichl, Matthias and Marshall, John D and Näsholm, Torgny and Lim, Hyungwoo and Peltoniemi, Mikko and Linder, Sune and Makela, Annikki (2021). Disaggregating the effects of nitrogen addition on gross primary production in a boreal Scots pine forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 301 , 108337
[Research article]


Chi, Jinshu and Zhao, Peng and Klosterhalfen, Anne and Jocher, Georg and Kljun, Natascha and Nilsson, Mats and Peichl, Matthias (2021). Forest floor fluxes drive differences in the carbon balance of contrasting boreal forest stands. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 306 , 108454
[Research article]

Drobyshev, Igor and Ryzhkova, Nina and Eden, Jonathan and Kitenberga, Mara and Pinto, Guilherme and Lindberg, Henrik and Krikken, Folmer and Yermokhin, Maxim and Bergeron, Yves (2021). Trends and patterns in annually burned forest areas and fire weather across the European boreal zone in the 20th and early 21st centuries. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 306 , 108467
[Research article]


Zhang-Turpeinen, Huizhong and Kivimaenpaa, Minna and Berninger, Frank and Koster, Kajar and Zhao, Peng and Zhou, Xuan and Pumpanen, Jukka (2021). Age-related response of forest floor biogenic volatile organic compound fluxes to boreal forest succession after wildfires. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 308 , 108584
[Research article]


Martinez Garcia, Eduardo and Nilsson, Mats and Laudon, Hjalmar and Lundmark, Tomas and Fransson, Johan and Fransson, Johan E. S. and Wallerman, Jörgen and Peichl, Matthias (2022). Overstory dynamics regulate the spatial variability in forest-floor CO2 fluxes across a managed boreal forest landscape. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 318 , 108916
[Research article]


Sieber, Petra and Böhme, Sepp and Ericsson, Niclas and Hansson, Per-Anders (2022). Albedo on cropland: Field-scale effects of current agricultural practices in Northern Europe. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 321
[Research article]


Korolyova, Nataliya and Buechling, Arne and Duraciova, Renata and Zabihi, Khodabakhsh and Turcani, Marek and Svoboda, Miroslav and Blaha, Jaromir and Swarts, Kelly and Polacek, Miroslav and Hradecky, Jaromir and Cervenka, Jaroslav and Nemcak, Pavel and Schlyter, Fredrik and Jakus, Rastislav (2022). The Last Trees Standing: Climate modulates tree survival factors during a prolonged bark beetle outbreak in Europe. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 322 , 109025
[Research article]

Messori, Gabriele and Wu, Minchao and Vico, Giulia and Galfi, Vera Melinda (2022). Atmospheric jet stream variability reflects vegetation activity in Europe. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 322 , 109008
[Research article]


Yuan, Kunxiaojia and Zhu, Qing and Li, Fa and Riley, William J. and Torn, Margaret S. and Chu, Housen and McNicol, Gavin and Chen, Min and Knox, Sara and Delwiche, Kyle and Wu, Huayi and Baldocchi, Dennis and Ma, Hongxu and Desai, Ankur R. and Chen, Jiquan and Sachs, Torsten and Ueyama, Masahito and Sonnentag, Oliver and Helbig, Manuel and Tuittila, Eeva-Stiina and Jurasinski, Gerald and Koebsch, Franziska and Campbell, David and Schmid, Hans Peter and Lohila, Annalea and Goeckede, Mathias and Nilsson, Mats and Friborg, Thomas and Jansen, Joachim and Zona, Donatella and Euskirchen, Eugenie and Ward, Eric J. and Bohrer, Gil and Jin, Zhenong and Liu, Licheng and Iwata, Hiroki and Goodrich, Jordan and Jackson, Robert (2022). Causality guided machine learning model on wetland CH4 emissions across global wetlands. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 324 , 109115
[Research article]

Zhao, Peng and Chi, Jinshu and Nilsson, Mats and Ottosson Löfvenius, Mikaell and Högberg, Peter and Jocher, Georg and Lim, Hyungwoo and Makela, Annikki and Marshall, John and Ratcliffe, Joshua L. and Tian, Xianglin and Näsholm, Torgny and Lundmark, Tomas and Linder, Sune and Peichl, Matthias (2022). Long-term nitrogen addition raises the annual carbon sink of a boreal forest to a new steady-state. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 324 , 109112
[Research article]

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