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Christensen, Janne Winther and Munk, Rikke and Hawson, Lesley and Palme, Rupert and Larsen, Torben and Egenvall, Agneta and König von Borstel, Uta U. and Rørvang, Maria Vilain (2021). Rider effects on horses’ conflict behaviour, rein tension, physiological measures and rideability scores. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 234 , 105184
[Research article]

Churakov, Mikhail and Silvera, Anna and Gussmann, Maya and Nielsen, Per Peetz (2021). Parity and days in milk affect cubicle occupancy in dairy cows. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 244 , 105494
[Research article]


Eisersiö, Marie and Yngvesson, Jenny and Byström, Anna and Baragli, Paolo and Egenvall, Agneta (2021). A rein tension signal can be reduced by half in a single training session. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 243 , 105452
[Research article]


Forslind, Sara and Blokhuis, Harry and Riber, Anja B. (2021). Disturbance of resting behaviour of broilers under different environmental conditions. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 242 , 105425
[Research article]


Hirsch, Elin and Andersson, Maria and Loberg, Jenny and Lidfors, Lena (2021). Development of existing scoring systems to assess behavioural coping in shelter cats. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 234 , 105208
[Research article]


Kjellberg, Linda and Sassner, Hanna and Yngvesson, Jenny (2022). Horses’ resting behaviour in shelters of varying size compared with single boxes. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 254 , 105715
[Research article]


Lundberg, Paulina and Hartmann, Elke and Roth, Lina S.V. (2020). Does training style affect the human-horse relationship? Asking the horse in a separation-reunion experiment with the owner and a stranger. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 233 , 105144
[Research article]


Nawroth, C. and Rørvang, Maria Vilain (2022). Opportunities (and challenges) in dairy cattle cognition research: A key area needed to design future high welfare housing systems. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 255 , 105727
[Research article]


Riber, Anja B. and Machado Tahamtani, Fernanda (2020). Motivation for feeding in broiler breeder pullets fed different types of restricted high-fibre diets. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 230 , 105048
[Research article]


Svartberg, Kenth (2021). The hierarchical structure of dog personality in a new behavioural assessment: A validation approach. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 238 , 105302
[Research article]

Svartberg, Kenth (2022). A possible basis for personality in dogs: Individual differences in affective predispositions. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 255 , 105740
[Research article]


Wenker, Margret L. and Reenen, Cornelis G. van and Bokkers, Eddie A. M. and Mccrea, Kirste and De Oliveira, Daiana and Sørheim, Kristin and Cao, Yanran and Bruckmaier, Rupert M. and Gross, Josef J. and Gort, Gerrit and Verwer, Cynthia M. (2022). Comparing gradual debonding strategies after prolonged cow-calf contact: Stress responses, performance, and health of dairy cow and calf. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 253 , 105694
[Research article]

Wenker, Margret L. and van Reenen, Cornelis G. and De Oliveira, Daiana and Mccrea, Kirste and Verwer, Cynthia M. and Bokkers, Eddie A. M. (2021). Calf-directed affiliative behaviour of dairy cows in two types of cow-calf contact systems. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 243 , 105461
[Research article]

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