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Alexandersson, Erik and Kushwaha, Sandeep Kumar and Subedi, Aastha and Weighill, Deborah and Climer, Sharlee and Jacobson, Daniel and Andreasson, Erik (2020). Linking crop traits to transcriptome differences in a progeny population of tetraploid potato. BMC Plant Biology. 20 , 120
[Research article]

Apuli, Rami-Petteri and Richards, Thomas and Rendón Anaya, Martha and Karacic, Almir and Rönnberg Wästljung, Ann-Christin and Ingvarsson, Pär (2021). The genetic basis of adaptation in phenology in an introduced population of Black Cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa, Torr. & Gray). BMC Plant Biology. 21 , 317
[Research article]


Batte, Michael and Batte, Michael and Nyine, Moses and Uwimana, Brigitte and Swennen, Rony and Akech, Violet and Brown, Allan and Persson Hovmalm, Helena and Geleta, Mulatu Dida and Ortiz, Rodomiro (2020). Significant progressive heterobeltiosis in banana crossbreeding. BMC Plant Biology. 20 , 489
[Research article]


Cai, Liping and Wang, Yuzhen and Tigabu, Mulualem and Hou, Xiaolong and Wu, Pengfei and Zhou, Chuifan and Ma, Xiangqing (2020). Strength and size of phosphorus-rich patches determine the foraging strategy of Neyraudia reynaudiana. BMC Plant Biology. 20 , 545
[Research article]

Chen, Wanting and Zhou, Mengyan and Chen, Ranhong and Tigabu, Mulualem and Wu, Pengfei and Li, Ming and Ma, Xiangqing (2021). Transcriptome analysis provides insights into the root response of Chinese fir to phosphorus deficiency. BMC Plant Biology. 21 , 525
[Research article]


Javid, Saeideh and Bihamta, Mohammad Reza and Omidi, Mansour and Abbasi, Ali Reza and Alipour, Hadi and Ingvarsson, Pär (2022). Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) and genome prediction of seedling salt tolerance in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). BMC Plant Biology. 22 :1 , 581
[Research article]


Liu, Qingqing and Huang, Zhijun and Wang, Zhengning and Chen, Yanfang and Liu, Bo and Tigabu, Mulualem (2020). Responses of leaf morphology, NSCs contents and C:N:P stoichiometry of Cunninghamia lanceolata and Schima superba to shading. BMC Plant Biology. 20 , 354
[Research article]


Nie, Yu-Meng and Han, Fang-Xu and Ma, Jing-Jing and Chen, Xi and Song, Yi-Tong and Niu, Shi-Hui and Wu, Harry (2022). Genome-wide TCP transcription factors analysis provides insight into their new functions in seasonal and diurnal growth rhythm in Pinus tabuliformis. BMC Plant Biology. 22 :1 , 167
[Research article]


Pinto-Irish, Katherine and Coba de la Pena, Teodoro and Ostria-Gallardo, Enrique and Ibanez, Cristian and Briones, Vilbett and Vergara, Alexander and Alvarez, Rodrigo and Castro, Catalina and Sanhueza, Carolina and Castro, Patricio A. and Bascunan-Godoy, Luisa (2020). Seed characterization and early nitrogen metabolism performance of seedlings from Altiplano and coastal ecotypes of Quinoa. BMC Plant Biology. 20 , 343 , 1-17
[Research article]


Sahraei, Shadi Eshghi and Cleary, Michelle and Stenlid, Jan and Brandström Durling, Mikael and Elfstrand, Malin (2020). Transcriptional responses in developing lesions of European common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) reveal genes responding to infection by Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. BMC Plant Biology. 20 , 455
[Research article]

Selga, Catja and Chrominski, Pawel and Carlson-Nilsson, Ulrika and Andersson, Mariette and Chawade, Aakash and Ortiz, Rodomiro (2022). Diversity and population structure of Nordic potato cultivars and breeding clones. BMC Plant Biology. 22 , 350
[Research article]

Shafi, K. Mohamed and Radha Sivarajan, Sajeevan and Kouser, Sania and Vishnuprasad, Chethala N and Sowdhamini, Ramanathan (2022). Transcriptome profiling of two Moringa species and insights into their antihyperglycemic activity. BMC Plant Biology. 22 , 561
[Research article]


Tariq, Rezwan and Hussain, Ammara and Tariq, Arslan and Khalid, Muhammad Hayder Bin and Khan, Imran and Basim, Huseyin and Ingvarsson, Pär (2022). Genome-wide analyses of the mung bean NAC gene family reveals orthologs, co-expression networking and expression profiling under abiotic and biotic stresses. BMC Plant Biology. 22 , 343
[Research article]

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