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Danko, David and Bezdan, Daniela and Afshin, Evan E. and Ahsanuddin, Sofia and Bhattacharya, Chandrima and Butler, Daniel J. and Chng, Kern Rei and Donnellan, Daisy and Hecht, Jochen and Jackson, Katelyn and Kuchin, Katerina and Karasikov, Mikhail and Lyons, Abigail and Mak, Lauren and Meleshko, Dmitry and Mustafa, Harun and Mutai, Beth and Neches, Russell Y. and Ng, Amanda and Nikolayeva, Olga and Nikolayeva, Tatyana and Png, Eileen and Ryon, Krista A. and Sanchez, Jorge L. and Shaaban, Heba and Sierra, Maria A. and Thomas, Dominique and Young, Ben and Abudayyeh, Omar O. and Alicea, Josue and Bhattacharyya, Malay and Blekhman, Ran and Castro-Nallar, Eduardo and Canas, Ana M. and Chatziefthimiou, Aspassia D. and Crawford, Robert W. and De Filippis, Francesca and Deng, Youping and Desnues, Christelle and Dias-Neto, Emmanuel and Dybwad, Marius and Elhaik, Eran and Ercolini, Danilo and Frolova, Alina and Gankin, Dennis and Gootenberg, Jonathan S. and Graf, Alexandra B. and Green, David C. and Hajirasouliha, Iman and Hastings, Jaden J. A. and Hernandez, Mark and Iraola, Gregorio and Kahles, Andre and Kelly, Frank J. and Knights, Kaymisha and Kyrpides, Nikos C. and Labaj, Pawel P. and Lee, Patrick K. H. and Leung, Marcus H. Y. and Ljungdahl, Per O. and Mason-Buck, Gabriella and McGrath, Ken and Meydan, Cem and Mongodin, Emmanuel F. and Moraes, Milton Ozorio and Nagarajan, Niranjan and Nieto-Caballero, Marina and Noushmehr, Houtan and Oliveira, Manuela and Ossowski, Stephan and Osuolale, Olayinka O. and Ozcan, Orhan and Paez-Espino, David and Rascovan, Nicolas and Richard, Hugues and Ratsch, Gunnar and Schriml, Lynn M. and Semmler, Torsten and Sezerman, Osman U. and Shi, Leming and Shi, Tieliu and Song, Le Huu and Suzuki, Haruo and Court, Denise Syndercombe and Tighe, Scott W. and Tong, Xinzhao and Udekwu, Klas and Ugalde, Juan A. and Valentine, Brandon and Vassilev, Dimitar and Vayndorf, Elena M. and Velavan, Thirumalaisamy P. and Wu, Jun and Zambrano, Maria M. and Zhu, Jifeng and Zhu, Sibo and Mason, Christopher E. and Jang, Soojin and Siam, Rania (2021). A global metagenomic map of urban microbiomes and antimicrobial resistance. Cell. 184 , 3376-+
[Research article]


Herre, Margaret and Goldman, Olivia and Lu, Tzu-Chiao and Caballero Vidal, Gabriela and Qi, Yanyan and Gilbert, Zachary N. and Gong, Zhongyan and Morita, Takeshi and Rahiel, Saher and Ghaninia, Majid and Ignell, Rickard and Matthews, Benjamin J. and Li, Hongjie and Vosshall, Leslie B. and Younger, Meg A. (2022). Non-canonical odor coding in the mosquito. Cell. 185 :17 , 3104-3123
[Research article]

Niu, Shihui and Li, Jiang and Bo, Wenhao and Zuccolo, Andrea and Giacomello, Stefania and Chen, Xi and Han, Fangxu and Yang, Junhe and Song, Yitong and Nie, Yumeng and Zhou, Biao and Wang, Peiyi and Zuo, Quan and Zhang, Hui and Ma, Jingjing and Wang, Jun and Wang, Lvji and Zhu, Qianya and Zhao, Huanhuan and Liu, Zhanmin and Zhang, Xuemei and Liu, Tao and Pei, Surui and Li, Zhimin and Hu, Yao and Yang, Yehui and Li, Wenzhao and Zan, Yanjun and Zhou, Linghua and Lin, Jinxing and Yuan, Tongqi and Li, Wei and Li, Yue and Wei, Hairong and Wu, Harry X. (2022). The Chinese pine genome and methylome unveil key features of conifer evolution. Cell. 185 :1 , 204-217
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