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Dong, Yang and Majda, Mateusz and Simura, Jan and Horvath, Robert and Srivastava, Anjil K. and Langowski, Lukasz and Eldridge, Tilly and Stacey, Nicola and Slotte, Tanja and Sadanandom, Ari and Ljung, Karin and Smith, Richard S. and Ostergaard, Lars (2020). HEARTBREAK Controls Post-translational Modification of INDEHISCENT to Regulate Fruit Morphology in Capsella. Current Biology. 30 , 3880-3888
[Research article]

Zhang, Zhongjuan and Runions, Adam and Mentink, Remco A. and Kierzkowski, Daniel and Karady, Michal and Hashemi, Babak and Huijser, Peter and Strauss, Soeren and Gan, Xiangchao and Ljung, Karin and Tsiantis, Miltos (2020). A WOX/Auxin Biosynthesis Module Controls Growth to Shape Leaf Form. Current Biology. 30 , 4857-+
[Research article]


Enbody, Erik D. and Sprehn, C. Grace and Abzhanov, Arhat and Bi, Huijuan and Dobreva, Mariya P. and Osborne, Owen G. and Rubin, Carl-Johan and Grant, Peter R. and Grant, B. Rosemary and Andersson, Leif (2021). A multispecies BCO2 beak color polymorphism in the Darwin's finch radiation. Current Biology. 31 , 5597-+
[Research article]

Jonsson, Kristoffer and Lathe, Rahul Shivanand and Kierzkowski, Daniel and Routier-Kierzkowska, Anne-Lise and Hamant, Olivier and Bhalerao, Rishikesh P. (2021). Mechanochemical feedback mediates tissue bending required for seedling emergence. Current Biology. 31 , 1154-1164
[Research article]

Ramachandran, Prashanth and Augstein, Frauke and Mazumdar, Shamik and Van Nguyen, Thanh and Minina, Elena A. and Melnyk, Charles and Carlsbecker, Annelie (2021). Abscisic acid signaling activates distinct VND transcription factors to promote xylem differentiation in Arabidopsis. Current Biology. 31 , 3153-3161
[Research article]

Wang, Xia and Liu, Shengjun and Zuo, Hao and Zheng, Weikang and Zhang, Shanshan and Huang, Yue and Pingcuo, Gesang and Ying, Hong and Zhao, Fan and Li, Yuanrong and Liu, Junwei and Yi, Ting-Shuang and Zan, Yanjun and Larkin, Robert M. and Deng, Xiuxin and Zeng, Xiuli and Xu, Qiang (2021). Genomic basis of high-altitude adaptation in Tibetan Prunus fruit trees. Current Biology. 31 , 3848-3860
[Research article]


André, Domenique and Marcon, Alice and Lee, Keh Chien and Goretti, Daniela and Zhang, Bo and Delhomme, Nicolas and Schmid, Markus and Nilsson, Ove (2022). FLOWERING LOCUS T paralogs control the annual growth cycle in Populus trees. Current Biology. 32 :13 , 2988-2996
[Research article]

Jonsson, Kristoffer and Hamant, Olivier and Bhalerao, Rishikesh P. (2022). Plant cell walls as mechanical signaling hubs for morphogenesis. Current Biology. 32 :7 , R334-R340
[Article Review/Survey]

Wang, Wei and Talide, Loïc and Viljamaa, Sonja and Niittylä, Totte (2022). Aspen growth is not limited by starch reserves. Current Biology. 32 :16 , 3619-3627
[Research article]

Zhang, Ai and Matsuoka, Keita and Valiya Kadavu, Abdul Kareem and Robert, Madalen and Roszak, Pawel and Blob, Bernhard and Bisht, Anchal and De Veylder, Lieven and Voiniciuc, Catalin and Asahina, Masashi and Melnyk, Charles (2022). Cell-wall damage activates DOF transcription factors to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration in Arabidopsis thaliana. Current Biology. 32 :9 , 1883-1893
[Research article]

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