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Forzieri, Giovanni and Pecchi, Matteo and Girardello, Marco and Mauri, Achille and Klaus, Marcus and Nikolov, Christo and Rüetschi, Marius and Gardiner, Barry and Tomastik, Julian and Small, David and Nistor, Constantin and Jonikavicius, Donatas and Spinoni, Jonathan and Feyen, Luc and Giannetti, Francesca and Comino, Rinaldo and Wolynski, Alessandro and Pirotti, Francesco and Maistrelli, Fabio and Savulescu, Ionut and Wurpillot-Lucas, Stéphanie and Karlsson, Stefan and Zieba-Kulawik, Karolina and Strejczek-Jazwinska, Paulina and Mokros, Martin and Franz, Stefan and Krejci, Lukas and Haidu, Ionel and Nilsson, Mats and Wezyk, Piotr and Catani, Filippo and Chen, Yi-Ying and Luyssaert, Sebastiaan and Chirici, Gherardo and Cescatti, Alessandro and Beck, Pieter (2020). A spatially explicit database of wind disturbances in European forests over the period 2000-2018. Earth System Science Data. 12 , 257-276
[Research article]


Delwiche, Kyle B. and Knox, Sara Helen and Malhotra, Avni and Fluet-Chouinard, Etienne and McNicol, Gavin and Feron, Sarah and Ouyang, Zutao and Papale, Dario and Trotta, Carlo and Canfora, Eleonora and Cheah, You-Wei and Christianson, Danielle and Alberto, Ma Carmelita R. and Alekseychik, Pavel and Aurela, Mika and Baldocchi, Dennis and Bansal, Sheel and Billesbach, David P. and Bohrer, Gil and Bracho, Rosvel and Buchmann, Nina and Campbell, David I. and Celis, Gerardo and Chen, Jiquan and Chen, Weinan and Chu, Housen and Dalmagro, Higo J. and Dengel, Sigrid and Desai, Ankur R. and Detto, Matteo and Dolman, Han and Eichelmann, Elke and Euskirchen, Eugenie and Famulari, Daniela and Fuchs, Kathrin and Goeckede, Mathias and Gogo, Sebastien and Gondwe, Mangaliso J. and Goodrich, Jordan P. and Gottschalk, Pia and Graham, Scott L. and Heimann, Martin and Helbig, Manuel and Helfter, Carole and Hemes, Kyle S. and Hirano, Takashi and Hollinger, David and Hortnagl, Lukas and Iwata, Hiroki and Jacotot, Adrien and Jurasinski, Gerald and Kang, Minseok and Kasak, Kuno and King, John and Klatt, Janina and Koebsch, Franziska and Krauss, Ken W. and Lai, Derrick Y. F. and Lohila, Annalea and Mammarella, Ivan and Marchesini, Luca Belelli and Manca, Giovanni and Matthes, Jaclyn Hatala and Maximov, Trofim and Merbold, Lutz and Mitra, Bhaskar and Morin, Timothy H. and Nemitz, Eiko and Nilsson, Mats and Niu, Shuli and Oechel, Walter C. and Oikawa, Patricia Y. and Ono, Keisuke and Peichl, Matthias and Peltola, Olli and Reba, Michele L. and Richardson, Andrew D. and Riley, William and Runkle, Benjamin R. K. and Ryu, Youngryel and Sachs, Torsten and Sakabe, Ayaka and Sanchez, Camilo Rey and Schuur, Edward A. and Schäfer, Karina V. R. and Sonnentag, Oliver and Sparks, Jed P. and Stuart-Haentjens, Ellen and Sturtevant, Cove and Sullivan, Ryan C. and Szutu, Daphne J. and Thom, Jonathan E. and Torn, Margaret S. and Tuittila, Eeva-Stiina and Turner, Jessica and Ueyama, Masahito and Valach, Alex C. and Vargas, Rodrigo and Varlagin, Andrej and Vazquez-Lule, Alma and Verfaillie, Joseph G. and Vesala, Timo and Vourlitis, George L. and Ward, Eric J. and Wille, Christian and Wohlfahrt, Georg and Wong, Guan Xhuan and Zhang, Zhen and Zona, Donatella and Windham-Myers, Lisamarie and Poulter, Benjamin and Jackson, Robert B. (2021). FLUXNET-CH4: a global, multi-ecosystem dataset and analysis of methane seasonality from freshwater wetlands. Earth System Science Data. 13 , 3607-3689
[Research article]

Poyatos, Rafael and Granda, Victor and Flo, Victor and Adams, Mark A. and Adorjan, Balazs and Aguade, David and Aidar, Marcos P. M. and Allen, Scott and Susana Alvarado-Barrientos, M. and Anderson-Teixeira, Kristina J. and Aparecido, Luiza Maria and Arain, M. Altaf and Aranda, Ismael and Asbjornsen, Heidi and Baxter, Robert and Beamesderfer, Eric and Berry, Z. Carter and Berveiller, Daniel and Blakely, Bethany and Boggs, Johnny and Bohrer, Gil and Bolstad, Paul and Bonal, Damien and Bracho, Rosvel and Brito, Patricia and Brodeur, Jason and Chave, Jerome and Chen, Hui and Cisneros, Cesar and Clark, Kenneth and Cremonese, Edoardo and Dang, Hongzhong and David, Jorge S. and David, Teresa S. and Delpierre, Nicolas and Desai, Ankur R. and Do, Frederic C. and Dohnal, Michal and Domec, Jean-Christophe and Dzikiti, Sebinasi and Edgar, Colin and Eichstaedt, Rebekka and El-Madany, Tarek S. and Elbers, Jan and Eller, Cleiton B. and Euskirchen, Eugenie S. and Ewers, Brent and Fonti, Patrick and Forner, Alicia and Forrester, David and Freitas, Helber C. and Galvagno, Marta and Garcia-Tejera, Omar and Ghimire, Chandra Prasad and Gimeno, Teresa E. and Grace, John and Granier, Andre and Griebel, Anne and Guangyu, Yan and Hanson, Paul J. and Hasselquist, Niles and Heinrich, Ingo and Hernandez-Santana, Virginia and Herrmann, Valentine and Holtta, Teemu and Holwerda, Friso and Irvine, James and Ayutthaya, Supat Isarangkool Na and Jarvis, Paul G. and Jochheim, Hubert and Joly, Carlos A. and Kaplick, Julia and Kim, Hyun Seok and Klemedtsson, Leif and Kropp, Heather and Lagergren, Fredrik and Lane, Patrick and Lapenas, Andrei and Lechuga, Victor and Lee, Minsu and Leuschner, Christoph and Limousin, Jean-Marc and Linares, Juan Carlos and Linderson, Maj-Lena and Lindroth, Anders and Llorens, Pilar and Lopez-Bernal, Alvaro and Loranty, Michael M. and Luttschwager, Dietmar and Macinnis-Ng, Cate and Marechaux, Isabelle and Martin, Timothy A. and Matheny, Ashley and McDowell, Nate and McMahon, Sean and Meir, Patrick and Meszaros, Ilona and Migliavacca, Mirco and Mitchell, Patrick and Molder, Meelis and Montagnani, Leonardo and Moore, Georgianne W. and Nakada, Ryogo and Niu, Furong and Nolan, Rachael H. and Norby, Richard and Novick, Kimberly and Oberhuber, Walter and Obojes, Nikolaus and Oishi, A. Christopher and Oliveira, Rafael S. and Oren, Ram and Ourcival, Jean-Marc and Paljakka, Teemu and Perez-Priego, Oscar and Peri, Pablo L. and Peters, Richard L. and Pfautsch, Sebastian and Pockman, William T. and Preisler, Yakir and Rascher, Katherine and Robinson, George and Rocha, Humberto and Rocheteau, Alain and Roll, Alexander and Rosado, Bruno H. P. and Rowland, Lucy and Rubtsov, Alexey and Sabate, Santiago and Salmon, Yann and Salomon, Roberto L. and Sanchez-Costa, Elisenda and Schuldt, Bernhard and Shashkin, Alexandr and Stahl, Clement and Stojanovic, Marko and Sun, Ge and Szatniewska, Justyna and Tatarinov, Fyodor and Tesar, Miroslav and Thomas, Frank M. and Tor-ngern, Pantana and Urban, Josef and Valladares, Fernando and van der Tol, Christiaan and van Meerveld, Ilja and Varlagin, Andrej and Voigt, Holm and Warren, Jeffrey and Werner, Christiane and Werner, Willy and Wingate, Lisa and Wullschleger, Stan and Yi, Koong and Zweifel, Roman and Steppe, Kathy and Mencuccini, Maurizio and Martinez-Vilalta, Jordi (2021). Global transpiration data from sap flow measurements: the SAPFLUXNET database. Earth System Science Data. 13 , 2607-2649
[Research article]


Githumbi, Esther and Fyfe, Ralph and Gaillard, Marie-Jose and Trondman, Anna-Kari and Mazier, Florence and Nielsen, Anne-Birgitte and Poska, Anneli and Sugita, Shinya and Woodbridge, Jessie and Azuara, Julien and Feurdean, Angelica and Grindean, Roxana and Lebreton, Vincent and Marquer, Laurent and Nebout-Combourieu, Nathalie and Stancikaite, Migle and Tantau, Ioan and Tonkov, Spassimir and Shumilovskikh, Lyudmila (2022). European pollen-based REVEALS land-cover reconstructions for the Holocene: methodology, mapping and potentials. Earth System Science Data. 14 :4 , 1581-1619
[Research article]

Sarquis, Agustin and Siebenhart, Ignacio Andres and Austin, Amy Theresa and Sierra, Carlos A. and Sierra, Carlos (2022). Aridec: an open database of litter mass loss from aridlands worldwide with recommendations on suitable model applications. Earth System Science Data. 14 :7 , 3471-3488
[Research article]

Virkkala, Anna-Maria and Natali, Susan M. and Rogers, Brendan M. and Watts, Jennifer D. and Savage, Kathleen E. and Connon, Sara June and Mauritz, Marguerite and Schuur, Edward A. G. and Peter, Darcy and Minions, Christina and Nojeim, Julia and Commane, Roisin and Emmerton, Craig A. and Goeckede, Mathias and Helbig, Manuel and Holl, David and Iwata, Hiroki and Kobayashi, Hideki and Kolari, Pasi and Lopez-Blanco, Efren and Marushchak, Maija E. and Mastepanov, Mikhail and Merbold, Lutz and Parmentier, Frans-Jan W. and Peichl, Matthias and Sachs, Torsten and Sonnentag, Oliver and Ueyama, Masahito and Voigt, Carolina and Aurela, Mika and Boike, Julia and Celis, Gerardo and Chae, Namyi and Christensen, Torben R. and Bret-Harte, M. Syndonia and Dengel, Sigrid and Dolman, Han and Edgar, Colin W. and Elberling, Bo and Euskirchen, Eugenie and Grelle, Achim and Hatakka, Juha and Humphreys, Elyn and Jarveoja, Jarvi and Kotani, Ayumi and Kutzbach, Lars and Laurila, Tuomas and Lohila, Annalea and Mammarella, Ivan and Matsuura, Yojiro and Meyer, Gesa and Nilsson, Mats B. and Oberbauer, Steven F. and Park, Sang-Jong and Petrov, Roman and Prokushkin, Anatoly S. and Schulze, Christopher and St Louis, Vincent L. and Tuittila, Eeva-Stiina and Tuovinen, Juha-Pekka and Quinton, William and Varlagin, Andrej and Zona, Donatella and Zyryanov, Viacheslav I. (2022). The ABCflux database: Arctic-boreal CO2 flux observations and ancillary information aggregated to monthly time steps across terrestrial ecosystems. Earth System Science Data. 14 :1 , 179-208
[Research article]

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