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Sebastian-Gonzalez, Esther and Morales-Reyes, Zebensui and Botella, Francisco and Naves-Alegre, Lara and Perez-Garcia, Juan M. and Mateo-Tomas, Patricia and Olea, Pedro P. and Moleon, Marcos and Barbosa, Jomar M. and Hiraldo, Fernando and Arrondo, Eneko and Donazar, Jose A. and Cortes-Avizanda, Ainara and Selva, Nuria and Lambertucci, Sergio A. and Bhattacharjee, Aishwarya and Brewer, Alexis L. and Abernethy, Erin F. and Turner, Kelsey L. and Beasley, James C. and DeVault, Travis L. and Gerke, Hannah C. and Rhodes, Olin E. and Ordiz, Andres and Wikenros, Camilla and Zimmermann, Barbara and Wabakken, Petter and Wilmers, Christopher C. and Smith, Justine A. and Kendall, Corinne J. and Ogada, Darcy and Frehner, Ethan and Allen, Maximilian L. and Wittmer, Heiko U. and Butler, James R. A. and du Toit, Johan T. and Margalida, Antoni and Oliva-Vidal, Pilar and Wilson, David and Jerina, Klemen and Krofel, Miha and Kostecke, Rich and Inger, Richard and Per, Esra and Ayhan, Yunus and Ulusoy, Hasan and Vural, Doganay and Inagaki, Akino and Koike, Shinsuke and Samson, Arockianathan and Perrig, Paula L. and Spencer, Emma and Newsome, Thomas M. and Heurich, Marco and Anadon, Jose D. and Buechley, Evan R. and Sanchez-Zapata, Jose A. (2020). Network structure of vertebrate scavenger assemblages at the global scale: drivers and ecosystem functioning implications. Ecography , 43 , 1-13
[Research article]


Faticov, Maria and Desprez-Loustau, Marie-Laure and Kiss, Levente and Massot, Marie and d'Arcier, Julie Faivre and Mutz, Jessie and Nemeth, Mark Z. and Roslin, Tomas and Tack, Ayco J. M. (2022). Niche differentiation within a cryptic pathogen complex: climatic drivers and hyperparasitism at multiple spatial scales. Ecography. 2022 :2
[Research article]


Berkström, Charlotte and Eggertsen, L. and Goodell, W. and Cordeiro, C. A. M. M. and Lucena, M. B. and Gustafsson, R. and Bandeira, S. and Jiddawi, N. and Ferreira, C. E. L. (2020). Macroalgal meadow habitats support fish and fisheries in diverse tropical seascapes. Ecography. 43 , 882-896
[Research article]

Berkström, Charlotte and Eggertsen, L. and Goodell, W. and Cordeiro, C. A. M. M. and Lucena, M. B. and Gustafsson, R. and Bandeira, S. and Jiddawi, N. and Ferreira, C. E. L. (2020). Thresholds in seascape connectivity: the spatial arrangement of nursery habitats structure fish communities on nearby reefs. Ecography. 43 , 882-896
[Research article]

Seidl, Rupert and Honkaniemi, Juha and Aakala, Tuomas and Aleinikov, Alexey and Angelstam, Per and Bouchard, Mathieu and Boulanger, Yan and Burton, Philip J. and De Grandpre, Louis and Gauthier, Sylvie and Hansen, Winslow D. and Jepsen, Jane U. and Jogiste, Kalev and Kneeshaw, Daniel D. and Kuuluvainen, Timo and Lisitsyna, Olga and Makoto, Kobayashi and Mori, Akira S. and Pureswaran, Deepa S. and Shorohova, Ekaterina and Shubnitsina, Elena and Taylor, Anthony R. and Vladimirova, Nadezhda and Vodde, Floortje and Senf, Cornelius (2020). Globally consistent climate sensitivity of natural disturbances across boreal and temperate forest ecosystems. Ecography. 43 , 967-978
[Research article]


Abrego, Nerea and Roslin, Tomas and Huotari, Tea and Ji, Yinqiu and Schmidt, Niels Martin and Wang, Jiaxin and Yu, Douglas W. and Ovaskainen, Otso (2021). Accounting for species interactions is necessary for predicting how arctic arthropod communities respond to climate change. Ecography. 44 , 885-896
[Research article]

Hyvärinen, Olli and Te Beest, Mariska and le Roux, Elizabeth and Kerley, Graham and de Groot, Esther and Vinita, Rana and Cromsigt, Joris (2021). Megaherbivore impacts on ecosystem and Earth system functioning: the current state of the science. Ecography. 44 , 1579-1594
[Research article]

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