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Arlt, Debora and Pärt, Tomas (2007). Non-ideal breeding habitat selection: a mismatch between preference and fitness. Ecology. 88 :3 , 792-801
[Research article]


Baudy, Patrick and Zubrod, Jochen P. and Konschak, Marco and Kolbenschlag, Sara and Pollitt, Annika and Baschien, Christiane and Schulz, Ralf and Bundschuh, Mirco (2021). Fungal-fungal and fungal-bacterial interactions in aquatic decomposer communities: bacteria promote fungal diversity. Ecology. 102 , e03471
[Research article]


Chase, Jonathan M. and Liebergesell, Mario and Sagouis, Alban and May, Felix and Blowes, Shane A. and Berg, Åke and Bernard, Enrico and Brosi, Berry J. and Cadotte, Marc W. and Cayuela, Luis and Chiarello, Adriano G. and Cosson, Jean-Francois and Cresswell, Will and Dami, Filibus Danjuma and Dauber, Jens and Dickman, Chris R. and Didham, Raphael K. and Edwards, David P. and Farneda, Fabio Z. and Gavish, Yoni and Goncalves-Souza, Thiago and Guadagnin, Demetrio Luis and Henry, Mickael and Lopez-Baucells, Adria and Kappes, Heike and Mac Nally, Ralph and Manu, Shiiwua and Martensen, Alexandre Camargo and McCollin, Duncan and Meyer, Christoph F. J. and Neckel-Oliveira, Selvino and Nogueira, Andre and Pons, Jean-Marc and Raheem, Dinarzarde C. and Ramos, Flavio Nunes and Rocha, Ricardo and Sam, Katerina and Slade, Eleanor and Stireman, John O. and Struebig, Matthew J. and Vasconcelos, Heraldo and Ziv, Yaron (2019). FragSAD: A database of diversity and species abundance distributions from habitat fragments. Ecology. 100 , 1
[Research article]

Cheeke, Tanya and Phillips, Richard P. and Kuhn, Alexander and Rosling, Anna and Fransson, Petra (2021). Variation in hyphal production rather than turnover regulates standing fungal biomass in temperate hardwood forests. Ecology. 102 , e03260
[Research article]


Grau-Andrés, Roger and Wardle, David and Gundale, Michael and Foster, Claire N. and Kardol, Paul (2020). Effects of plant functional group removal on CO(2)fluxes and belowground C stocks across contrasting ecosystems. Ecology. 101 , e03170
[Research article]

Gustafsson, Lena and Johansson, Victor and Leverkus, Alexandro B. and Strengbom, Joachim and Granath, Gustaf (2021). Disturbance interval modulates the starting point for vegetation succession. Ecology. 102 , e03439
[Research article]


Johansson, Victor and Ranius, Thomas and Snäll, Tord (2012). Epiphyte metapopulation dynamics are explained by species traits, connectivity, and patch dynamics. Ecology. 93 :2 , 235-241
[Research article]


Kirwan, Laura and Frankow-Lindberg, Bodil and Gustavsson, Anne-Maj and Finn, John A (2014). The agrodiversity experiment. UNSPECIFIED.


Sebastian-Gonzalez, Esther and Morales-Reyes, Zebensui and Botella, Francisco and Naves-Alegre, Lara and Perez-Garcia, Juan M. and Mateo-Tomas, Patricia and Olea, Pedro P. and Moleon, Marcos and Magalhaes Barbosa, Jomar and Hiraldo, Fernando and Arrondo, Eneko and Donazar, Jose A. and Cortes-Avizanda, Ainara and Selva, Nuria and Lambertucci, Sergio A. and Bhattacharjee, Aishwarya and Brewer, Alexis L. and Abernethy, Erin F. and Turner, Kelsey L. and Beasley, James C. and deVault, Travis L. and Gerke, Hannah C. and Rhodes, Olin E. and Ordiz, Andres and Wikenros, Camilla and Zimmermann, Barbara and Wabakken, Petter and Wilmers, Christopher C. and Smith, Justine A. and Kendall, Corinne J. and Ogada, Darcy and Frehner, Ethan and Allen, Maximilian L. and Wittmer, Heiko U. and Butler, James R. A. and du Toit, Johan T. and Margalida, Antoni and Oliva-Vidal, Pilar and Wilson, David and Jerina, Klemen and Krofel, Miha and Kostecke, Rich and Inger, Richard and Per, Esra and Ayhan, Yunus and Sanci, Mehmet and Yilmazer, Unsal and Inagaki, Akino and Koike, Shinsuke and Samson, Arockianathan and Perrig, Paula L. and Spencer, Emma E. and Newsome, Thomas M. and Heurich, Marco and Anadon, Jose D. and Buechley, Evan R. and Gutierrez-Canovas, Cayetano and Elbroch, L. Mark and Sanchez-Zapata, Jose A. (2021). Functional traits driving species role in the structure of terrestrial vertebrate scavenger networks. Ecology. 102 , e03519
[Research article]

Stephan, Jörg and Stenberg, Johan A. and Björkman, Christer (2015). How far away is the next basket of eggs? Spatial memory and perceived cues shape aggregation patterns in a leaf beetle. Ecology. 96 :4 , 908-914
[Research article]

Stuber, Moritz and Tack, Ayco J. M. and Zewdie, Beyene and Mendesil, Esayas and Shimales, Tamiru and Ayalew, Biruk and Nemomissa, Sileshi and Sjögren, Jörgen and Sjogren, Jorgen and Vesterinen, Eero and Wezel, Alexander and Hylander, Kristoffer (2021). Multi-scale mosaics in top-down pest control by ants from natural coffee forests to plantations. Ecology. 102 , e03376
[Research article]


Urrutia-Cordero, Pablo and Langenheder, Silke and Striebel, Maren and Eklov, Peter and Angeler, David and Bertilsson, Stefan and Csitari, Bianka and Hansson, Lars-Anders and Kelpsiene, Egle and Laudon, Hjalmar and Lundgren, Maria and Osman, Omneya Ahmed and Parkefelt, Linda and Hillebrand, Helmut (2021). Functionally reversible impacts of disturbances on lake food webs linked to spatial and seasonal dependencies. Ecology. 102 , e03283
[Research article]


Wardle, David A. and Jonsson, Micael and Kalela-Brundin, Maarit and Lagerström, Anna and Yeates, Gregor and Bardgett, Richard and Nilsson, Marie-Charlotte (2012). Drivers of inter-year variability of plant production and decomposers across contrasting island ecosystems. Ecology. 93 :3 , 521-531
[Research article]


Åström, Jens and Pärt, Tomas (2013). Negative and matrix-dependent effects of dispersal corridors in an experimental metacommunity. Ecology. 94 :1 , 72-82
[Research article]

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