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Feit, Benjamin and Bluthgen, Nico and Traugott, Michael and Jonsson, Mattias (2019). Resilience of ecosystem processes: a new approach shows that functional redundancy of biological control services is reduced by landscape simplification. Ecology Letters. 22 , 1568-1577
[Research article]

Lindmark, Max and Ohlberger, Jan and Huss, Magnus and Gårdmark, Anna (2019). Size-based ecological interactions drive food web responses to climate warming. Ecology Letters. 22 , 778-786
[Research article]


Albrecht, Matthias and Kleijn, David and Williams, Neal M. and Tschumi, Matthias and Blaauw, Brett R. and Bommarco, Riccardo and Campbell, Alistair J. and Dainese, Matteo and Drummond, Francis A. and Entling, Martin H. and Ganser, Dominik and de Groot, G. Arjen and Goulson, Dave and Grab, Heather and Hamilton, Hannah and Herzog, Felix and Isaacs, Rufus and Jacot, Katja and Jeanneret, Philippe and Jonsson, Mattias and Knop, Eva and Kremen, Claire and Landis, Douglas A. and Loeb, Gregory M. and Marini, Lorenzo and McKerchar, Megan and Morandin, Lora and Pfister, Sonja C. and Potts, Simon G. and Rundlof, Maj and Sardinas, Hillary and Sciligo, Amber and Thies, Carsten and Tscharntke, Teja and Venturini, Eric and Veromann, Eve and Vollhardt, Ines M. G. and Wackers, Felix and Ward, Kimiora and Wilby, Andrew and Woltz, Megan and Wratten, Steve and Sutter, Louis (2020). The effectiveness of flower strips and hedgerows on pest control, pollination services and crop yield: a quantitative synthesis. Ecology Letters. 23 , 1488-1498
[Research article]


Clark, Adam Thomas and Arnoldi, Jean-Francois and Zelnik, Yuval and Barabas, Gyorgy and Hodapp, Dorothee and Karakoc, Canan and Koenig, Sara and Radchuk, Viktoriia and Donohue, Ian and Huth, Andreas and Jacquet, Claire and de Mazancourt, Claire and Mentges, Andrea and Nothaass, Dorian and Shoemaker, Lauren G. and Taubert, Franziska and Wiegand, Thorsten and Wang, Shaopeng and Chase, Jonathan M. and Loreau, Michel and Harpole, Stanley (2021). General statistical scaling laws for stability in ecological systems. Ecology Letters. 24 , 1474-1486
[Research article]

Engelbrecht Clemmensen, Karina and Brandström Durling, Mikael and Michelsen, Anders and Hallin, Sara and Finlay, Roger and Lindahl, Björn (2021). A tipping point in carbon storage when forest expands into tundra is related to mycorrhizal recycling of nitrogen. Ecology Letters. 24 , 1193-1204
[Research article]

Lindahl, Björn and Kyaschenko, Julia and Varenius, Kerstin and Engelbrecht Clemmensen, Karina and Dahlberg, Anders and Karltun, Erik and Stendahl, Johan (2021). A group of ectomycorrhizal fungi restricts organic matter accumulation in boreal forest. Ecology Letters. 24 , 1341-1351
[Research article]

von Schmalensee, Loke and Hulda Gunnarsdottir, Katrin and Näslund, Joacim and Gotthard, Karl and Lehmann, Philipp (2021). Thermal performance under constant temperatures can accurately predict insect development times across naturally variable microclimates. Ecology Letters. 24 , 1633-1645
[Research article]


Bras, Audrey and Roy, Amit and Heckel, David G. and Anderson, Peter and Karlsson Green, Kristina (2022). Pesticide resistance in arthropods: Ecology matters too. Ecology Letters. 25 :8 , 1746-1759
[Article Review/Survey]

Maasri, Alain and Jaehnig, Sonja C. and Adamescu, Mihai C. and Adrian, Rita and Baird, Donald J. and Batista-Morales, Angelica and Bonada, Nuria and Brown, Lee E. and Cai, Qinghua and Campos-Silva, Joao and Clausnitzer, Viola and Contreras-MacBeath, Topiltzin and Cooke, Steven J. and Datry, Thibault and Delacamara, Gonzalo and De Meester, Luc and Dijkstra, Klaus-Douwe B. and Tu Do, Van and Domisch, Sami and Dudgeon, David and Eros, Tibor and Freyhof, Joerg and Friedrichs-Manthey, Martin and Geist, Juergen and Gessner, Mark O. and Goethals, Peter and Gollock, Matthew and Gordon, Christopher and Grossart, Hans-Peter and Gulemvuga, Georges and Gutierrez-Fonseca, Pablo E. and Haase, Peter and Hering, Daniel and Hahn, Hans Juergen and Hawkins, Charles P. and He, Fengzhi and Heino, Jani and Hogan, Zeb and Hoelker, Franz and Jeschke, Jonathan M. and Johnson, Richard and Kalinkat, Gregor and Karimov, Bakhtiyor K. and Kohlmann, Bert and Kuemmerlen, Mathias and Kuiper, Jan J. and Kupilas, Benjamin and Langhans, Simone D. and Leese, Florian and Magbanua, Francis S. and Matsuzaki, Shin-ichiro S. and Monaghan, Michael T. and Mumladze, Levan and Nejstgaard, Jens C. and Odume, Oghenekaro Nelson and Opperman, Jeffrey J. and Pauls, Steffen U. and Ramirez, Alonso and Ross-Gillespie, Vere and Samways, Michael J. and Schaefer, Ralf B. and Schmidt-Kloiber, Astrid and Seehausen, Ole and Shah, Deep Narayan and Sharma, Subodh and Soininen, Janne and Sommerwerk, Nike and Stockwell, Jason D. and Suhling, Frank and Shah, Ram Devi Tachamo and Tharme, Rebecca E. and Thorp, James H. and Tickner, David and Tockner, Klement and Tonkin, Jonathan D. and Valle, Mireia and Vitule, Jean and Volk, Martin and Wang, Ding and Wolter, Christian and Worischka, Susanne (2022). A global agenda for advancing freshwater biodiversity research. Ecology Letters. 25 :2
[Research article]

Staude, Ingmar R. and Pereira, Henrique M. and Daskalova, Gergana N. and Bernhardt-Roemermann, Markus and Diekmann, Martin and Pauli, Harald and Van Calster, Hans and Vellend, Mark and Bjorkman, Anne D. and Brunet, Jörg and De Frenne, Pieter and Hedl, Radim and Jandt, Ute and Lenoir, Jonathan and Myers-Smith, Isla H. and Verheyen, Kris and Wipf, Sonja and Wulf, Monika and Andrews, Christopher and Barancok, Peter and Barni, Elena and Benito-Alonso, Jose-Luis and Bennie, Jonathan and Berki, Imre and Blueml, Volker and Chudomelova, Marketa and Decocq, Guillaume and Dick, Jan and Dirnboeck, Thomas and Durak, Tomasz and Eriksson, Ove and Erschbamer, Brigitta and Graae, Bente Jessen and Heinken, Thilo and Schei, Fride Hoistad and Jaroszewicz, Bogdan and Kopecky, Martin and Kudernatsch, Thomas and Macek, Martin and Malicki, Marek and Malis, Frantisek and Michelsen, Ottar and Naaf, Tobias and Nagel, Thomas A. and Newton, Adrian C. and Nicklas, Lena and Oddi, Ludovica and Ortmann-Ajkai, Adrienne and Palaj, Andrej and Petraglia, Alessandro and Petrik, Petr and Pielech, Remigiusz and Porro, Francesco and Puscas, Mihai and Reczynska, Kamila and Rixen, Christian and Schmidt, Wolfgang and Standovar, Tibor and Steinbauer, Klaus and Swierkosz, Krzysztof and Teleki, Balazs and Theurillat, Jean-Paul and Turtureanu, Pavel Dan and Ursu, Tudor-Mihai and Vanneste, Thomas and Vergeer, Philippine and Vild, Ondrej and Villar, Luis and Vittoz, Pascal and Winkler, Manuela and Baeten, Lander (2022). Directional turnover towards larger-ranged plants over time and across habitats. Ecology Letters. 25 :2
[Research article]

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