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Ekholm, Adam and Faticov, Maria and Tack, Ayco J. M. and Roslin, Tomas (2022). Herbivory in a changing climate-Effects of plant genotype and experimentally induced variation in plant phenology on two summer-active lepidopteran herbivores and one fungal pathogen. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :1 , e8495
[Research article]

Liu, Bo and Liu, Qingqing and Zhu, Chenxi and Liu, Zhigang and Huang, Zhijun and Tigabu, Mulualem and He, Zongming and Liu, Yuhui and Wang, Zhengning (2022). Seed rain and soil seed bank in Chinese fir plantations and an adjacent natural forest in southern China: Implications for the regeneration of native species. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :1 , e8539
[Research article]


Haider, Sylvia and Lembrechts, Jonas J. and McDougall, Keith and Pauchard, Anibal and Alexander, Jake M. and Barros, Agustina and Cavieres, Lohengrin A. and Rashid, Irfan and Rew, Lisa J. and Aleksanyan, Alla and Arevalo, Jose R. and Aschero, Valeria and Chisholm, Chelsea and Clark, V. Ralph and Clavel, Jan and Daehler, Curtis and Dar, Pervaiz A. and Dietz, Hansjorg and Dimarco, Romina D. and Edwards, Peter and Essl, Franz and Fuentes-Lillo, Eduardo and Guisan, Antoine and Gwate, Onalenna and Hargreaves, Anna L. and Jakobs, Gabi and Jimenez, Alejandra and Kardol, Paul and Kueffer, Christoph and Larson, Christian and Lenoir, Jonathan and Lenzner, Bernd and Padron Mederos, Miguel A. and Mihoc, Maritza and Milbau, Ann and Morgan, John W. and Mullerova, Jana and Naylor, Bridgett J. and Nijs, Ivan and Nunez, Martin A. and Otto, Rudiger and Preuk, Niels and Ratier Backes, Amanda and Reshi, Zafar A. and Rumpf, Sabine B. and Sandoya, Veronica and Schroder, Mellesa and Speziale, Karina L. and Urbach, Davnah and Valencia, Graciela and Vandvik, Vigdis and Vitková, Michaela and Vorstenbosch, Tom and Walker, Tom W. N. and Walsh, Neville and Wright, Genevieve and Zong, Shengwei and Seipel, Tim (2022). Think globally, measure locally: The MIREN standardized protocol for monitoring plant species distributions along elevation gradients. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :2 , e8590
[Research article]


Boakye, Emmanuel Amoah and Houle, Daniel and Bergeron, Yves and Girardin, Martin P. and Drobyshev, Igor (2022). Insect defoliation modulates influence of climate on the growth of tree species in the boreal mixed forests of eastern Canada. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :3 , e8656
[Research article]

Hemminger, Karoline and Koenig, Hannes and Månsson, Johan and Bellingrath-Kimura, Sonoko-Dorothea and Nilsson, Lovisa (2022). Winners and losers of land use change: A systematic review of interactions between the world's crane species (Gruidae) and the agricultural sector. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :3 , e8719
[Article Review/Survey]

Nilsson, Lovisa and Olsson, Camilla and Elmberg, Johan and Bunnefeld, Nils and Liljebäck, Niklas and Månsson, Johan (2022). Leapfrog migration and residents: New migratory habits in Swedish Greylag geese. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :3 , e8740
[Research article]

Riggi, Laura and Raderschall, Chloë and Lundin, Ola (2022). Insect pest damage increases faba bean (Vicia faba) yield components but only in the absence of insect pollination. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :3 , e8686
[Research article]

Sahraei, Shadi Eshghi and Furneaux, Brendan and Kluting, Kerri and Zakieh, Mustafa and Rydin, Hakan and Hytteborn, Hakan and Rosling, Anna (2022). Effects of operational taxonomic unit inference methods on soil microeukaryote community analysis using long-read metabarcoding. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :3 , e8676
[Research article]

Simon, Patrick Baenyi and Junga, Joseph Owino and Tarekegn, Getinet Mekuriaw and Machuka, Eunice and Tiambo, Christian Keambou and Kabange, Dorine and Musale, Katunga and Kizungu, Roger Vumilia and Ochieng, Joel Winyo and Pelle, Roger (2022). Haplotype analysis of the mitochondrial DNA d-loop region reveals the maternal origin and historical dynamics among the indigenous goat populations in east and west of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :3 , e8713
[Research article]


Angelstam, Per and Manton, Michael and Stjernquist, Ingrid and Gunnarsson, Tomas Gretar and Rosenberg, Mats and Thorup, Ole and Wedholm, Per and Elts, Jaanus and Gruberts, Davis (2022). Barriers and bridges for sustaining functional habitat networks: A macroecological system analysis of wet grassland landscapes. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :4 , e8801
[Research article]

Thapa, Shyam Kumar and de Jong, Joost F. and Hof, Anouschka and Subedi, Naresh and Joshi, Laxmi Raj and Prins, Herbert H. T. (2022). Fire and forage quality: Postfire regrowth quality and pyric herbivory in subtropical grasslands of Nepal. Ecology and Evolution. 12 :4 , e8794
[Research article]

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