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Ahlbäck Widenfalk, Lina and Ahrné, Karin and Berggren, Åsa (2014). Using citizen-reported data to predict distributions of two non-native insect species in Sweden. Ecosphere. 5:12
[Journal article]

Ahlbäck Widenfalk, Lina and Leinaas, Hans Petter and Bengtsson, Jan and Birkemoe, Tone (2018). Age and level of self-organization affect the small-scale distribution of springtails (Collembola). Ecosphere. 9:1, 1-19
[Journal article]


Chevalier, Mathieu and Comte, Lise and Laffaille, Pascal and Grenouillet, Gaël (2018). Interactions between species attributes explain population dynamics in stream fishes under changing climate. Ecosphere. 9:1, 16
[Journal article]


Jarnemo, Anders and Minderman, J and Bunnefeld, Nils and Zidar, Josefina and Månsson, Johan (2014). Managing landscapes for multiple objectives: alternative forage can reduce the conflict between deer and forestry. Ecosphere. 5:8, 1-14
[Journal article]

Johansson, Victor and Koffman, Anna and Hedblom, Marcus and Deboni, Giulio and Andersson, Petter (2018). Estimates of accessible food resources for pollinators in urban landscapes should take landscape friction into account. Ecosphere. 9, 1-11
[Journal article]


Kabir, Md. Faisal and Karlsson Moritz, Kim and Stenberg, Johan A (2014). Plant-sex-biased tritrophic interactions on dioecious willow. Ecosphere. 5:12, 1-9
[Journal article]

Kärvemo, Simon and Johansson, Victor and Schroeder, Martin and Ranius, Thomas (2016). Local colonization-extinction dynamics of a tree-killing bark beetle during a large-scale outbreak. Ecosphere. 7:3, 1-14
[Journal article]


Magnusson, Magnus and Khalil, Hussein and Ecke, Frauke and Olsson, Gert and Evander, M and Niklasson, B and Hörnfeldt, Birger (2015). Spatial and temporal variation of hantavirus bank vole infection in managed forest landscapes. Ecosphere. 6:9, 1-18
[Journal article]

Mattisson, Jenny and Rauset, Geir Rune and Odden, John and Andren, Henrik and Linnell, John D.C. and Persson, Jens (2016). Predation or scavenging? Prey body condition influences decision-making in a facultative predator, the wolverine. Ecosphere. 7:8, 1-14
[Journal article]


Ordiz, Andrés and Milleret, Cyril and Kindberg, Jonas and Månsson, Johan and Wabakken, Petter and Swensson, J E and Sand, Håkan (2015). Wolves, people, and brown bears influence the expansion of the recolonizing wolf population in Scandinavia. Ecosphere. 6:12, 1-14
[Journal article]


Pedrotti, E. and Rydin, H. and Ingmar, T. and Hytteborn, Håkan and Turunen, P. and Granath, Gustaf (2014). Fine-scale dynamics and community stability in boreal peatlands. Ecosphere. 5:10, 1-24
[Journal article]


Stephan, Jörg and Low, Matthew and Stenberg, Johan A. and Björkman, Christer (2016). Predator hunting mode and host plant quality shape attack-abatement patterns of predation risk in an insect herbivore. Ecosphere. 7:11, 1-11
[Journal article]


Timling, Ina and Dahlberg, Anders and Walker, D. A. and Gardes, M and Charcosset, J. Y. and Welker, J. and Taylor, D. L. (2012). Distribution and drivers of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities across the North American Arctic. Ecosphere. 3:11, 1-25
[Journal article]

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