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Angeler, David and Allen, Craig R. and Uden, Daniel R. and Johnson, Richard (2015). Spatial patterns and functional redundancies in a changing boreal lake landscape. Ecosystems. 18 :5 , 889-902
[Research article]

Austin, A. N. and Hansen, J. P. and Donadi, Serena and Bergström, Ulf and Eriksson, B. K. and Sundblad, Göran and Eklof, J. S. (2021). Synergistic Effects of Rooted Aquatic Vegetation and Drift Wrack on Ecosystem Multifunctionality. Ecosystems. 24 , 1670-1686
[Research article]


Baho, Didier Ludovic and Baho, Didier L. and Rizzuto, Simone and Nizzetto, Luca and Hessen, Dag O. and Norberg, Jon and Skjelbred, Birger and Jones, Kevin C. and Zhang, Hao and Leu, Eva (2021). Ecological Memory of Historical Contamination Influences the Response of Phytoplankton Communities. Ecosystems. 24 , 1591-1607
[Research article]


Forsmark, Benjamin and Nordin, Annika and Maaroufi, Nadia and Lundmark, Tomas and Gundale, Michael (2020). Low and High Nitrogen Deposition Rates in Northern Coniferous Forests Have Different Impacts on Aboveground Litter Production, Soil Respiration, and Soil Carbon Stocks. Ecosystems. 23 , 1423-1436
[Research article]


Grau-Andrés, Roger and Wardle, David A. and Kardol, Paul (2021). Bryosphere Loss Impairs Litter Decomposition Consistently Across Moss Species, Litter Types, and Micro-Arthropod Abundance. Ecosystems. 25 :7 , 1542-1554
[Research article]


Ibáñez, Theresa Simona and Wardle, David and Gundale, Michael and Nilsson Hegethorn, Marie-Charlotte (2022). Effects of Soil Abiotic and Biotic Factors on Tree Seedling Regeneration Following a Boreal Forest Wildfire. Ecosystems. 25 :2 , 471-487
[Research article]


Ladanai, Svetlana and Ågren, Göran and Olsson, Bengt (2010). Relationships between tree and soil properties in Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris forests in Sweden. Ecosystems. 13 :2 , 302-316
[Research article]

Ledesma, José L. J. and Futter, Martyn and Blackburn, Meredith and Lidman, Fredrik and Grabs, Thomas and Sponseller, Ryan and Laudon, Hjalmar and Bishop, Kevin and Köhler, Stephan (2018). Towards an Improved Conceptualization of Riparian Zones in Boreal Forest Headwaters. Ecosystems. 21 , 297-315
[Research article]


Myrstener, Maria and Fork, Megan L. and Bergstrom, Ann-Kristin and Puts, Isolde Callisto and Hauptmann, Demian and Burrows, Ryan M. and Sponseller, Ryan A. (2022). Resolving the Drivers of Algal Nutrient Limitation from Boreal to Arctic Lakes and Streams. Ecosystems. 25 :8 , 1682-1699
[Research article]


Norman, Sven and Nilsson, Karin and Klaus, Marcus and Seekell, David and Karlsson, Jan and Bystrom, Par (2022). Effects of Habitat-Specific Primary Production on Fish Size, Biomass, and Production in Northern Oligotrophic Lakes. Ecosystems. 25 :7 , 1555-1570
[Research article]


Peacock, Michael and Futter, Martyn and Jutterstrom, Sara and Kothawala, Dolly N. and Moldan, Filip and Stadmark, Johanna and Evans, Christopher (2022). Three Decades of Changing Nutrient Stoichiometry from Source to Sea on the Swedish West Coast. Ecosystems. 25 :8 , 1809-1824
[Research article]

Persson, Tryggve and Andersson, Stefan and Bergholm, J. and Grönqvist, Tomas and Högbom, Lars and Vegerfors-Persson, Birgitta and Wirén, A. (2021). Long-Term Impact of Liming on Soil C and N in a Fertile Spruce Forest Ecosystem. Ecosystems. 24 , 968-987
[Research article]

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