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Augustsson, A. and Lennqvist, T. and Osbeck, C. M. G. and Tibblin, P. and Glynn, Anders and Nguyen, M.A. and Westberg, E and Vestergren, R. (2021). Consumption of freshwater fish: A variable but significant risk factor for PFOS exposure. Environmental Research. 192 , 110284
[Research article]


Bajard, Lola and Adamovsky, Ondrej and Audouze, Karine and Baken, Kirsten and Barouki, Robert and Beltman, Joost B. and Beronius, Anna and Bonefeld-Jorgensen, Eva Cecilie and Cano-Sancho, German and de Baat, Milo L. and Di Tillio, Filippo and Fernandez, Mariana F. and FitzGerald, Rex E. and Gundacker, Claudia and Hernandez, Antonio F. and Hilscherova, Klara and Karakitsios, Spyros and Kuchovska, Eliska and Long, Manhai and Luijten, Mirjam and Majid, Sanah and Marx-Stoelting, Philip and Mustieles, Vicent and Negi, Chander K. and Sarigiannis, Dimosthenis and Scholz, Stefan and Sovadinova, Iva and Stierum, Rob and Tanabe, Shihori and Tollefsen, Knut Erik and van den Brand, Annick D. and Vogs, Carolina and Wielsoe, Maria and Vogs, Carolina and Wittwehr, Clemens and Blaha, Ludek (2023). Application of AOPs to assist regulatory assessment of chemical risks - Case studies, needs and recommendations. Environmental Research. 217 , 114650
[Article Review/Survey]

Bellavia, Andrea and Björvang, Richelle D. and Roos, Kristine and Sjunnesson, Ylva and Hallberg, Ida and Holte, Jan and Pikki, Anne and Lenters, Virissa and Portengen, Lützen and Koekkoek, Jacco and Lamoree, Marja and Van Duursen, Majorie and Vermeulen, Roel and Salumets, Andres and Velthut-Meikas, Agne and Damdimopoulou, Pauliina (2022). Association between chemical mixtures and female fertility in women undergoing assisted reproduction in Sweden and Estonia. Environmental Research. 216 :Part 1 , 114447
[Research article]

Bjorvang, Richelle D. and Hallberg, Ida and Pikki, Anne and Berglund, Lars and Pedrelli, Matteo and Lindh, Christian H. and Olovsson, Matts and Persson, Sara and Holte, Jan and Sjunnesson, Ylva and Damdimopoulou, Pauliina (2022). Follicular fluid and blood levels of persistent organic pollutants and reproductive outcomes among women undergoing assisted reproductive technologies. Environmental Research. 208 , 112626
[Research article]


Gefenaite, Giedre and Mattisson, Kristoffer and Grahn, Patrik and Östergren, Per-Olof and Björk, Jonas (2023). Scania outdoor environment database (ScOut): A data source to study health effects of perceived neighborhood characteristics. Environmental Research. 218 , 115008
[Research article]


Johanson, Gunnar and Gyllenhammar, Irina and Ekstrand, Carl and Pyko, Andrei and Xu, Yiyi and Li, Ying and Norström, Karin and Lilja, Karl and Lindh, Christian and Benskin, Jonathan P. and Georgelis, Antonios and Forsell, Karl and Jakobsson, Kristina and Glynn, Anders and Vogs, Carolina (2023). Quantitative relationships of perfluoroalkyl acids in drinking water associated with serum concentrations above background in adults living near contamination hotspots in Sweden. Environmental Research. 219 , 115024
[Research article]


Nyström, Jennifer and Benskin, Jonathan P. and Plassmann, Merle and Sandblom, Oskar and Glynn, Anders and Lampa, Erik and Gyllenhammar, Irina and Lignell, Sanna and Moraeus, Lotta (2022). Healthy eating index and diet diversity score as determinants of serum perfluoroalkyl acid (PFAA) concentrations in a national survey of Swedish adolescents. Environmental Research. 212 :Part A , 113170
[Research article]

Nyström, Jennifer and Benskin, Jonathan P. and Plassmann, Merle and Sandblom, Oskar and Glynn, Anders and Lampa, Erik and Gyllenhammar, Irina and Moraeus, Lotta and Lignell, Sanna (2022). Demographic, life-style and physiological determinants of serum per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) concentrations in a national cross-sectional survey of Swedish adolescents. Environmental Research. 208 , 112674
[Research article]

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