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Arbieu, U. and Chapron, Guillaume and Astaras, C. and Bunnefeld, N. and Harkins, S. and Iliopoulos, Y. and Mehring, M. and Reinhardt, I and Mueller, T. (2021). News selection and framing: the media as a stakeholder in human-carnivore coexistence. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 064075
[Research article]


Blennow, Kristina and Persson, J. and Gonçalves, L. M. S. and Borys, A. and Dutcă, I. and Hynynen, J. and Janeczko, E. and Lyubenova, M. and Merganič, J. and Merganičová, K. and Peltoniemi, M. and Reboredo, F. and Vacchiano, G. and Reyer, C. P. O. (2020). The role of beliefs, expectations and values in decision-making favoring climate change adaptation – implications for communications with European forest professionals. Environmental Research Letters. 11 , 114061
[Research article]

Breinl, Korbinian and Di Baldassarre, Giuliano and Mazzoleni, Maurizio and Lun, David and Vico, Giulia (2020). Extreme dry and wet spells face changes in their duration and timing. Environmental Research Letters. 15 , 074040 , 1-13
[Research article]


Droste, Nils and May, Wilhelm and Clough, Yann and Börjesson, Gunnar and Brady, Mark and Hedlund, Katarina (2020). Soil carbon insures arable crop production against increasing adverse weather due to climate change. Environmental Research Letters. 15 , 124034
[Research article]


Fischer, Harry and Chhatre, Ashwini and Devalkar, Sripad and Sohoni, Milind (2021). Rural institutions, social networks, and self-organized adaptation to climate change. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 104002
[Research article]


Jonsson, Micael and Bengtsson, Jan and Moen, Jon and Gamfeldt, Lars and Snäll, Tord (2020). Stand age and climate influence forest ecosystem service delivery and multifunctionality. Environmental Research Letters. 15 , 0940a8
[Research article]


Laudon, Hjalmar and Sponseller, Ryan A. and Bishop, Kevin (2021). From legacy effects of acid deposition in boreal streams to future environmental threats. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 015007
[Research article]

Leverkus, Alexandro B. and Thorn, Simon and Gustafsson, Lena and Noss, Reed and Mueller, Joerg and Pausas, Juli G. and Lindenmayer, David B. (2021). Environmental policies to cope with novel disturbance regimes-steps to address a world scientists' warning to humanity. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 021003
[Other publication in scientific journal]

Luan, Xiangyu and Bommarco, Riccardo and Scaini, Anna and Vico, Giulia (2021). Combined heat and drought suppress rainfed maize and soybean yields and modify irrigation benefits in the USA. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 064023
[Research article]


Marini, Lorenzo and St-Martin, Audrey and Vico, Giulia and Baldoni, Guido and Berti, Antonio and Blecharczyk, Andrzej and Malecka-Jankowiak, Irena and Morari, Francesco and Sawinska, Zuzanna and Bommarco, Riccardo (2020). Crop rotations sustain cereal yields under a changing climate. Environmental Research Letters. 15 , 124011
[Research article]

Materic, Dusan and Peacock, Michael and Dean, Joshua and Futter, Martyn and Maximov, Trofim and Moldan, Filip and Röckmann, Thomas and Holzinger, Rupert (2022). Presence of nanoplastics in rural and remote surface waters. Environmental Research Letters. 17 :5 , 054036
[Research article]


Peacock, Michael and Audet, J. and Bastviken, D. and Futter, Martyn and Gauci, V. and Grinham, A. and Harrison, J. A. and Kent, M. S. and Kosten, S. and Lovelock, C. E. and Veraart, A. J. and Evans, Christopher (2021). Global importance of methane emissions from drainage ditches and canals. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 044010
[Research article]


Scaini, Anna and Zamora, David and Livsey, John and Lyon, Steve W. and Bommarco, Riccardo and Weih, Martin and Jaramillo, Fernando and Manzoni, Stefano (2020). Hydro-climatic controls explain variations in catchment-scale nitrogen use efficiency. Environmental Research Letters. 15 , 094006 , 1-9
[Research article]

Skarin, Anna and Verdonen, Mariana and Kumpula, Timo and Macias-Fauria, Marc and Alam, Moudud and Kerby, Jeffrey and Forbes, Bruce C. (2020). Reindeer use of low Arctic tundra correlates with landscape structure. Environmental Research Letters. 15 , 115012
[Research article]

Skytt, Torbjorn and Englund, Goran and Jonsson, Bengt-Gunnar (2021). Climate mitigation forestry-temporal trade-offs. Environmental Research Letters. 16 , 114037
[Research article]

Skytt, Torbjorn and Englund, Goran and Jonsson, Bengt-Gunnar (2022). Reply to Comment on 'Climate mitigation forestry-temporal trade-offs'. Environmental Research Letters. 17 :4 , 048002

Soultan, Alaaeldin and Pavon-Jordan, Diego and Bradter, Ute and Sandercock, Brett K. and Hochachka, Wesley M. and Johnston, Alison and Brommer, Jon and Gaget, Elie and Keller, Verena and Knaus, Peter and Aghababyan, Karen and Maxhuni, Qenan and Vintchevski, Alexandre and Nagy, Károly and Raudonikis, Liutauras and Balmer, Dawn and Noble, David and Leitão, Domingos and Jostein Oien, Ingar and Shimmings, Paul and Sultanov, Elchin and Caffrey, Brian and Boyla, Kerem and Radisic, Dimitrije and Lindström, Åke and Velevski, Metodija and Pladevall, Clara and Brotons, Lluis and Karel, Šťastný and Rajković, Draženko Z and Chodkiewicz, Tomasz and Wilk, Tomasz and Szep, Tibor and van Turnhout, Chris and Foppen, Ruud and Burfield, Ian and Vikstrøm, Thomas and Dumbović Mazal, Vlatka and Eaton, Mark and Vorisek, Petr and Lehikoinen, Aleksi and Herrando, Sergi and Kuzmenko, Tatiana and Bauer, Hans-Günther and Kalyakin, Mikhail V. and Voltzit, Olga V. and Sjeničić, Jovica and Pärt, Tomas (2022). The future distribution of wetland birds breeding in Europe validated against observed changes in distribution. Environmental Research Letters. 17 :2 , 024025
[Research article]


Vuorinen, Katariina E. M. and Austrheim, Gunnar and Tremblay, Jean-Pierre and Myers-Smith, Isla H. and Hortman, Hans and Frank, Peter and Dalerum, Fredrik and Barrio, Isabel C. and Dalerum, Fredrik and Bjorkman, Mats P. and Bjork, Robert G. and Ehrich, Dorothee and Sokolov, Aleksandr and Sokolova, Natalya and Ropars, Pascale and Boudreau, Stephane and Normand, Signe and Prendin, Angela L. and Schmidt, Niels Martin and Pacheco-Solana, Arturo and Post, Eric and John, Christian and Kerby, Jeff and Sullivan, Patrick F. and Hansen, Brage B. and Le Moullec, Mathilde and Hansen, Brage B. and van der Wal, René and Pedersen, Ashild O. and Sandal, Lisa and Gough, Laura and Young, Amanda and Li, Bingxi and Magnusson, Runa and Sass-Klaassen, Ute and Welker, Jeffrey and Buchwal, Agata and Welker, Jeffrey and Grogan, Paul and Andruko, Rhett and Morrissette-Boileau, Clara and Volkovitskiy, Alexander and Terekhina, Alexandra and Speed, James D. M. (2022). Growth rings show limited evidence for ungulates' potential to suppress shrubs across the Arctic. Environmental Research Letters. 17 :3 , 034013
[Research article]

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