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Esseen, Per-Anders and Ekström, Magnus and Grafström, Anton and Jonsson, Bengt-Gunnar and Palmqvist, Kristin and Westerlund, Bertil and Ståhl, Göran (2022). Multiple drivers of large-scale lichen decline in boreal forest canopies. Global Change Biology. 28 :10 , 3293-3309
[Research article]


Lindmark, Max and Audzijonyte, Asta and Blanchard, Julia L. and Gårdmark, Anna (2022). Temperature impacts on fish physiology and resource abundance lead to faster growth but smaller fish sizes and yields under warming. Global Change Biology. 28 :21 , 6239-6253
[Research article]

Mazziotta, Adriano and Lundström, Johanna and Forsell, Nicklas and Moor, Helen and Eggers, Jeannette and Subramanian, Narayanan and Aquilue, Nuria and Moran-Ordonez, Alejandra and Brotons, Lluis and Snäll, Tord (2022). More future synergies and less trade-offs between forest ecosystem services with natural climate solutions instead of bioeconomy solutions. Global Change Biology. 28 :21 , 6333-6348
[Research article]

Sidemo Holm, William and Ekroos, Johan and García, Santiago Reina and Söderström, Bo and Hedblom, Marcus (2022). Urbanization causes biotic homogenization of woodland bird communities at multiple spatial scales. Global Change Biology. 28 :21 , 6152-6164
[Research article]


Tedersoo, Leho and Mikryukov, Vladimir and Zizka, Alexander and Bahram, Mohammad and Hagh-Doust, Niloufar and Anslan, Sten and Prylutskyi, Oleh and Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel and Maestre, Fernando T. and Parn, Jaan and Opik, Maarja and Moora, Mari and Zobel, Martin and Espenberg, Mikk and Mander, Ulo and Khalid, Abdul Nasir and Corrales, Adriana and Agan, Ahto and Vasco-Palacios, Aida-M and Saitta, Alessandro and Rinaldi, Andrea C. and Verbeken, Annemieke and Sulistyo, Bobby P. and Tamgnoue, Boris and Furneaux, Brendan and Ritter, Camila Duarte and Nyamukondiwa, Casper and Sharp, Cathy and Marin, Cesar and Gohar, Daniyal and Klavina, Darta and Sharmah, Dipon and Dai, Dong Qin and Nouhra, Eduardo and Biersma, Elisabeth Machteld and Rahn, Elisabeth and Cameron, Erin K. and De Crop, Eske and Otsing, Eveli and Davydov, Evgeny A. and Albornoz, Felipe E. and Brearley, Francis Q. and Buegger, Franz and Zahn, Geoffrey and Bonito, Gregory and Hiiesalu, Inga and Barrio, Isabel C. and Heilmann-Clausen, Jacob and Ankuda, Jelena and Kupagme, John Y. and Macia-Vicente, Jose G. and Fovo, Joseph Djeugap and Geml, Jozsef and Alatalo, Juha M. and Alvarez-Manjarrez, Julieta and Poldmaa, Kadri and Runnel, Kadri and Adamson, Kalev and Brathen, Kari Anne and Pritsch, Karin and Tchan, Kassim and Hyde, Kevin D. and Newsham, Kevin K. and Panksep, Kristel and Lateef, Adebola A. and Tiirmann, Liis and Hansson, Linda and Lamit, Louis J. and Saba, Malka and Tuomi, Maria and Gryzenhout, Marieka and Bauters, Marijn and Piepenbring, Meike and Wijayawardene, Nalin and Yorou, Nourou S. and Kurina, Olavi and Mortimer, Peter E. and Meidl, Peter and Kohout, Petr and Nilsson, Rolf Henrik and Puusepp, Rasmus and Drenkhan, Rein and Garibay-Orijel, Roberto and Godoy, Roberto and Alkahtani, Saad and Rahimlou, Saleh and Dudov, Sergey and Polme, Sergei and Ghosh, Soumya and Mundra, Sunil and Ahmed, Talaat and Netherway, Tarquin and Henkel, Terry W. and Roslin, Tomas and Nteziryayo, Vincent and Fedosov, Vladimir E. and Onipchenko, Vladimir G. and Yasanthika, W. A. Erandi and Lim, Young Woon and Soudzilovskaia, Nadejda A. and Antonelli, Alexandre and Koljalg, Urmas and Abarenkov, Kessy (2022). Global patterns in endemicity and vulnerability of soil fungi. Global Change Biology. 28 :22 , 6696-6710
[Research article]


Gundale, Michael (2022). The impact of anthropogenic nitrogen deposition on global forests: Negative impacts far exceed the carbon benefits. Global Change Biology. 28 :3 , 690-692


Lindmark, Max and Ohlberger, Jan and Gårdmark, Anna (2022). Optimum growth temperature declines with body size within fish species. Global Change Biology. 28 :7 , 2259-2271
[Research article]


Zhu, Xudan and Chen, Liang and Pumpanen, Jukka and Ojala, Anne and Zobitz, John and Zhou, Xuan and Laudon, Hjalmar and Palviainen, Marjo and Neitola, Kimmo and Berninger, Frank (2022). The role of terrestrial productivity and hydrology in regulating aquatic dissolved organic carbon concentrations in boreal catchments. Global Change Biology. 28 :8 , 2764-2778
[Research article]


Lembrechts, Jonas J. and van den Hoogen, Johan and Grelle, Achim and Järveoja, Järvi and Nilsson, Mats and Peichl, Matthias and Stephan, Jörg and Nijs, Ivan and Lenoir, Jonathan (2021). Global maps of soil temperature. Global Change Biology. 28 :9 , 3110-3144
[Research article]

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