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Antao, Laura H. and Poyry, Juha and Leinonen, Reima and Roslin, Tomas (2020). Contrasting latitudinal patterns in diversity and stability in a high-latitude species-rich moth community. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 29 , 896-907
[Research article]

Panzou, Grace Jopaul Loubota and Fayolle, Adeline and Jucker, Tommaso and Phillips, Oliver L. and Bohlman, Stephanie and Lewis, Simon L. and Bohlman, Stephanie and Banin, Lindsay F. and Lewis, Simon L. and Alves, Luciana F. and Antin, Cecile and Arets, Eric and Baker, Timothy R. and Barbier, Nicolas and Beeckman, Hans and Berger, Uta and Bongers, Frans and Bowers, Sam and Brade, Thom and Brondizio, Eduardo S. and Chantrain, Arthur and Chave, Jerome and Dias, Arildo S. and Compaore, Halidou and Coomes, David and Diallo, Adama and Dimobe, Kangbeni and Djagbletey, Gloria Djaney and Domingues, Tomas and Doucet, Jean-Louis and Drouet, Thomas and Forni, Eric and Goodman, Rosa and Godlee, John L. and Gourlet-Fleury, Sylvie and Hien, Fidele and Iida, Yoshiko and Ilondea, Bhely Angoboy and Jacques, Pierre and Kuyah, Shem and Lopez-Portillo, Jorge and Moncrieff, Glenn R. and Marimon-Junior, Ben Hur and Marimon, Beatriz Schwantes and Mensah, Sylvanus and Mitchard, Edward T. A. and Moncrieff, Glenn R. and Narayanan, Ayyappan and O'Brien, Sean T. and Ouedraogo, Korotimi and Palace, Michael W. and Pelissier, Raphael and Ploton, Pierre and Poorter, Lourens and Ryan, Casey M. and Saiz, Gustavo and Santos, Karin and Schlund, Michael and Sellan, Giacomo and Sonke, Bonaventure and Sterck, Frank and Veenendaal, Elmar and Thibaut, Quentin and Van Hoef, Yorick and Vovides, Alejandra G. and Xu, Yaozhan and Yao, Tze Leong and Feldpausch, Ted R. (2020). Pantropical variability in tree crown allometry. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 30 , 459-475
[Research article]


Hedwall, Per-Ola and Uria Diez, Jaime and Brunet, Jörg and Gustafsson, Lena and Axelsson, Anna-Lena and Strengbom, Joachim (2021). Interactions between local and global drivers determine long-term trends in boreal forest understorey vegetation. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 30 , 1765-1780
[Research article]

Mehner, Thomas and Argillier, Christine and Hesthagen, Trygve and Holmgren, Kerstin and Jeppesen, Erik and Kelly, Fiona and Krause, Teet and Olin, Mikko and Volta, Pietro and Winfield, Ian J. and Brucet, Sandra (2021). Model-based decomposition of environmental, spatial and species-interaction effects on the community structure of common fish species in 772 European lakes. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 30 , 1558-1571
[Research article]

Plue, Jan and Van Calster, Hans and Auestad, Inger and Bekker, Renee M. and Bruun, Hans Henrik and Chevalier, Richard and Decocq, Guillaume and Grandin, Ulf and Hermy, Martin and Jacquemyn, Hans and Jakobsson, Anna and Jankowska-Blaszczuk, Malgorzata and Kalamees, Rein and Koch, Marcus A. and Marrs, Rob H. and Marteinsdottir, Bryndis and Milberg, Per and Maren, Inger E. and Pakeman, Robin J. and Phoenix, Gareth K. and Thompson, Ken and Vandvik, Vigdis and Wagner, Markus and Auffret, Alistair (2021). Buffering effects of soil seed banks on plant community composition in response to land use and climate. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 30 , 128-139
[Research article]

Sabatini, Francesco Maria and Lenoir, Jonathan and Hattab, Tarek and Arnst, Elise Aimee and Chytry, Milan and Dengler, Juergen and De Ruffray, Patrice and Hennekens, Stephan M. and Jandt, Ute and Jansen, Florian and Jimenez-Alfaro, Borja and Kattge, Jens and Levesley, Aurora and Pillar, Valerio D. and Purschke, Oliver and Sandel, Brody and Sultana, Fahmida and Aavik, Tsipe and Acic, Svetlana and Acosta, Alicia T. R. and Agrillo, Emiliano and Alvarez, Miguel and Apostolova, Iva and Arfin Khan, Mohammed A. S. and Attorre, Fabio and Aubin, Isabelle and Banerjee, Arindam and Bauters, Marijn and Bergeron, Yves and Bergmeier, Erwin and Biurrun, Idoia and Bjorkman, Anne D. and Bonari, Gianmaria and Bondareva, Viktoria and Brunet, Jörg and Carni, Andraz and Casella, Laura and Cayuela, Luis and Cerny, Tomas and Chepinoga, Victor and Csiky, Janos and Custerevska, Renata and De Bie, Els and de Gasper, Andre Luis and De Sanctis, Michele and Dimopoulos, Panayotis and Dolezal, Jiri and Dziuba, Tetiana and El-Sheikh, Mohamed Abd El-Rouf Mousa and Enquist, Brian and Fazayeli, Farideh and Field, Richard and Finckh, Manfred and Gachet, Sophie and Galan-de-Mera, Antonio and Garbolino, Emmanuel and Giorgis, Melisa and Golub, Valentin and Alsos, Inger Greve and Grytnes, John-Arvid and Guerin, Gregory Richard and Gutierrez, Alvaro G. and Haider, Sylvia and Hatim, Mohamed Z. and Herault, Bruno and Hoelzel, Norbert and Homeier, Juergen and Hubau, Wannes and Indreica, Adrian and Janssen, John A. M. and Jedrzejek, Birgit and Jentsch, Anke and Juergens, Norbert and Kacki, Zygmunt and Kapfer, Jutta and Karger, Dirk Nikolaus and Kavgaci, Ali and Kearsley, Elizabeth and Kessler, Michael and Khanina, Larisa and Korolyuk, Andrey and Kreft, Holger and Kuehl, Hjalmar S. and Kuzemko, Anna and Landucci, Flavia and Lengyel, Attila and Lens, Frederic and Lingner, Debora Vanessa and Liu, Hongyan and Lysenko, Tatiana and Mahecha, Miguel D. and Marceno, Corrado and Martynenko, Vasiliy and Moeslund, Jesper Erenskjold and Monteagudo Mendoza, Abel and Mucina, Ladislav and Muller, Jonas V. and Munzinger, Jerome and Noroozi, Jalil and Nowak, Arkadiusz and Onyshchenko, Viktor and Overbeck, Gerhard E. and Partel, Meelis and Pauchard, Anibal and Peet, Robert K. and Penuelas, Josep and Perez-Haase, Aaron and Peterka, Tomas and Petrik, Petr and Peyre, Gwendolyn and Phillips, Oliver L. and Prokhorov, Vadim and Rasomavicius, Valerijus and Revermann, Rasmus and Rodwell, John S. and Ruprecht, Eszter and Rusina, Solvita and Samimi, Cyrus and Schrodt, Franziska and Shan, Hanhuai and Shirokikh, Pavel and Sibik, Jozef and Silc, Urban and Sklenar, Petr and Skvorc, Zeljko and Sparrow, Ben and Sperandii, Marta Gaia and Stancic, Zvjezdana and Svenning, Jens-Christian and Tang, Zhiyao and Tang, Cindy Q. and Tsiripidis, Ioannis and Vanselow, Kim Andre and Vassilev, Kiril and Venanzoni, Roberto and Vibrans, Alexander Christian and Violle, Cyrille and Virtanen, Risto and von Wehrden, Henrik and Wagner, Viktoria and Walker, Donald A. and Waller, Donald M. and Wang, Hua-Feng and Wesche, Karsten and Whitfeld, Timothy J. S. and Willner, Wolfgang and Wiser, Susan K. and Wohlgemuth, Thomas and Yamalov, Sergey and Zobel, Martin and Bruelheide, Helge (2021). sPlotOpen - An environmentally balanced, open-access, global dataset of vegetation plots. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 30 , 1740-1764
[Research article]


Broekman, Maarten J. E. and Hilbers, Jelle P. and Huijbregts, Mark A. J. and Mueller, Thomas and Andren, Henrik and Altmann, Jeanne and Aronsson, Malin and Attias, Nina and Bartlam-Brooks, Hattie L. A. and van Beest, Floris M. and Belant, Jerrold L. and Beyer, Dean E. and Bidner, Laura and Blaum, Niels and Boone, Randall B. and Boyce, Mark S. and Brown, Michael B. and Cagnacci, Francesca and Cerne, Rok and Chamaille-Jammes, Simon and Dejid, Nandintsetseg and Dekker, Jasja and Desbiez, Arnaud L. J. and Diaz-Munoz, Samuel L. and Fennessy, Julian and Fichtel, Claudia and Fischer, Christina and Fisher, Jason T. and Fischhoff, Ilya and Ford, Adam T. and Fryxell, John M. and Gehr, Benedikt and Goheen, Jacob R. and Hauptfleisch, Morgan and Hewison, A. J. Mark and Hering, Robert and Heurich, Marco and Isbell, Lynne A. and Janssen, Rene and Jeltsch, Florian and Kaczensky, Petra and Kappeler, Peter M. and Krofel, Miha and LaPoint, Scott and Latham, A. David M. and Linnell, John D. C. and Markham, A. Catherine and Mattisson, Jenny and Medici, Emilia Patricia and Mourao, Guilherme de Miranda and Van Moorter, Bram and Morato, Ronaldo G. and Morellet, Nicolas and Mysterud, Atle and Mwiu, Stephen and Odden, John and Olson, Kirk A. and Ornicans, Aivars and Pagon, Nives and Panzacchi, Manuela and Persson, Jens and Petroelje, Tyler and Rolandsen, Christer Moe and Roshier, David and Rubenstein, Daniel and Said, Sonia and Salemgareyev, Albert R. and Sawyer, Hall and Schmidt, Niels Martin and Selva, Nuria and Sergiel, Agnieszka and Stabach, Jared and Stacy-Dawes, Jenna and Stewart, Frances E. C. and Stiegler, Jonas and Strand, Olav and Sundaresan, Siva and Svoboda, Nathan J. and Ullmann, Wiebke and Voigt, Ulrich and Wall, Jake and Wikelski, Martin and Wilmers, Christopher C. and Zieba, Filip and Zwijacz-Kozica, Tomasz and Schipper, Aafke M. and Tucker, Marlee A. (2022). Evaluating expert-based habitat suitability information of terrestrial mammals with GPS-tracking data. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 31 :8 , 1526-1541
[Research article]

Gasperini, Cristina and Bollmann, Kurt and Brunet, Jörg and Cousins, Sara A. O. and Decocq, Guillaume and De Pauw, Karen and Diekmann, Martin and Govaert, Sanne and Graae, Bente J. and Hedwall, Per-Ola and Iacopetti, Giovanni and Lenoir, Jonathan and Lindmo, Sigrid and Meeussen, Camille and Orczewska, Anna and Ponette, Quentin and Plue, Jan and Sanczuk, Pieter and Spicher, Fabien and Vanneste, Thomas and Vangansbeke, Pieter and Zellweger, Florian and Selvi, Federico and De Frenne, Pieter (2022). Soil seed bank responses to edge effects in temperate European forests. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 31 :9 , 1877-1893
[Research article]

Zelnik, Yuval and Manzoni, Stefano and Bommarco, Riccardo (2022). The coordination of green-brown food webs and their disruption by anthropogenic nutrient inputs. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 31 :11 , 2270-2280
[Research article]

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