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Li, Fengjuan and Terenius, Olle and Yuan, Li and Fang, Suyun and Li, Wenli (2012). cDNA cloning and expression analysis of pattern recognition proteins from the Chinese Oak Silkmoth, Antheraea pernyi. Insects. 3 :4 , 1093-1104
[Research article]


Revadi, Santosh and Lebreton, Sebastien and Witzgall, Peter and Anfora, Gianfranco and Dekker, Teun and Becher, Paul (2015). Sexual behavior of Drosophila suzukii. Insects. 6 :1 , 183-196
[Research article]


Beaurepaire, Alexis and Piot, Niels and Doublet, Vincent and Antunez, Karina and Campbell, Ewan and Chantawannakul, Panuwan and Chejanovsky, Nor and Gajda, Anna and Heerman, Matthew and Panziera, Delphine and Smagghe, Guy and Yanez, Orlando and Rodrigues De Miranda, Joachim and Dalmon, Anne (2020). Diversity and Global Distribution of Viruses of the Western Honey Bee, Apis mellifera. Insects. 11 , 239 , 1-25
[Article Review/Survey]

Gaffney, Ann and Bohman, Björn and Quarrell, Stephen R. and Brown, Philip H. and Allen, Geoff R. (2020). It Is Not All about Being Sweet: Differences in Floral Traits and Insect Visitation among Hybrid Carrot Cultivars. Insects. 11 , 402
[Research article]

Gwiazdowicz, Dariusz J. and Zawieja, Bogna and Olejniczak, Izabella and Skubała, Piotr and Gdula, Anna K. and Coulson, Stephen (2020). Changing microarthropod communities in front of a receding glacier in the High Arctic. Insects. 11 , 1-15
[Research article]

Mondet, Fanny and Parejo, Melanie and Meixner, Marina D. and Costa, Cecilia and Kryger, Per and Andonov, Sreten and Servin, Bertrand and Basso, Benjamin and Bienkowska, Malgorzata and Bigio, Gianluigi and Căuia, Eliza and Cebotari, Valentina and Dahle, Bjørn and Drazic, Marica Maja and Hatjina, Fani and Kovačić, Marin and Kretavicius, Justinas and Lima, Ana S. and Panasiuk, Beata and Pinto, M. Alice and Uzunov, Aleksandar and Wilde, Jerzy and Büchler, Ralph (2020). Evaluation of Suppressed Mite Reproduction (SMR) Reveals Potential for Varroa Resistance in European Honey Bees (Apis melliferaL.). Insects. 11 , 595
[Research article]

Poitou, Laura and Bras, Audrey and Pineau, Patrick and Lorme, Philippe and Roques, Alain and Rousselet, Jerome and Auger-Rozenberg, Marie-Anne and Laparie, Mathieu (2020). Diapause Regulation in Newly Invaded Environments: Termination Timing Allows Matching Novel Climatic Constraints in the Box Tree Moth, Cydalima perspectalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae). Insects. 11 , 629
[Research article]


Davydenko, Kateryna and Vasaitis, Rimvydas and Elfstrand, Malin and Baturkin, Denys and Menkis, Audrius and Meshkova, Valentyna (2021). Fungal Communities Vectored by Ips sexdentatus in Declining Pinus sylvestris in Ukraine: Focus on Occurrence and Pathogenicity of Ophiostomatoid Species. Insects. 12 , 1119
[Research article]

Lynikiene, Jurate and Tamutis, Vytautas and Gedminas, Arturas and Marciulynas, Adas and Menkis, Audrius (2021). First Report of the Larch Longhorn (Tetropium gabrieli Weise, Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Spondylidinae) on Larix spp. in Lithuania. Insects. 12 , 911
[Research article]

Moro, Arrigo and Dall’Olio, Raffaele and Rogenstein, Steve and Beaurepaire, Alexis and Blacquiere, Tjeerd and Dahle, Bjorn and Rodrigues De Miranda, Joachim and Dietemann, Vincent and Locke, Barbara and Licon Luna, Rosa Maria and Le Conte, Yves and Neumann, Peter (2021). Using Citizen Science to Scout Honey Bee Colonies That Naturally Survive Varroa destructor Infestations. Insects. 12 , 536
[Research article]


Golab, Maria J. and Sniegula, Szymon and Brodin, Tomas (2022). Cross-Latitude Behavioural Axis in an Adult Damselfly Calopteryx splendens (Harris, 1780). Insects. 13 :4 , 342
[Research article]

Kozlov, Mikhail V. and Zverev, Vitali and Gusarov, Vladimir I. and Korobushkin, Daniil I. and Krivosheina, Nina P. and Mattila, Jaakko and Mutanen, Marko and Popova, Anna and Prosvirov, Alexander S. and Punttila, Pekka and Soderman, Guy and Stanska, Marzena and Taylor, Astrid and Vahtera, Varpu and Zubrii, Natalia A. and Zvereva, Elena L. (2022). Changes in Biomass and Diversity of Soil Macrofauna along a Climatic Gradient in European Boreal Forests. Insects. 13 :1 , 94
[Research article]

Selikhovkin, Andrey V. and Musolin, Dmitry L. and Popovichev, Boris G. and Merkuryev, Sergey A. and Volkovitsh, Mark G. and Vasaitis, Rimvydas (2022). Invasive Populations of the Emerald Ash Borer Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire, 1888 (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) in Saint Petersburg, Russia: A Hitchhiker? Insects. 13 :2 , 191
[Research article]

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