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Nilsson, Johan and Sundberg, Cecilia and Tidåker, Pernilla and Hansson, Per-Anders (2020). Regional variation in climate impact of grass-based biogas production: A Swedish case study. Journal of Cleaner Production. 275 , 122778
[Research article]


Yadav, Pooja and Athanassiadis, Dimitris and Antonopoulou, Io and Rova, Ulrika and Christakopoulos, Paul and Tysklind, Mats and Matsakas, Leonidas (2021). Environmental impact and cost assessment of a novel lignin production method. Journal of Cleaner Production. 279 , 123515
[Research article]


Azzi, Elias S. and Karltun, Erik and Sundberg, Cecilia (2021). Small-scale biochar production on Swedish farms: A model for estimating potential, variability, and environmental performance. Journal of Cleaner Production. 280 , 124873
[Research article]

Karlsson Potter, Hanna and Röös, Elin (2021). Multi-criteria evaluation of plant-based foods -use of environmental footprint and LCA data for consumer guidance. Journal of Cleaner Production. 280 , 124721
[Research article]


Muneer, Faraz and Persson Hovmalm, Helena and Svensson, Sven-Erik and Newson, William and Johansson, Eva and Prade, Thomas (2021). Economic viability of protein concentrate production from green biomass of intermediate crops: A pre-feasibility study. Journal of Cleaner Production. 294 , 126304
[Research article]


Congio, Guilhermo Francklin de Souza and Bannink, Andre and Mogollon, Olga Lucia Mayorga and Hristov, Alexander Nikolov and Jaurena, Gustavo and Gonda, Horacio and Astigarraga, Laura (2021). Enteric methane mitigation strategies for ruminant livestock systems in the Latin America and Caribbean region: A meta-analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production. 312 , 127693
[Research article]


Ivarsson, Emma and Grudén, Maria and Södergren, J. and Hultberg, Malin (2021). Use of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) hulls as substrate for Pleurotus ostreatus – Potential for combined mushroom and feed production. Journal of Cleaner Production. 313 , 127969
[Research article]


Isibika, Alice and Vinnerås, Björn and Kibazohi, O. and Zurbrugg, Christian and Lalander, Cecilia (2021). Co-composting of banana peel and orange peel waste with fish waste to improve conversion by black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens (L.), Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae. Journal of Cleaner Production. 318 , 128570
[Research article]


Hammar, Torun and Hansson, Per-Anders and Röös, Elin (2022). Time-dependent climate impact of beef production - can carbon sequestration in soil offset enteric methane emissions? Journal of Cleaner Production. 331 , 129948
[Research article]


Södergren, Julia and Larsson, Christer U. and Wadsö, Lars and Bergstrand, Karl-Johan and Asp, Håkan and Hultberg, Malin and Schelin, Jenny (2022). Food waste to new food: Risk assessment and microbial community analysis of anaerobic digestate as a nutrient source in hydroponic production of vegetables. Journal of Cleaner Production. 333 , 130239
[Research article]


Zhang, Shan and Ericsson, Niclas and Hansson, Per-Anders and Sjodin, Martin and Nordberg, Åke (2022). Life cycle assessment of an all-organic battery: Hotspots and opportunities for improvement. Journal of Cleaner Production. 337 , 130454
[Research article]


Lindberg, Lovisa and Ermolaev, Evgheni and Vinnerås, Björn and Lalander, Cecilia (2022). Process efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in black soldier fly larvae composting of fruit and vegetable waste with and without pre-treatment. Journal of Cleaner Production. 338 , 130552
[Research article]


González Hourcade, Maria and Simões Dos Reis, Glaydson and Grimm, Alejandro and Dinh, Van Minh and Lima, Eder Claudio and Larsson, Sylvia and Gentili, Francesco (2022). Microalgae biomass as a sustainable precursor to produce nitrogen-doped biochar for efficient removal of emerging pollutants from aqueous media. Journal of Cleaner Production. 348 , 131280
[Research article]


Rödl, Malte and Åhlvik, Therese and Bergeå, Hanna and Hallgren, Lars and Böhm, Steffen (2022). Performing the Circular economy: how an ambiguous discourse is managed and maintained through meetings. Journal of Cleaner Production. 360 , 132144
[Research article]


Lestander, Torbjörn and Weiland, Fredrik and Grimm, Alejandro and Rudolfsson, Magnus and Wiinikka, Henrik (2022). Gasification of pure and mixed feedstock components: Effect on syngas composition and gasification efficiency. Journal of Cleaner Production. 369 , 133330
[Research article]


Edenbrandt, Anna and Lagerkvist, Carl-Johan (2022). Consumer perceptions and attitudes towards climate information on food. Journal of Cleaner Production. 370 , 133441
[Research article]


Zhang, Shan and Ericsson, Niclas and Sjödin, Martin and Karlsson Potter, Hanna and Hansson, Per-Anders and Nordberg, Åke (2022). Prospective life cycle assessment of a flexible all-organic battery. Journal of Cleaner Production. 373 , 133804
[Research article]


Aliahmad, Abdulhamid and Harder, Robin and Simha, Prithvi and Vinnerås, Björn and Mcconville, Jennifer (2022). Knowledge evolution within human urine recycling technological innovation system (TIS): Focus on technologies for recovering plant-essential nutrients. Journal of Cleaner Production. 379 , 134786
[Research article]


Bartek, Louise and Sundin, Niina and Strid, Ingrid and Andersson, Mariette and Hansson, Per-Anders and Eriksson, Mattias (2022). Environmental benefits of circular food systems: The case of upcycled protein recovered using genome edited potato. Journal of Cleaner Production. 380 :Part 1 , 134887
[Research article]


Capezza, Antonio J. and Newson, William and Muneer, Faraz and Johansson, Eva and Cui, Yuxiao and Hedenqvist, Mikael S. and Olsson, Richard T. and Prade, Thomas (2022). Greenhouse gas emissions of bio-based diapers containing chemically modified protein superabsorbents. Journal of Cleaner Production. 387 , 135830
[Research article]


Chen, Tingting and Larsson, Anna and Mark-Herbert, Cecilia (2014). Implementing a collective code of conduct-CSC9000T in Chinese textile industry. Journal of Cleaner Production. 74 , 35-43
[Research article]

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