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Ekström, Magnus and Sandring, Saskia and Grafström, Anton and Esseen, Per-Anders and Jonsson, Bengt Gunnar and Ståhl, Göran (2020). Estimating density from presence/absence data in clustered populations. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 11 , 390-402
[Research article]

Halbritter, Aud H. and De Boeck, Hans J. and Eycott, Amy E. and Reinsch, Sabine and Robinson, David A. and Vicca, Sara and Berauer, Bernd and Christiansen, Casper T. and Estiarte, Marc and Grunzweig, Jose M. and Gya, Ragnhild and Hansen, Karin and Jentsch, Anke and Lee, Hanna and Linder, Sune and Marshall, John and Penuelas, Josep and Schmidt, Inger Kappel and Stuart-Haentjens, Ellen and Wilfahrt, Peter and Abrantes, Nelson and Almagro, Maria and Althuizen, Inge H. J. and Barrio, Isabel C. and te Beest, Mariska and Beier, Claus and Beil, Ilka and Berry, Z. Carter and Birkemoe, Tone and Bjerke, Jarle W. and Blonder, Benjamin and Blume-Werry, Gesche and Bohrer, Gil and Campos, Isabel and Cernusak, Lucas A. and Chojnicki, Bogdan H. and Cosby, Bernhard J. and Dickman, Lee T. and Djukic, Ika and Filella, Iolanda and Fuchslueger, Lucia and Gargallo-Garriga, Albert and Gillespie, Mark A. K. and Goldsmith, Gregory R. and Gough, Christopher and Halliday, Fletcher W. and Hegland, Stein Joar and Hoch, Guenter and Holub, Petr and Jaroszynska, Francesca and Johnson, Daniel M. and Jones, Scott B. and Kardol, Paul and Keizer, Jan J. and Klem, Karel and Konestabo, Heidi S. and Kreyling, Juergen and Kroel-Dulay, Gyorgy and Landhausser, Simon M. and Larsen, Klaus S. and Leblans, Niki and Lebron, Inma and Lehmann, Marco M. and Lembrechts, Jonas J. and Lenz, Armando and Linstaedter, Anja and Llusia, Joan and Macias-Fauria, Marc and Malyshev, Andrey and Mand, Pille and Marshall, Miles and Matheny, Ashley M. and McDowell, Nate and Meier, Ina C. and Meinzer, Frederick C. and Michaletz, Sean T. and Miller, Megan L. and Muffler, Lena and Oravec, Michal and Ostonen, Ivika and Porcar-Castell, Albert and Preece, Catherine and Prentice, Iain C. and Radujkovic, Dajana and Ravolainen, Virve and Ribbons, Relena and Ruppert, Jan C. and Sack, Lawren and Sardans, Jordi and Schindlbacher, Andreas and Scoffoni, Christine and Sigurdsson, Bjarni D. and Smart, Simon and Smith, Stuart W. and Soper, Fiona and Speed, James D. M. and Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne and Sydenham, Markus A. K. and Taghizadeh-Toosi, Arezoo and Telford, Richard J. and Tielboerger, Katja and Topper, Joachim P. and Urban, Otmar and van der Ploeg, Martine and Van Langenhove, Leandro and Vecerova, Kristyna and Ven, Arne and Verbruggen, Erik and Vik, Unni and Weigel, Robert and Wohlgemuth, Thomas and Wood, Lauren K. and Zinnert, Julie and Zurba, Kamal and Vandvik, Vigdis (2020). The handbook for standardized field and laboratory measurements in terrestrial climate change experiments and observational studies (ClimEx). Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 11 , 22-37
[Research article]

Ståhl, Göran and Ekström, Magnus and Dahlgren, Jonas and Esseen, Per Anders and Grafström, Anton and Jonsson, Bengt-Gunnar (2020). Presence–absence sampling for estimating plant density using survey data with variable plot size. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 11 , 580-590
[Research article]


Caravaggi, Anthony and Amado, Talita F. and Brook, Ryan K. and Ciuti, Simone and Darimont, Chris T. and Drouilly, Marine and English, Holly M. and Field, Kate A. and Iossa, Graziella and Martin, Jessica E. and McElligott, Alan G. and Mohammadi, Alireza and Nayeri, Danial and O'Neill, Helen M. K. and Paquet, Paul C. and Periquet, Stephanie and Proulx, Gilbert and Rabaiotti, Daniella and Rodriguez Recio, Mariano and Soulsbury, Carl D. and Tadich, Tamara and Wynn-Grant, Rae (2021). On the need for rigorous welfare and methodological reporting for the live capture of large carnivores: A response to de Araujo et al. (2021). Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 12 , 1793-1799
[Research article]

Paquet, Matthieu and Knape, Jonas and Arlt, Debora and Forslund, Pär and Pärt, Tomas and Flagstad, Oystein and Jones, Carl G. and Nicoll, Malcolm A. C. and Norris, Ken and Pemberton, Josephine M. and Sand, Håkan and Svensson, Linn and Tatayah, Vikash and Wabakken, Petter and Wikenros, Camilla and Åkesson, Mikael and Low, Matthew (2021). Integrated population models poorly estimate the demographic contribution of immigration. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 12 , 1899-1910
[Research article]

Sequeira, Ana M. M. and O'Toole, Malcolm and Keates, Theresa R. and McDonnell, Laura H. and Braun, Camrin D. and Hoenner, Xavier and Jaine, Fabrice R. A. and Jonsen, Ian D. and Newman, Peggy and Pye, Jonathan and Bograd, Steven J. and Hays, Graeme C. and Hazen, Elliott L. and Holland, Melinda and Tsontos, Vardis M. and Blight, Clint and Cagnacci, Francesca and Davidson, Sarah C. and Dettki, Holger and Duarte, Carlos M. and Dunn, Daniel C. and Eguiluz, Victor M. and Fedak, Michael and Gleiss, Adrian C. and Hammerschlag, Neil and Hindell, Mark A. and Holland, Kim and Janekovic, Ivica and McKinzie, Megan K. and Muelbert, Monica M. C. and Pattiaratchi, Chari and Rutz, Christian and Sims, David W. and Simmons, Samantha E. and Townsend, Brendal and Whoriskey, Frederick and Woodward, Bill and Costa, Daniel P. and Heupel, Michelle R. and McMahon, Clive R. and Harcourt, Rob and Weise, Michael (2021). A standardisation framework for bio-logging data to advance ecological research and conservation. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 12 , 996-1007
[Research article]

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