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Li, Jingyi and Lee, MiOk and Davis, Brian W. and Lamichhaney, Sangeet and Dorshorst, Ben J. and Siegel, Paul B. and Andersson, Leif (2020). Mutations Upstream of the TBX5 and PITX1 Transcription Factor Genes Are Associated with Feathered Legs in the Domestic Chicken. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 37 , 2477-2486
[Research article]


Liu, Han and Chen, Chunhai and Lv, Maolin and Liu, Ning and Hu, Yafei and Zhang, Hailin and Enbody, Erik D. and Gao, Zexia and Andersson, Leif and Wang, Weimin (2021). A Chromosome-Level Assembly of Blunt Snout Bream (Megalobrama amblycephala) Genome Reveals an Expansion of Olfactory Receptor Genes in Freshwater Fish. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 38 , 4238-4251
[Research article]

Momigliano, Paolo and Florin, Ann-Britt and Merila, Juha (2021). Biases in Demographic Modeling Affect Our Understanding of Recent Divergence. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 38 , 2967-2985
[Research article]

Qiu, Yichun and Köhler, Claudia and Koehler, Claudia (2021). Endosperm Evolution by Duplicated and Neofunctionalized Type I MADS-Box Transcription Factors. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 39 :1 , msab355
[Research article]

Rendón Anaya, Martha and Wilson, Jonathan and Sveinsson, Saemundur and Fedorkov, Aleksey and Cottrell, Joan and Bailey, Mark E. S. and Runis, Dainis and Lexer, Christian and Jansson, Stefan and Robinson, Kathryn M. and Street, Nathaniel R. and Ingvarsson, Pär (2021). Adaptive Introgression Facilitates Adaptation to High Latitudes in European Aspen (Populus tremula L.). Molecular Biology and Evolution. 38 , 5034-5050
[Research article]


Liu, Shuyu and Zhang, Lei and Sang, Yupeng and Lai, Qiang and Zhang, Xinxin and Jia, Changfu and Long, Zhiqin and Wu, Jiali and Ma, Tao and Mao, Kangshan and Street, Nathaniel R. and Ingvarsson, Pär and Liu, Jianquan and Wang, Jing (2022). Demographic History and Natural Selection Shape Patterns of Deleterious Mutation Load and Barriers to Introgression across Populus Genome. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 39 :2 , msac008
[Research article]

Lv, Feng-Hua and Cao, Yin-Hong and Liu, Guang-Jian and Luo, Ling-Yun and Lu, Ran and Liu, Ming-Jun and Li, Wen-Rong and Zhou, Ping and Wang, Xin-Hua and Shen, Min and Gao, Lei and Yang, Jing-Quan and Yang, Hua and Yang, Yong-Lin and Liu, Chang-Bin and Wan, Peng-Cheng and Zhang, Yun-Sheng and Pi, Wen-Hui and Ren, Yan-Ling and Shen, Zhi-Qiang and Wang, Feng and Li, Jin-Quan and Salehian-Dehkordi, Hosein and Hehua, Eer and Liu, Yong-Gang and Chen, Jian-Fei and Wang, Jian-Kui and Deng, Xue-Mei and Esmailizadeh, Ali and Dehghani-Qanatqestani, Mostafa and Charati, Hadi and Nosrati, Maryam and Stepanek, Ondrej and Rushdi, Hossam E. and Olsaker, Ingrid and Curik, Ino and Gorkhali, Neena A. and Paiva, Samuel R. and Caetano, Alexandre R. and Ciani, Elena and Amills, Marcel and Weimann, Christina and Erhardt, Georg and Amane, Agraw and Mwacharo, Joram M. and Han, Jian-Lin and Hanotte, Olivier and Periasamy, Kathiravan and Johansson, Anna Maria and Hallsson, Jon H. and Kantanen, Juha and Coltman, David W. and Bruford, Michael W. and Lenstra, Johannes A. and Li, Meng-Hua (2022). Whole-Genome Resequencing of Worldwide Wild and Domestic Sheep Elucidates Genetic Diversity, Introgression, and Agronomically Important Loci. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 39 :2 , msab353
[Research article]

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