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Cardinale, Bradley and Duffy, J. Emmett and Gonzalez, Andrew and Hooper, David and Perrings, Charles and Venail, Patrick and Narwani, Anita and Mace, Georgina and Tilman, David and Wardle, David and Kinzig, Anne and Daily, Gretchen and Loreau, Michel and Grace, James and Larigauderie, Anne and Srivastava, Diane (2012). Biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity. Nature. 486 :7401 , 59-67
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Larsen, Jesper and Raisen, Claire L. and Ba, Xiaoliang and Sadgrove, Nicholas J. and Padilla-Gonzalez, Guillermo F. and Simmonds, Monique S. J. and Loncaric, Igor and Deplano, Ariane and Vandendriessche, Stien and Bolfikova, Barbora Cerna and Hulva, Pavel and Arendrup, Maiken C. and Hare, Rasmus K. and Barnadas, Celine and Stegger, Marc and Sieber, Raphael N. and Skov, Robert L. and Petersen, Andreas and Angen, Oystein and Rasmussen, Sophie L. and Espinosa-Gongora, Carmen and Aarestrup, Frank M. and Lindholm, Laura J. and Nykasenoja, Suvi M. and Becker, Karsten and Walther, Birgit and Kehrenberg, Corinna and Cuny, Christiane and Layer, Franziska and Werner, Guido and Witte, Wolfgang and Moroni, Paolo and Jorgensen, Hannah J. and de Lencastre, Herminia and Cercenado, Emilia and Garcia-Garrote, Fernando and Borjesson, Stefan and Haeggman, Sara and Perreten, Vincent and Waller, Andrew and Curran, Martin D. and Ellington, Matthew J. and Welch, John J. and Peacock, Sharon J. and Seilly, David J. and Morgan, Fiona J. E. and Parkhill, Julian and Hadjirin, Nazreen F. and Lindsay, Jodi A. and Holden, Matthew T. G. and Paterson, Gavin K. and Didelot, Xavier and Holmes, Mark A. and Harrison, Ewan M. and Larsen, Anders R. (2022). Emergence of methicillin resistance predates the clinical use of antibiotics. Nature. 602 :7895 , 135-141
[Research article]

Zhao, Zhilei and Zung, Jessica L. and Hinze, Annika and Kriete, Alexis L. and Iqbal, Azwad and Younger, Meg A. and Matthews, Benjamin J. and Merhof, Dorit and Thiberge, Stephan and Ignell, Rickard and Strauch, Martin and McBride, Carolyn S. (2022). Mosquito brains encode unique features of human odour to drive host seeking. Nature. 605 :7911 , 706-712
[Research article]

Zhou, Yao and Zhang, Zhiyang and Bao, Zhigui and Li, Hongbo and Lyu, Yaqing and Zan, Yanjun and Wu, Yaoyao and Cheng, Lin and Fang, Yuhan and Wu, Kun and Zhang, Jinzhe and Lyu, Hongjun and Lin, Tao and Saha, Surya and Mueller, Lukas and Fei, Zhangjun and Fei, Zhangjun and Stadler, Thomas and Xu, Shizhong and Zhang, Zhiwu and Speed, Doug and Huang, Sanwen (2022). Graph pangenome captures missing heritability and empowers tomato breeding. Nature. 606 :7914 , 527-534
[Research article]


Eme, Laura and Tamarit Chuliá, Daniel and Caceres, Eva F. and Stairs, Courtney W. and De Anda, Valerie and Schoen, Max E. and Seitz, Kiley W. and Dombrowski, Nina and Lewis, William H. and Homa, Felix and Saw, Jimmy H. and Lombard, Jonathan and Nunoura, Takuro and Li, Wen-Jun and Hua, Zheng-Shuang and Chen, Lin-Xing and Banfield, Jillian F. and Baker, Brett J. and Ettema, Thijs J. G. (2023). Inference and reconstruction of the heimdallarchaeial ancestry of eukaryotes. Nature. 618 :7967 , 992–999
[Research article]

Haase, Peter and Bowler, Diana E. and Baker, Nathan J. and Bonada, Nuria and Domisch, Sami and Garcia Marquez, Jaime R. and Heino, Jani and Hering, Daniel and Jahnig, Sonja C. and Schmidt-Kloiber, Astrid and Stubbington, Rachel and Altermatt, Florian and Alvarez-Cabria, Mario and Amatulli, Giuseppe and Angeler, David and Archambaud-Suard, Gait and Jorrin, Inaki Arrate and Aspin, Thomas and Azpiroz, Iker and Ortiz, Jose Barquin and Bodin, Christian L. and Bonacina, Luca and Bottarin, Roberta and Canedo-Arguelles, Miguel and Csabai, Zoltan and Datry, Thibault and de Eyto, Elvira and Dohet, Alain and Dorflinger, Gerald and Drohan, Emma and Eikland, Knut A. and Eriksen, Tor E. and Evtimova, Vesela and Feio, Maria J. and Ferreol, Martial and Floury, Mathieu and Forcellini, Maxence and Forio, Marie Anne Eurie and Fornaroli, Riccardo and Friberg, Nikolai and Fruget, Jean-Francois and Georgieva, Galia and Goethals, Peter and Graca, Manuel A. S. and Graf, Wolfram and House, Andy and Huttunen, Kaisa-Leena and Jensen, Thomas C. and Johnson, Richard and Jones, J. Iwan and Kiesel, Jens and Kuglerova, Lenka and Larranaga, Aitor and Leitner, Patrick and L'Hoste, Lionel and Lizee, Marie-Helene and Lorenz, Armin W. and Maire, Anthony and Arnaiz, Jesus Alberto Manzanos and Mckie, Brendan and Millan, Andres and Monteith, Don and Muotka, Timo and Murphy, John F. and Ozolins, Davis and Paril, Petr and Penas, Francisco J. and Pilotto, Francesca and Polasek, Marek and Rasmussen, Jes Jessen and Rubio, Manu and Sanchez-Fernandez, David G. and Sandin, Leonard and Scotti, Alberto and Shen, Longzhu Q. and Skuja, Agnija and Stoll, Stefan and Straka, Michal and Timm, Henn and Tyufekchieva, Violeta G. and Tziortzis, Iakovos and Uzunov, Yordan and van der Lee, Gea H. and Vannevel, Rudy and Varadinova, Emilia and Varbiro, Gabor and Velle, Gaute and Verdonschot, Piet F. M. and Verdonschot, Ralf C. M. and Vidinova, Yanka and Wiberg-Larsen, Peter and Welti, Ellen A. R. (2023). The recovery of European freshwater biodiversity has come to a halt. Nature. 620 :7974 , 582-+
[Research article]

Pascual, Unai and Balvanera, Patricia and Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca and Christie, Michael and Martin, Adrian and Raymond, Christopher M. and Termansen, Mette and Vatn, Arild and Athayde, Simone and Baptiste, Brigitte and Barton, David N. and Jacobs, Sander and Kelemen, Eszter and Kumar, Ritesh and Lazos, Elena and Mwampamba, Tuyeni H. and O'Farrell, Patrick and Subramanian, Suneetha M. and van Noordwijk, Meine and Ahn, SoEun and Amin, Ariane M. and Arias-Arevalo, Paola and Arroyo-Robles, Gabriela and Cantu-Fernandez, Mariana and Castro, Antonio J. and Contreras, Victoria and De Vos, Alta and Dendoncker, Nicolas and Engel, Stefanie and Faith, Daniel P. and Filyushkina, Anna and Gomez-Baggethun, Erik and Gould, Rachelle K. and Guibrunet, Louise and Gundimeda, Haripriya and Harmackova, Zuzana V. and Horcea-Milcu, Andra-Ioana and Huambachano, Mariaelena and Wicher, Natalia Lutti Hummel and Islar, Mine and Koessler, Ann-Kathrin and Kenter, Jasper O. and Kosmus, Marina and Lee, Heera and Lele, Sharachchandra and Lenzi, Dominic and Lliso, Bosco and Mannetti, Lelani M. and Mercon, Juliana and Monroy-Sais, Ana Sofia and Mukherjee, Nibedita and Muraca, Barbara and Muradian, Roldan and Murali, Ranjini and Nelson, Sara H. and Nemoga-Soto, Gabriel R. and Ngouhouo-Poufoun, Jonas and Niamir, Aidin and Nuesiri, Emmanuel and Nyumba, Tobias O. and Palomo, Ignacio and Pandit, Ram and Pawlowska-Mainville, Agnieszka and Porter-Bolland, Luciana and Quaas, Martin and Rode, Julian and Rozzi, Ricardo and Sachdeva, Sonya and Schaafsma, Marije and Sitas, Nadia and Ungar, Paula and Yiu, Evonne and Yoshida, Yuki and Zent, Eglee (2023). Diverse values of nature for sustainability. Nature. 620 :7975 , 813–823
[Research article]

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